Best Father's Day Gifts for Every Man in Your Life

We believe that Father’s Day is not just a time to celebrate biological dads, but the many different men and male influences in your life. It's the perfect time to give Father's Day gifts to whomever has made a difference in your life.

From dads to grandads, from partners to fathers-in-law, from stepdads to close male friends, Sunday 16th June is a great opportunity to thank those who love, care and look after you.

Below, we’ve recommend Father’s Day gifts and ideas for a range of male relations and father figures.



Father’s Day gifts for step dads and men who are like a father to you

Are you looking for a special Father’s Day gift for a man who is like a father to you? A man who has supported you, your siblings, mum and family? We bet he is a wonderful father figure.

We have a great range of Father’s Day gifts for step-dads - no matter his tastes.


Craft Beer Hamper

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The Father's Day Craft Beer Hamper is a tray of pub-inspired delights. This unique Father's Day gift features two British-brewed beers from our local friends at Tap Social in Oxfordshire - who create 'criminally good beer'.

To accompany the IPA and lager, your step dad can also treat himself to some delicious savoury 'pub treats'. Dads will find nuts, grain chips, pork crackling and even a bag of snacking pickles - the perfect tangy and salty snack. 



Cider and Cheese Hamper

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Does your stepdad prefer a glass of cider to beer? It’s the ultimate summer drink. Let’s hope Sunday 16th June 2024 is a sunny day this year.

For those that love a Ploughman’s Lunch or the traditional South West of England combination, the Cider and Cheese Hamper is a lovely Father’s Day gift for your stepdad.

It includes two large bottles of Perry's cider. Plus, there are seeded sourdough crackers and caramelised onion marmalade to complement the golden mature cheddar. Finally, introduce your stepdad to the more-ish rings of Tenuta Marmorelle cheese and pepper taralli. 




Father’s Day gifts for your father-in-law

He may be your partner’s dad but would you like to choose an extra special gift for your father-in-law this year?

With easy online ordering, whether they are near or far, the job of choosing a father in law Father’s Day gift needn’t be a chore…even if the task has been delegated to you by his own son or daughter!


Classic Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper


If your father-in-law loves his red wine, then choose this sophisticated hamper that any wine lover can truly indulge in.

Upon receiving the Classic Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper, he’ll adore discovering the luxurious Finca Amalia Rioja, which pairs perfectly with the Snowdonia Cheese Company cheeses and the artisan rillette, from The Cornish Charcuterie Co., especially with the inclusion of the crackers and wafers.  

This Father's Day gift is a ready-made after dinner treat in a gift box.



The Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper



If your father-in-law is a beer connoisseur then we also have the perfect Father's Day gift just for him - our brand new - Hawkstone Luxury Beer Hamper.

This classy Father's Day gift box of beer, includes a Hawkstone Lager, Session beer,  3.8 Pils and their IPA 4.8%. These are 4 very different tasting bottles of beer, all with so much depth of flavour.

In addition to these specialist beers, there are also olives, crisps, snacking cheese and roasted peanuts too.

Does your dad in law like a good beer and some artisan snacks? Then this is the perfect Father's Day gift for him.


Father’s Day gifts for grandads

If you are still lucky enough to have your grandfather, why not take this opportunity to spoil him this Father’s Day, alongside your own dad?

We have a lovely selection of Father's Day hampers for grandads, pops and grandpas. Here are our two top picks.


Premium Whisky and Food Gift Basket


Traditional but extra special sums up the Premium Whiskey Food Gift Basket.

This thoughtful gift for grandpa, pops, grancher, granpappy (!!) …or which ever affectionate name you have for him. This delightful Father's days basket includes an array of gifts. There is not only a bottle of 12-year old DoubleWood Single malt Scotch Whisky, but also cheese, crackers and a whole Whisky Dundee cake.

If you’re his favourite grandchild, he may just share a slice…if you are lucky! 


Bearing Gifts Hampers

The Joyful Delights Hamper with contents on display as a recommended ideas for Father's Day gifts for grandads
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This is one of our bestselling hampers – a hamper for dads…or a hamper for grandads – it is one of our perfect Father’s Day gifts for all.

The Joyful Delights Hamper is great for sharing or for a ‘little and often’ indulgence long after the 16th June.

Based around delicious foodie favourites, rather than alcohol, it is perfect for those driving or whom now prefer not to drink or do so very rarely.

This Father's Day gift box includes tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn, peanuts, jam, chocolate and sweets.

It’s a wonderful hamper that grandad can enjoy, whilst doing a crossword puzzle or indulging in an afternoon of watching the snooker.


Father's Day gifts for new dads and the dad of your children

Are you expecting this year? Or has a new baby just arrived in your family. If so, we want to help you mark a very important father's day - the new dad's first one.

Also, if you have younger children, then we know it often falls to mum to buy a Father’s Day gift for dad.

We have chosen a couple of Father’s Day gifts that your partner and father of your child will enjoy...but the kids will love too!


The Oxfordshire Gift Hamper


For new dads and day of young childre, we have a wonderful suggestion. Why not treat him to a hamper full of treats, with a little pampering element...and donate to charity at the same time?

Encourage some rest and relaxation...and also plenty of treats. 

The contents of The Oxfordshire Gift Hamper is alcohol free and also contains a wide variety of products sourced from within Oxfordshire - the county in which the Aspire Oxfordshire Charity operates (and the home of HQ too). 

It’s time to relax, indulge and chill…something we know busy dads rarely get chance to do.



The Classic Chocolate Hamper

For a Father's Day hamper that everyone can enjoy, including the children, explore our Classic Chocolate Hamper filled with delicious chocolatey treats.

Let dad enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate made with GNAW's milk chocolate shot with hazelnuts and marshmallows. However, get him to share the gourmet popcorn! 

There's also two bars of chocolate, truffles and fudge too.

Really spoil yourselves this Father's Day - it's time for some family fun,



Great Father's Day gifts
for all the father figures and important men in your life

The word ‘dad’  or 'father figure' can mean many different things to everyone. Celebrate all of the dads in your life and all of the important male figures that have influenced you too. It's a great chance to say thank you.

Make them feel extra special this Father’s Day by organising the most wonderful surprise delivery, full of treats they’ll truly adore in a gift hamper, chosen just for them.


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gifts for him



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