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At, we are really proud to support British producers and suppliers. In this short series, we are showcasing some of our key producers – supporting local companies and minimising our carbon footprint, by purchasing from within the UK.

This time, we are introducing some of our artisan chocolate producers, with wonderful stories to tell.



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Choc Affair

Chocolate is something of a guilty pleasure for many of us… but with Choc Affair, there is no need to feel remorse. This ethical company has created a delicious range of handcrafted chocolates, using only natural ingredients including sustainably grown cocoa from Columbia, which is free from palm oil.

Choc Affair are passionate about delicious chocolate. The company originally made only hot chocolate stirrers, using dairy alternatives, including soya milk, dark chocolate, and raw sugar after the founder, Linda Barrie, found it difficult to find treats for her daughters who have an intolerance to milk. They now also produce a range of gorgeous and indulgent products, ranging from bars to chocolate buttons.

This family-run business believes in a sense of ownership of their locality and is proud to be based in York, a city with renowned heritage – where all of their chocolate is produced and hand packaged, as well as sold in their shop.

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Fancy some “fabulously good chocolate, with a bit of squirrelly fun”? Check out the wonderful handmade chocolate bars from Gnaw! A fun and inventive brand, committed to buying and sourcing the best ingredients to make their chocolate taste great - whilst remaining ethically sourced.

After running a sweet shop, Gnaw owners, Matt and Teri, decided to leap in to the world of handcrafted chocolate. They produce and manufacture their chocolate at Gnaw HQ in Norwich. Their fun and eye-catching packaging makes every bar incredibly inviting, and the flavour combinations are also innovative and indulgent.

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Love Cocoa

Chocolate created by the great-great-great grandson of THE John Cadbury is certainly worth a try! Inspired by his chocolate heritage, James Cadbury created Love Cocoa with “the purpose of making great tasting chocolate, in a way that is loved by you, the planet and its people.”

Not only do the chocolate bars include only the finest organic and natural ingredients, Love Cocoa also plant one tree for every bar they sell. This is to help save the environment and reverse deforestation, to ensure chocolate can be enjoyed by generations to come. Whilst the cocoa may come from afar, they source many of their other flavour ingredients direct from independent producers in the UK, including Summerdown Farm Mint, Maldon Sea Salt and Pact Coffee – all UK-based companies.

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