6 of the Best Cheese Hamper Ideas for Christmas

With the festive season coming up, you might be planning what to get for Christmas for the people in your life, whether it’s family and relatives, friends or co-workers or someone else. We’ve put together a few great choices of Christmas hamper, including the best cheese hamper ideas for a fantastic Christmas present or gift set. So if you’re wondering about what to get for relatives and family members, friends, co-workers or for that special someone in your life, we can help you get the best cheese hamper ideas for Christmas. Read on for a few ideas of Christmas gifts and presents from us.

Port and Cheese Gifts

Everyone knows that cheese and port go well together as a present, which is why we’ve put together a selection of port and cheese gifts. First up on our ideas list is our Luxury Port & Cheese Hamper, which is definitely a luxurious traditional present. A bottle of Graham’s Fine Ruby Port is paired up with a delicious award-winning Cheddar cheese and crackers as well, making this a sumptuous feast at Christmas time. We also offer a Port & Stilton Christmas Hamper which will surely make a great present or gift set for anyone. Featuring a bottle of Cockburns special reserve port and an assortment of Stilton and Smoked Cheddar cheese, this gift box will certainly please anyone that it is given to during the festive season. However, if neither of these selections are giving you good cheese hamper ideas, then why not check out the rest of our Christmas hampers range to see what else you can get as a Christmas hamper present? We offer a number of other cheese hampers which will be ideal choices during the festive season, so check out the rest of our hampers and see what else you can get.

Cheese and Wine Christmas Hampers

Another classic choice, cheese and wine make a great combination, which is why we’ve selected some cheese and wine Christmas hampers for you to get as presents or gift boxes. To start with, we have the Wine & Cheese Gift Hamper. A full bodied Spanish Rioja red wine is paired up with a carefully curated snack selection, including gourmet duck and orange pate and an award-winning extra mature Cheddar. As a result, this makes a fantastic present to get for someone in the Christmas holidays, especially when everyone is snacking heavily on good food and drinks. And for another cheese and wine Christmas hamper choice, check out our Luxury Food & Wine Traditional Hamper. Combining award-winning cheeses and other foods and savoury snacks alongside a rather delicious bottle of Australian Shiraz red wine, this is the perfect present to get someone in the holiday season as a gift set or gift box. Plus they’re sure to love the traditional look of the gift hamper as well! If none of these selections are giving you good gift ideas, then why not check out the rest of our Christmas hampers range to see what other cheese and wine hamper ideas we can give you? We offer a number of other wine and cheese hampers so you can be sure to be able to get your family and relatives, friends or co-workers something special for Christmas as a present or gift set.

Cheese and Pate Hampers

And finally, we have another classic partnering, with cheese and pate being paired up. We’ve made a couple of choices here, beginning with our Wine, Cheese and Pate Hamper. It’s the perfect gourmet gift at Christmas, featuring a delicious selection of foods including an assortment of cheeses, exquisite pate, biscuits to go alongside the savoury snacks and a full bodied Australian Shiraz red wine to savour alongside it all. So if you know someone who loves cheese and pate, this is the hamper to get them. Or for that luxury touch, why not try our Luxury Wine, Cheese & Pate Hamper? Filled to bursting with luxury and gourmet items, including award-winning cheeses, gourmet duck and orange pate, tasty olives, delightful dips and relishes as well as other savoury treats alongside a bottle of St Emillion red wine, this hamper is sure to be a winner at Christmas time with everyone. Alternatively, if none of these selections are giving you good gift ideas, then why not check out the rest of our Christmas hampers range to see what other pate and cheese hamper ideas we can give you? We have a range of gift hampers designed for those who really enjoy their savoury snacks and selections, so be sure to check out the full choice of hampers we have!

Cheese Selection Hampers Delivered in the UK

All of our cheese selection hampers are available to buy online and come with free next day delivery or named day deliveries within the UK. So if you’re wanting to get a gift for a friend, a relative, or a co-worker or for that special someone in your life, we can make sure that you make their day special with a cheese selection hamper. We offer options of either next day delivery, or named day delivery, so if you need a gift box for a particular day, such as to be a part of your family Christmas party or something similar, we can cater for your needs and make sure it gets there in time for the festivities.

Cheese Christmas Presents for International Delivery

If you’re looking to send cheese Christmas presents overseas, such as for a friend who lives overseas, we can help you. We also offer delivery abroad to many locations overseas with one of our international hampers, so you can be confident that you are able to send the ideal Christmas present to someone who might be living outside of the UK. Our international gifts can be sent as a cheese Christmas present to people living in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other countries.
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By Nick