8 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Hampers

Christmas will soon be upon us, and you might be looking for a last minute treat for someone. But not just any last minute gift. You might be looking for something a bit special for the person in your life who doesn’t drink, so you’re going to need something like non-alcoholic Christmas hampers. After all, these alcohol-free hampers are a great idea and a great gift to get for the person who either can’t or chooses not to drink. Read on for some choice presents and gift sets you can get for the festivities.

Alcohol free Christmas Hampers

First up on our list of hampers without alcohol is our Bearing Gifts Christmas Hamper, which is an amazing choice as it’s also been our most popular Christmas hamper for over 20 years. Featuring a wide range of celebratory treats, such as sweet and salty popcorn, a Christmas cake, festive shortbread and more great treats such as Christmas coffee and English breakfast tea to accompany them, this is the hamper to get for the person who doesn’t want any kind of alcohol at this time of year. If you’re looking for something that’s rather special, our Gourmet Christmas Hamper is a fantastic Xmas gift for someone who wants a non-alcoholic gift set. Containing a Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch alcohol-free drink and pairing it with luxury goods such as indulgent cocoa nib flavour popcorn, triple chocolate chip biscuits and more, there’s plenty of gourmet food here to have at Christmas. And for the ultimate in luxury, our Ultimate Alcohol Free Hamper is a great present to get for someone who deserves a luxurious Christmas. With an irresistible collection of gourmet artisan food such as clotted cream shortbread, award-winning cheddar cheese, luxury milk chocolate honeycomb dips and more sweet and savoury snacks, all paired with a bottle of Belvoir Elderflower Presse, this is a fantastic luxury choice for the special someone in your life who wants an alcohol-free hamper. But if none of the above are exciting you that much, why not check out the rest of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers range? We’re bound to have something in there to ensure that you get the best possible Christmas hamper with no alcohol in it for either family or friends this Christmastime.

Christmas Food Hampers with No Alcohol

You might be looking for Christmas food hampers with no alcohol in them, in which case our Christmas Alcohol Free Favourites hamper is a great place to start at. Filled with great Xmas food such as mince pies, Christmas pudding, chocolates, shortbread and more, as well as English breakfast tea as an accompaniment, this gift set is sure to delight everyone who receives it. Or for another choice, our Festive Favourites Hamper makes a great selection for the non-drinker who you want to get a gift for. Being presented in a jovial ‘Merry Christmas’ red Christmas sack, and filled with a range of goodies and treats such as luxury shortbread, gourmet popcorn, chocolate coins, Christmas cake, mince pies and more, this makes a fantastic festive feast for friends and family. If neither of these selections are interesting you that much, why not check out the rest of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers range? We offer a wide range of Christmas food hampers with no alcohol in them, so you can be sure to find the perfect hamper with no alcohol in it for you to get as a gift set or present at Christmas.

Non-alcoholic Drink Gifts

Looking for non-alcoholic drink gifts? To begin this particular section, our For All the Office at Christmas hamper is an incredible choice for either your co-workers or for friends and family as it contains several non-alcoholic punches for livening the office up, or for just having at home as part of a party. It also contains savoury and sweet treats such as mince pies, luxury popcorn, shortbread, dips, pralines and more to keep everyone satisfied. If you’re wanting a change from the punch mentioned above, our Alcohol Free Hamper contains luxury non-alcoholic ginger beer, as well as snacks to go alongside it such as popcorn, honeycomb, fudge and more that have all been carefully curated to complement the drinks, so this makes an ideal choice for someone who’s not a big fan of Christmas punch but still wants a great drink. And as an alternative to the above punch or ginger beer, we also offer our Luxury Alcohol Free Basket Hamper, which comes with a luxury bottle of freshly squeezed lemonade, accompanied by snacks and treats such as gourmet butterscotch, Belgian chocolate thins, decadent dips and much more to achieve a full luxury feast at Christmas and during the festive times. Great for if you’re hosting people on Boxing Day and need a quick family feast to offer up. If none of the above are matching what you want that much, why not check out the rest of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers range? We offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drink gifts and hampers for you to get as a gift set or present at Christmas or at any point in the festive season.

Non-Alcoholic Christmas Hampers Delivered in the UK

All of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers are available to buy online and come with free next day delivery or named day deliveries within the UK. So if you’re wanting to get a gift for a friend, a relative, or a co-worker or for that special someone in your life, we can make sure that you make their day special with a non-alcoholic hamper. We offer options of either next day delivery, or named day delivery, so if you need a gift box for a particular day, such as to be a part of your family Christmas party or something similar, we can cater for your needs and make sure that any of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers you may order get there in time for the festivities.

Non-Alcoholic Christmas Gifts for International Delivery

If you’re looking to send non-alcoholic Christmas gifts overseas, such as for a friend who lives overseas, we can help you. We also offer delivery abroad to many locations overseas with one of our international hampers, so you can be confident that you are able to send the ideal Christmas present to someone who might be living outside of the UK. Our international hampers can be sent as a non-alcoholic Christmas gift to people living in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other countries, so if you’re looking to send alcohol-free Xmas hampers abroad, we can help you.
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