15 Of The Best UK Father's Day Beer Related Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day in the UK is coming up soon on June 17th, so we thought you might need a bit of help with deciding what present to get your dad this Father’s Day. After all, your dad is one of the most important people in your life, so it’s essential you get him the best present possible. To coincide with our recent guide for daughters (and daughters in-law) buying ideas this Father’s Day, we have also come up with a hand curated of the top gift boxes, baskets and sets available online at hamper.com for Dad’s who are beer lovers. So, if you’re looking for the ideal beer themed gift for Father’s Day check out our list below of the top 15 best father’s day beer related gift sets to get your Dad this Father’s Day. As a bonus we have also thrown in a selection of the top 5 alcohol themed Father’s day gifts for Dad’s who may fancy a change from Beer or may not like it as much as other alcoholic drinks.

Father’s Day Gifts For The Beer Lover

Your dad might be a connoisseur of craft beers, relish his real ales, or like his lager. Whatever he prefers, we’ve got Father’s Day gifts for Dad’s who are beer lovers, so if you are looking for beer themed present ideas to keep your Father happy on his special day we have got you covered.

Lager gifts for Father’s Day

Lager gift baskets are a good gift choice for Father’s Day, perfect for those who enjoy a bottle of the amber nectar, offering the best selection of lagers and other beers from around the world as well as often containing other goodies such as food, sweet and savoury snacks. With that in mind, if your daddy likes spicy foods as well as lager, why not get him the Peroni ‘n’ Spice Beer Hamper to wish him a happy Father’s Day? It’s filled with a range of delightful presents for the chilli lover, including gourmet chilli chocolates, chilli jam, jalapeno dips and chilli mixed nuts, as well as three bottles of Peroni lager to wash it all down with, making an ideal gift set for the father who loves a bit of spice in his life.
  If your dad doesn’t like spicy foods but still appreciates the gourmet touch when it comes to finger foods of both sweet and savoury varieties, then why not get him the Beer Lovers Hamper this Father’s Day? With savoury bar snacks like Bombay Mix, Chilli Rice Crackers and jalapeno jam making the perfect beer companion, and toffee, gourmet popcorn and chocolate peanut biscuits for afterwards. The beer part of this gift set is four crisp bottles of Budweiser to wash down alongside the snacks, guaranteed to provide delight for your dad this Father’s Day. Whilst it’s a little bit after the actual day, this Valentine’s Day Hamper for Him also makes an ideal Father’s Day beer related gift set and present. The gift set comes with a range of snacks, the usual hamper favourites above plus some new ones such as garlic olives, and several Peroni beers to keep them company, this gift box is one of the best Father’s Day gifts for the beer-loving dad in your life who also appreciates a selection of good snacks at the same time. If your dad like his international beer, why not get him the Australian Beer Hamper this Father’s Day? Featuring three bottles of James Boag Premium Lager, plus a range of Australian snacks and treats, such as Arnotts Barbecue Shapes, caramelised macadamias, and of course the classic TimTams. So if your dad enjoys all things Australia, or wants something different this Father’s Day, we can highly recommend the Australian Beer Hamper.
  And finally for lager gift choices, encompassing a lot of the above-mentioned gift sets, why not get him the Spicy Beer Gift for Him? Featuring bottles of Cobra beer, and a hot and spicy snack choice including garlic olives, chilli jam and chilli rice crackers and jalapeno dip, this is perfect for the dad who loves his spicy food and Indian-style beer as well. Makes a great addition to a curry night on Father’s Day!

Real ale gift sets for Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a wide range of real ales as a gift set this Father’s Day, then browse our Real Ale & Craft Beer Selection. Containing 12 beers and ales, including offerings from Hunters Brewery, Greene King, and Adnams, this selection of beers and ales makes a great present for your dad this Father’s Day. If your dad enjoys his real ales and craft beers, and also wants to try something new, this beer gift box is a great present to get to wish him a happy Father’s Day. If he’s not a fan of the craft beer but enjoys his real ale why not get him the Ghost Ship Real Ale Hamper? Featuring pale ales, chocolate peanut cookies, beer nuts and Farrah’s Harrogate toffees this gift box will be sure to delight your father this Father’s Day, especially if he’s also got a bit of a sweet tooth.
  Finally, if your Dad is a fan of Hunters Brewery, and appreciates gourmet snacks to go alongside his real ale, why not get the Real Ale Hamper for Him? Filled with a delicious selection of beers and cheese, biscuits and sauces to complement the beer, this is the ultimate gift set for a real ale fan. This beer gift hamper makes an ideal picnic set or BBQ addition for your dad to preside over on Father’s Day if the weather is appropriate!

Beer gifts for dads who are foodies

If your dad is a massive foodie as well as a beer lover, then we’ve got some great gifting packs for him this Father’s Day. To start with, whilst it may not be his birthday, the Birthday Hamper for Him also makes a great Father’s Day beer gift set. Featuring several bottles of craft ale, cheese, crackers, mixed nuts in a jar and ploughman’s pickle to go alongside it and gourmet salted caramel cookies for afterwards, this will certainly make any foodie father happy on Father’s Day. Plus if his birthday is close enough to Father’s Day, you can keep the cake for him to have on his other special day. If your dad is more of a fan of Indian Pale Ales (IPA) rather than craft ales, then why not get him the Great Beer Feast Hamper for his special day? Featuring three bottles of Greene King IPA to accompany traditional gourmet crisps, mature cheddar bites, ploughman’s pickle, and an award-winning cheddar cheese, as well as chocolate coated peanuts, this giftset is bound to prove a winner in all regards for Father’s Day. Plus it can also double up as a handy snacking basket for if the weather is good for a picnic, making this beer gift a great choice for all occasions outside of Father’s Day as well.
  For one of the bestsellers that we offer, you can’t go wrong with our Classic Beer Hamper. Combining four bottles of premium Belgian lager Stella Artois, and a range of tasty treats and snacks such as mini breadsticks, salted caramel and vanilla gourmet popcorn, cheddar cheese crumbles, chilli rice crackers, sesame peanuts and jalapeno dip, this beer gift hamper will make a great beer themed present for your old man as it combines all great aspects of food, from gourmet tastes to spice lovers, all in one beer giftset for this Father’s Day. For Dad’s who love craft beer, why not get him a Craft Beer & Food Hamper this Father’s Day? Featuring two premium craft beers from Hunters Brewery, plus snacks and nibbles like mini breadsticks, cheddar cheese crumbles, gourmet crisps, rice crackers and artisan fried and salted broad beans, this beer gift box will go down a treat as one of his best Father’s Day beer related gifts. Or how about combining the best of all of the above hamper selections, by getting your Dad the Craft Beer, Cheese and Snacks Hamper? With a selection of Devonshire craft beers, crisps, an award-winning cheese, rice crackers, breadsticks and olives, this particular hamper is sure to tickle his taste buds and whet his appetite at the same time for all the tasty gourmet snacks and alcohol. Makes an ideal beer themed present for Father’s Day for Dad’s who deserves only the best.

Personalised beer and ale gift sets

For a more personal touch with his beer gift set, there’s always the option to combine it with something else and get your Dad a craft beer hamper and shaving box gift set in the form of the Bluebeard’s Revenge Beer Hamper for Him. Combining two bottles of Bluebeard Real Ale with a grooming kit designed to ensure your dad looks his best, as well as adding in gourmet popcorn for that extra treat, this unique beer gift box will be a lot more personalised towards his needs than other, more traditional Father’s Day presents would be.
  Or if you like bits and pieces from all of the above hampers, but can’t quite decide which beer gift set to get your Dad this Father’s day that would suit him best, why not explore our Create Your Own Hamper section? You can choose every aspect of the hamper, from the packaging that your beer gifts are presented in to the contents. So if you know your dad prefers Belgian beers to Spanish beers, or stout instead of ales our Create Your Own hamper will allow you to fit his tastes exactly. Plus you can also add in a range of snacks and treats to go alongside the alcohol, ensuring that your dad receives a one-of-a-kind hamper on his special day.

Top 5 Alternative Alcohol Gifts For Dad This Father’s day

If your dad isn’t a fan of beer, and prefers other alcoholic beverages more than beer, then we also have created gift sets that cater for these tastes. As a bonus to our top 20 Father’s Day beer related gift list we have hand curated some further options below that will cover some of our most popular alcohol-related (non-beer) gift selections for Dad.

Cider gifts for Father’s Day

Should your pa be a fan of cider, then why not look at getting him the Cider and Cheese Hamper for this Father’s Day. With four cans of Somerset Cider, plus a range of snacks carefully curated to complement the cider, such as crisps, olives, smoked cheddar cheese and more, this will make an ideal gift for Father’s Day for the dad who enjoys a nice couple of cold cans of cider during the Summer months.

Wine gift sets for Father’s Day

For the wine-loving father, we have a wide selection of wine hampers, however an amazing gift set for your Dad this Father’s Day would be our Wine and Cheese Hamper. If your dad is a discerning type, then we’ve started with a bottle of fine Bordeaux red wine and partnered it with Wensleydale and smoked cheddar cheese and crackers to go alongside it as a perfect accompaniment. So if you’re after the ideal wine themed gift for your dad for Father’s Day, we highly recommend this.

Champagne & Chocolate presents for Father’s Day

A luxury alternative gift hamper is getting your dad a Champagne and Truffles Set. For a fully opulent Father’s Day, your Dad can enjoy a sweet treat in the form of Mathez Marc de Champagne Cocoa Dusted Truffles whilst also sipping luxury champagne. Let your dad have a deluxe Father’s Day experience with this luxury gift set.

Whisky gift sets for Father’s Day

Does your dad prefer something a little harder than cider and wine? Why not get him a Whisky and Cheese Hamper for the big day then? Starting with a bottle of Bells Scotch Whisky, and combining it with gourmet oatcakes and an award-winning cheddar cheese, this gift set is ideal for those fathers who like a wee drop of dram with the perfect snacks to go alongside it.

Port & Cheese gift sets for Father’s Day

Lastly, if he has more of a refined taste, our traditional Luxury Port and Cheese Hamper will make a great present for your dad on Father’s Day. We’ve paired a fine Ruby port up with a selection of creamy cheeses, including Wensleydale with Mango and Orange, Applewood Smoked Cheddar and Snowdonia Cheese Co.’s award-winning Black Bomber cheddar. To complete the collection, we’ve also added in gourmet black pepper and sea salt crackers, for that perfect kick to accompany both the cheese and the port. This makes a sublime cheese themed present, with the added elegance of the ruby port for your father to enjoy on Father’s Day.

Last minute Father’s Day beer gifts (Free UK next day delivery)

If you’re searching for a last-minute beer gift for your dad for Father’s Day then all of our hampers mentioned above, from the Father’s Day beer gift sets - Beer Lovers Hamper to the Great Beer Feast Hamper, all are available for free UK next day delivery to many locations through the British Isles. We also offer named day deliveries as for sending gifts within the UK as well, so if you’re unable to take delivery on Father’s Day itself, you can instead opt to get your Father’s Day present delivered beforehand so you are guaranteed to make his day special. Alternatively, we also offer delivery of Father’s Day gifts to many locations overseas for dad’s living abroad. Ensure your Dad can get a great Father’s Day beer related gift even if you are not living in the same country. Our international hampers can be sent to dad’s living in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other countries. If he doesn't have the taste for beer, checkout our selection of best wine gifts for dad. You can also view our full Father's Day Gift Guide here.
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