3 ways to re-use wicker baskets

Most of our luxury gift hampers arrive in a wicker basket bursting with luxury food and drink items. Once the hamper has been enjoyed, however, you are often left with a high-quality wicker basket that is too good to throw away. At Hamper.com we know that it can be difficult finding a use for the empty baskets as we certainly don’t think they should be thrown away! We’ve compiled a few ideas of what you could do with your new luxury wicker basket.

Luxury Gift Hampers

Make a picnic basket There really is nothing better, particularly during the summer months than going for a picnic at the beach, down the park, or even just in the garden. Picnics are a popular summer activity for adults and children alike and a wicker basket is the perfect container for your sandwiches, nibbles and drinks. All you need to do is simply line your wicker basket with a picnic blanket and fill it with your favourite picnic snacks. Clearwater Hampers have a range of picnic hampers that may just take your fancy, from the Lazy Sunday Afternoon hamper to the For All At The Office hamper. Plant indoor flowers in your basket Why not use your wicker basket to hold a variety of potted plants? This will work fantastically well in your spare room, dining room or kitchen, particularly where the room receives moderate levels of natural light and is fairly spacious. A flowering wicker basket will definitely make for a beautiful, country-inspired, ornamental addition to your home. Store kitchen utensils in a wicker basket A fantastic addition to kitchens that may be lacking in drawers and/or cupboard space, a wicker basket can be used to store kitchen utensils together in a safe place. Wicker baskets make for excellent storage solutions in any room as they look fantastic and have plenty of space inside.

Traditional Hampers from Clearwater Hampers

Our fantastic range of traditional hampers definitely make for an ideal gift for friends or loved ones. Our traditional hampers feature wines, craft beers, cheeses, cakes and much more. There really is something for everyone within this great collection. For more information on our range of luxury gift hampers please get in touch with Clearwater Hampers today and we’ll be happy to help.
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By Clearwater Hampers