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At, we are really proud to support British producers and suppliers. In this short series, we are showcasing some of our key producers – supporting local companies and minimising our carbon footprint by purchasing from within the UK.

This time we're focusing on a few of our glorious savoury snack makers, from salty crisps, to decadent cheeses.



Savoursmiths Crisps Packet

Savoursmiths Crisps

What do you get when you combine an experienced farmer and a model, turned Pilates instructor, with a head for business? The most amazing, “audaciously luxurious” crisps, made from British potatoes.

Every crisp is cut from the family’s homegrown potatoes, hand-picked and hand-cooked in small batches. Savoursmith’s variety of flavours is also unique – inspired by flavours from across the globe. The whole range uses all natural ingredients and flavourings and they are free from gluten and MSG. The potato skin is also kept on, making them look great, whilst also retaining important nutrients.

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Cornish Charcuterie

Husband and wife team Richard and Fionagh Harding left investment manager roles in London to buy a 350-acre farm near Bude in north Cornwall… with not much of a clue of what they were doing or what to expect. Thanks to the insight from the popular TV show Clarkson’s Farm, we can all appreciate what a steep learning curve they must have faced!

However, our Best of British producers are made of tough stuff and the Cornish Charcuterie brand was born, offering fermented sausages, air-dried meat, soft patés and – our personal favourites – rillettes. They still rear many of the pigs that go into their pork products, making this true ‘farm to fork’ produce, using only high-welfare meats.

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Snowdonia Cheese

You say savoury… we say award-winning Snowdonia Cheese! Inspired by the lush greenery of beautiful Snowdonia, this cheese is produced in Wales by the sons of third-generation dairy farmers. John and Richard Newton-Jones, along with their small, dedicated team, use only the finest, fresh, and natural ingredients to ensure the highest levels of product quality.

The bright wax-coated truckles are instantly recognisable and we are proud to include the multi-award winning Black Bomber and Beechwood Smoked Cheddar in many of our cheese hampers. The brand has won the prestigious ‘Best British Cheese’ from The Fine Food Digest: Best Brand Guide for five consecutive years too.

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Peter's Yard

You can’t have cheese (or rillette, for that matter!) without crackers or crispbreads. So, we have to give a big shout out next to Peter’s Yard. This is a wonderful British–Swedish fusion. Everything in the bakery begins with their 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours. It is crafted in small batches, without shortcuts or artificial ingredients, for award-winning flavour and crunch.

Peter’s Yard uses the slower, more rewarding sourdough techniques - reviving traditional baking methods and recipes. The products are all inspired by 16th Century Swedish techniques when crispbread was baked at harvest time and preserved on a pole over fires to keep crisp during the long, dark winter months.

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And finally, the icing on the cake… or, in this case, the condiment on the top… has to be a jar of the finest chutney or relish from Tracklements. Established in 1970 and recognised as the introducers of wholegrain mustard and wider varieties of flavoured jellies into the UK, a jar from this family-run business is a staple in many British households.

Despite Tracklements' popularity and growth, everything is still made by hand, in small batches, to traditional recipes. Their products taste as good as, if not better than, the very best homemade versions because they use only top-quality ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible, and carefully selected for their magnificent taste.

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Salivating over savoury?

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