5 Reasons Hampers Make A Great Gift

Hampers are great gifts for any occasion. We know that, and if you’ve ever bought or received a hamper, you’ll know that too. Once somebody knows about gift hampers, our data shows that they typically continue to buy hampers as gifts for a number of recipients and for a number of occasions. However, if you’ve never bought or received a hamper you’re not likely to think of them when looking for your next gift. If that’s you and you’re not yet sold on hampers, here’s five reasons that might change your mind.

1. They’re a delight to open

A hamper is simply a variety of delicious food and drink goodies bundled together. The real value of a hamper is the ‘wow factor’ when the recipient opens it on their special day. At hamper.com, we pride ourselves on the impact that gift has on the recipient when opened. From wicker baskets to branded presentation boxes, one thing is for sure; your gift will always be beautifully presented and well received.

2. They’re fit for any occasion

One of the greatest things about hampers is that they’re fit for any occasion and any recipient (after all, who doesn’t love delicious food and drink?). I know that no matter how much I’m struggling to think of a gift for someone, I will always have a gift hamper as a backup. We have a huge variety of hampers to fit all occasions and requirements, from Christmas hampers to birthday hampers to get well soon gifts, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect gift.

3. They’re the gift that keeps on giving!

As mentioned earlier, hampers aren’t simply the food and drink you’re sending, it’s what they’re presented in. Our hampers come in all shapes and sizes and often come in a variety of traditional wicker baskets and beautiful presentation boxes. Even when the recipient is finished eating all their delicious goodies, they’ll still be able to re-use the packaging however they see fit! From summer picnics to using it for storage or to package another gift, the possibilities are endless!

4. It shows you’ve made the effort (even though it’s really easy!)

When we give a gift, the heart of our intentions are to show the recipient that we’ve thought about them, hence the expression “it’s the thought that counts”. When I think about the gifts I’ve given that have had the best response from the recipient, it wasn’t necessarily the times that I had spent the most, but the times where I had put the most thought into the gift and personalised it to them. If I receive a hamper from my friends that contains my favourite New Yorker beer, I know that the person who sent it has put the effort in to think about what I’d actually love. At hamper.com, we offer a Create Your Own service where you can build your own personalised hamper and send it directly to the recipient in a few simple steps!

5. They come with a personalised gift message

Every hamper ordered from hamper.com comes with a free gift message that comes attached to the gift when the recipient opens their hamper. Here’s your opportunity to send them a personal message and really make their day! If you were sat on the fence, we hope I've changed your mind. Happy shopping!
This blog was posted 2 years ago
By Nick