6 of the Best Business Christmas Hamper

Christmas is coming up, so you might be wondering about employee gift ideas, or even corporate Christmas gift ideas for clients. We’ve put together a few great choices of Christmas hamper that you can get over the holiday period, from Christmas gift set ideas for your employees, to a great gift basket that’ll be sure to delight your clients. All of our gift ideas will make a great bonus in the festive season, and with a wide range of hampers on offer, we’re sure to be able to help you get the ideal gift for anyone that you choose, either within the company or outside of the company. Read on for some of our choices for Christmas gift hampers.

Employee Gift Ideas

Making sure your employees are happy is key to having a productive workforce, so why not reward them for all of their hard work in the year by getting them a gift hamper? If you’re thinking of employee gift ideas to get, why not check out our For All The Office Hamper? Filled with a range of savoury snacks and sweet treats suitable for everyone in the office, such as luxury lemonade, gourmet popcorn and the finest Belgian truffles, this Christmas hamper for staff will make a great impression with your co-workers or employees. Or if you want to give your employees a slightly more luxurious present for managing to hit their targets and going beyond all throughout the year, the For All The Office At Christmas gift basket will be a great festive present. With a luxury range of savoury goods like chilli rice crackers, dried tomato mini breadsticks and dips to go alongside them, and sweets such as triple chocolate chip biscuits and gourmet chocolate pralines to have as afters, these are sure to be a sure-fire hit in the office for your employees. And finally, if you’re wanting a great choice to act as a mini office party during the holiday season, we can recommend our Luxury Traditional Christmas Hamper. With a selection of nibbles and luxury wines, this is great for the office workers who love traditional Christmas fare, including luxury mince pies, a brandy Christmas pudding and a Christmas cake as well, just to add that little extra luxury! If none of these selections are giving you good staff gift ideas, then why not check out the rest of our Christmas hampers range to see what else you can get as a business Christmas hamper? We offer a number of other hampers, including Christmas chocolate hampers and others designed to make a great gift during the festive season.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Clients appreciate a great gift, which is why we’ve come up with a couple of good corporate Christmas gift ideas for you to get as a gift for clients. First up is our Bearing Gifts hamper, which is great if your client prefers a more traditional hamper, filled with luxury treats and goodies. From luxury mince pies to Christmas cake and a selection of gourmet nuts, this is certainly the popular choice for a traditional Christmas hamper gift set for the festive season. For a slightly more modern, yet still luxurious present or gift set, the Festive Feast Hamper will make a great gift idea for a client. Filled with a selection of savoury snacks such as pate, cheese, olives and oatcakes, as well as sweets and extravagant wines, this hamper is sure to make a great gift for any of your clients! And if you’re looking for a third option for a Christmas gift hamper for a client, our Gold Standard Hamper is certainly sure to please any of your clients. With a selection of luxurious Christmas treats, such as a gourmet Christmas pudding, chocolate popcorn and mouth-watering chocolate pralines, this hamper will make a great present or gift set to get for a client as a thank-you gift for their business. If none of these selections are giving you good gift ideas, then why not check out the rest of our Christmas hampers range to see what else you can get as a business Christmas hamper for a client? We offer a number of other hampers so you can be sure to be able to get your clients something special for Christmas as a present or gift set.

Personalised Company Gifts

Getting personalised company gifts can often be tricky, which is why we’ve made it a simple process. Head to our Luxury Corporate Hampers page, and we will be able to help you. You can contact us either by calling us, emailing us, or using our on-page form to get a quote for personalised company gifts. We can customise your order to ensure that you get the perfect present for either your staff or clients during the festive holiday season.

Business Christmas Hampers Delivered in the UK

All of our business Christmas hampers are available to buy online and come with free next day delivery or named day deliveries within the UK. So if you’re wanting to get a gift for a client or your employees, we can make sure that you make their day special with a business Christmas hamper. We offer options of either next day delivery, or named day delivery, so if you need a gift box for a particular day, such as to be a part of your office Christmas party or something similar, we can cater for your needs.

Business Christmas Hampers for International Delivery

If you’re looking to send a business Christmas gift overseas, such as for an international client or for remote workers, we can help you. We also offer delivery abroad to many locations overseas with one of our international hampers, so you can be confident that you are able to send the ideal Christmas present to someone who might be living outside of the UK. Our international gifts can be sent as a Christmas work gift to people living in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other countries.
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By Nick