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At, we are proud to support British producers and suppliers. In this post, we are delighted to introduce four of our British Beer Suppliers who are doing amazing work in their communities and with their production processes.

They are just four of several British beer producers, who we are proud to showcase in our beer hamper range. Make sure you take a look to find a variety of beer gifts, perfect for Father's Day, dad's birthday, gifts for him and all of the beer connoisseurs in your life.



Close up of Freedom Brewery's Helles Organic Lager

Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery is based in a small village in Staffordshire, UK. All of the beers are proudly made ‘without compromise’ and ‘with a conscience’. The beers are also naturally carbonated and unpasteurised, which protects the delicate individual flavours of each of their beers.

The brewery uses a special technique of fermenting at low temperatures, and long maturity, to draw out the taste. Sustainability is important to this independent brewery. They use their water supply, from a spring beneath the brewery itself and recycle their wastewater through a natural reed bed filtration system. They have also adopted the latest in brewing technology to reduce their carbon footprint and use methods that maximise their efficiency and have helped reduce their energy consumption by 30% All of Freedom Brewery’s beers are also 100% vegan certified and there is an array of subtle flavours to choose from.

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Tap Social

Tap Social is based in Oxfordshire, just like They have two brewing sites and an incredible story and ‘raison d’etre’.

Tap Social was founded by three individuals who have experience across the criminal justice system, as well as brewing beer. They profess to combine a ‘passion for good beer and social justice’. To do this, they not only make craft beer but also create employment opportunities and offer training for ex-offenders, those who struggle to access education, training and employment, unfortunately.

As well as being a brewery, Tap Social also offers community spaces; has a ‘Brew School’ for brewing courses and equipment hire to make your beer; has opened The White House, which is a community café, bar and kitchen, just outside Oxford’s city centre; and now has a flagship bar in Banbury too, in Lock 29, which is a multi-use space and independent food market.

You have to check out their ‘criminally good’, great-tasting beer and learn more about what they offer. 

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Close up of Tap Social's can of criminally good lager - false economy


Close up of Loose Cannon's Abingdon Bridge

Loose Cannon Brewery

Loose Cannon Brewery is another local brewery, based down the road from us in Abingdon on Thames. They've been brewing excellent-tasting beer and real ales since 2010. They have a great Tap Room, often featuring live music nights, and also a shop.

The brewery was founded by Will Laithwaite, following completion of a ‘pretty useless’ ancient history degree, and the start of the brewery’s success was through collaboration with the locals asked them to vote on some trial brews to see which would suit their taste buds best.

Loose Cannon has now gone on to produce over sixty-eight different beers, many of which have won awards. In a single year, they aim to produce twenty-one different types, across their ranges, which include seasonal and even monthly additions. Check them out now. 

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You've probably heard of Hawkstone's delicious beers from Jeremy Clarkson's latest show, Clarkson's Farm.

Behind every great brew at Hawkstone Brewery lies a dynamic duo: Jeremy Clarkson and his faithful sidekick, Caleb. Whilst Jeremy brings his passion for flavour and quality, Caleb lends his expertise of the land to ensure the crops thrive under the Cotswold sun.

At the core of Hawkstone Brewery beats the heart of collaboration. Jeremy Clarkson, alongside Rick and Emma from the Cotswold Brew Co., form an unstoppable team fuelled by a shared vision of brewing brilliance. Together, they marry tradition with innovation, crafting brews that tantalise the taste buds.

From the crisp allure of Hawkstone's premium lager to the bold, invigorating notes of their IPA, every sip promises to transport your loved one on a journey of refreshing flavours. Learn more by tapping the link below.

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Close up of Hawkstone's refreshing beer



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Whether you prefer a real ale, a craft beer or a very traditional lager, go and check out our range of beer hampers, many featuring this collection of amazing local brewers, including Jeremy Clarkson's Hawkstone Brewery and River Cottage's Stroud Brewery.

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