A very sustainable Christmas

A gift wrapped in reusable wrapping and hessian

“Are there sustainable Christmas gifts?”

How often have you wondered this or asked this question?

It can be difficult to navigate what can and can’t be recycled, in the madness of Christmas Day.

It can be difficult to choose sustainable gifts and ethical options when it comes to Christmas.

Here at hampers.com, this festive season, we have been concentrating on ways to ensure we offer sustainable gifting options and, in particular, the ‘reuse’ element of the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ triangle.


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Reusable gift wrapping and packaging

Have you seen our signature cream gift boxes?

They have been chosen not only to impress but also to make them more reusable for the gift recipient. We only have one planet…so here at hampers.com, we’re trying to do all we can to keep it safe for the next generation of gift-givers.

If you’ve received one of our hampers take a look at our list of reusable hamper suggestions. Or, if you know an eco-conscious person you’ll be sending a Christmas hamper to, then make sure you share this post with them. It’s full of ideas for reusing hampers and getting the most out of our earth-friendly packaging this Christmas.


How to reuse hamper gift boxes

Our gorgeous new boxes are classy and sophisticated, that won’t look out of place on the shelf or in the cupboard. The sturdy boxes are really useful for storing Christmas decorations safely, or special keepsakes and Christmas and birthday cards too.

Winter clothing can be difficult to store – why not pop bulky scarves and gloves neatly in one of our gift boxes?

Finally, our reusable wicker baskets are perfect for wrapping awkward-shaped gifts – pop that funny star shape or spherical present inside our hamper box.


Wicker basket with table linen and words 'beautiful' and 're-usable'

How to reuse our wicker baskets or bamboo trays

Create a welcoming ‘hotel-inspired’ feel for visiting guests with our wicker basket or bamboo tray hamper packaging.

For example, neatly folded towels, flannels and individual toiletries in your sustainable hamper, for presentation in your guest room. The eco-friendly baskets and trays also make great bathroom storage – for spare shampoo and conditioner bottles, soaps, and shower gels. You can even pop a few extra loo rolls in them.

Finally, you can pop a tray in your wardrobe or drawers to help segment items of smaller clothing or store accessories.



How to reuse our wicker baskets with lids and buckles

Obviously, our wicker-lidded baskets are the ideal picnic basket…so transfer all of your picnic tableware and crockery and pop it somewhere safe ready to impress family and friends on your next summer outing. The larger baskets look delightful in a lounge or living room, adding texture to your home, in an eco-friendly way. They are perfect for storing blankets or throws, ready for cosy winter evenings in. Their sturdy design also makes them perfect for larger seasonal decorations – candles, nativity sets, Christmas displays and festive light sets can be wrapped, stored away and kept safe, ready for your next sustainable Christmas.



Wishing you a sustainable Christmas and easy recycling this new year

If you all do a little bit to reduce waste and reuse items, who knows what a difference it could make! We aim to ensure all of our cardboard boxes are also recyclable, as well as internal protective packaging, such as shredded paper or tissue paper. Many of our producers are also committed to choosing fully recyclable packaging, as well as sustainable methods of food and drink production, working toward zero waste. Choose sustainable Christmas gifts that make you feel good this year and reduce the environmental impact.


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