5 Reasons Hampers Make A Great Gift


Hampers are great gifts for any occasion. We know that, and if you’ve ever bought or received a hamper, you’ll know that too.

Once somebody knows about gift hampers, our data shows that they typically continue to buy hampers as gifts for several recipients and for several occasions.

However, if you’ve never bought or received a hamper you may not think of them when looking for your next gift or realise how diverse they can be for a range of different recipients. 

If that’s you and you’re not yet convinced about food and drink hampers as gifts, here are five reasons that might change your mind.



1. They’re a delight to open

A hamper offers a variety of delicious food and drink goodies bundled together. However, the real value of a hamper is the ‘wow factor’ when the recipient opens it on their special day.

At hampers.com, we pride ourselves on the impact that a gift has on the recipient when opened. Imagine their delight when they receive a luxury cream tea delivered to their door, or a tray brimming with wine, cheese and products they've never tried before

From wicker baskets to branded presentation boxes, one thing is for sure – your gift will always be beautifully presented.

Open hamper and wicker basket



2. They’re fit for any gifting occasion

One of the greatest things about hampers is that they’re perfect for so many different occasions and for any recipient (no matter their tastes, you'll find delicious food and drink they will love).

Even when you are struggling to think of a gift for someone, at hampers.com, we will always have a gift hamper as a backup, or even better, the perfect solution to your gifting troubles.

We also have hand-selected ranges for annual occasions, such as Christmas and Mother's Day

Plus, we have extra special and thoughtful selections for events that happen once in a lifetime, such as milestone birthdays - including a 40th, 50th or 60th - and weddings and special anniversaries too.

Our huge variety of hampers is made to fit all occasions and requirements. From birthday hampers to get-well-soon ideas, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect gift.


Woman carrying a lidded wicker basket hamper

3. They’re the gift that keeps on giving

Hampers aren’t simply about the food and drink you’re sending, it’s enjoying the products together as part of the celebration and in the following days and weeks, as well as what they’re presented in.

Our hampers come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of traditional wicker baskets, as well as willow trays and beautiful signature presentation boxes.

Even when the recipient is finished eating all their delicious goodies, they’ll still be able to re-use the packaging, for storage or to package another gift...the possibilities are endless!

We also have hampers that are specially designed to incorporate keepsake gifts, containing beautiful glasses or tumblers, as well as full picnic baskets with crockery and cutlery – to be enjoyed and used again and again.


Open hamper with a selection of beverages, cake and a platter of cheese

4. It shows you’ve made the effort
(...even though it’s really easy to order online!)

When we give a gift, the heart of our intentions is to show the recipient that we’ve thought about them, hence the expression “it’s the thought that counts”.

When you are giving a gift, the best response from the recipient is when you can see from the delight on their face that your gift means something to them. How do you achieve this? Not by spending heaps of money, but when you choose something personal and special to them....a gift you just know they will love, because you have truly thought about what they like and will enjoy receiving. 

Think about your birthdays, Christmases and special occasions. If you receive a hamper from a dear friend that contains your favourite tipple - whether it is craft beer, a vegan Prosecco, or a more exotic cocktail – you know that the person who bought it has put the effort in to think about what you'd appreciate.

At hampers.com, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of hampers, that contain a wide variety of contents, including traditional items like chocolate, cheese or wine, but also accommodating special dietary requirements and preferences, including alcohol-free hampers, vegan hampers and gluten-free gift options. 


Selection of images for hampers and contents

5. They come with a personalised gift message

Alongside free UK delivery (over £50) and named day delivery options, every hamper ordered from hampers.com comes with a gift message that is attached to the gift when the recipient opens their hamper.

Here’s your opportunity to send them a personal message and make their day!

Tell them what they mean to you and why you've selected a special hamper gift just for them. It can even be "just because". 


Delivery options

A woman looking with delight into a hampers.com wicker gift basket

Have we convinced you?

We hope you can see from the 5 great reasons above just why a hamper makes a great gift for all of the different celebrations, birthdays and gifting occasions there are throughout the year. 

And why a hamper makes the perfect gift for the many special people in your life.


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