5 ideal housewarming hampers and new home gifts

Moving home is most often stressful and nerve-racking, however, at hampers.com, we also believe it should be a time for celebrating and gift giving. A new house, flat or apartment marks a new stage in life - hopefully, one that will be full of fantastic new experiences as they settle in to their new pad.

Amongst all of the other boxes give them one they won't be able to wait to open and that will be full of tasty treats and surprises.

Find 5 fabulous recommendations below that make the ideal housewarming gift.

A gift they’ll be supremely grateful for when they’ve just arrived

From tired and emotional...to excited and full!

Our Classic Food and Drink Hamper (or the delightful Premium Food and Wine Hamper) are perfect housewarming gifts.

Stock their store cupboards. Give them something tasty to snack on whilst unpacking boxes. Let them find a bottle of something delicious to enjoy at the end of a long day of sorting.

These are perfect for the first time home owner, with a gorgeous wicker basket that can be used in the home for towels, toiletries or other storage. They are also perfect for a house or flat share – with plenty for everyone to enjoy.


Provide the good luck cork to 'bond them' to their new home

Do you know about the tradition of inserting a silver coin in to the bottom of a freshly popped cork to create a good luck charm?

As the cork dries, it secures the coin and becomes difficult to remove symbolising the forming of a bond…and sealing in all of the good luck vibes, of course.

To celebrate taking that first step on the property ladder and to toast the arrival at their new forever home, you definitely need a special bottle of fizz with a memorable cork.

Whatever the reason for the move, the Grand Cru Champagne and Glasses Gift Box is the perfect housewarming gift with not only a delicious bottle of Champagne Autréau, Grand Cru, from the best vineyards in the villages of Aÿ and Chouilly in Champagne, but also two cut glass flutes - a lovely keepsake gift.


Grand Cru Champagne and Glasses Gift Set with contents and flutes of Champagne on display
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Alternatively, our Afternoon Tea with Prosecco Gift Hamper also comes with a bottle of delicious fizz (and the all important cork!). Celebrate the outcome of a stressful moving process with a delicious afternoon tea to relax and truly enjoy once they feel all settled in…they’ll just have to remember where they’ve put the teapot and best china!


The perfect moving in together gift

A house move often comes at the time of a milestone or new start. Perhaps, it’s a couple moving in together or the arrival of a new baby.

Choose a housewarming gift that the couple or family can enjoy together.

We have two great suggestions. First, the aptly named, Couples Sharing Hamper with Prosecco Rose, macarons, thins, biscuits and more.


We also have the luxurious Vegan Sharing Hamper with Prosecco, which also include a delicious bottle of Italian Prosecco, sweet treats and savoury delights that are all plant-based and vegan friendly.

A perfect new home present for all the family to tuck in to.


Time delivery just right

Imagine the welcoming site of an overflowing hamper as your recipient arrives in their dream home or in a new and foreign location.

We can arrange delivery for when they move in, perfectly time for their arrival. …just make sure you have the new address!

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