Choosing The Perfect Gift For A Milestone Birthday


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Milestone birthdays are always significant – it’s usually time for a big party or celebration… perhaps, even a special trip away. But why do we go so excited about specific ages when we are younger and, then the turning of each decade?

At, we love any excuse to celebrate (especially in the winter months), and we’ve been investigating the milestones and what they truly mean.


16th birthday

‘Sweet 16’ is a popular American celebration – a modern day ‘coming of age’ or ‘debutante ball' (which Queen Elizabeth thankfully withdrew her support for in London society in 1958).

In the UK, 16 is one of the first birthday milestones  to be celebrated (apart from reaching double figures, of course!). It’s also the first age where you have certain new legal rights, including being able to get a national insurance number or apply for a passport without parental consent…or, perhaps a bit more exciting…buy a lottery ticket, drive a moped and pilot a glider!

To help the celebrations, indulge them with something delicious – we know most 16-year-olds are impossible to fill up…and before they take to the skies…explore our food hampers and alcohol free gifts here.

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18th birthday

Across much of the globe, an 18th birthday is probably one of the biggest milestones. In many countries, it is the age at which you are classed an ‘adult’ (whatever that means!).

In the UK, you can open a bank account yourself, get a tattoo, buy fireworks, get married and buy a house…well, apply for a mortgage, at least! With this new-found freedom also comes responsibility…you can vote, stand for election as a member of parliament, serve on a jury…and be sued!

Of course, the most common part of an 18th birthday party plan is…see an 18 certificate at the cinema (finally!)…oh, and maybe, buy a drink of alcohol or two legally afterwards!

For some party starting ideas, explore our range of beer hampers and gin hampers here.

21st birthday

Did you know…? The origins of celebrating a 21st birthday dates back to Medieval times when a boy could only become a knight at 21 years of age.

There is a tradition of giving a ‘key’ on a 21st birthday because it was once considered the age when you were old enough to hold a key to your family’s front door, signifying a position of responsibility within the family. …just don’t lose it!

In the US, turning 21 holds particular significance, as it is the age you can legally buy alcohol and also enter all floors of a casino.

In the UK, you can apply to adopt a child and apply for a provisional licence to drive a HGV. Even more excitingly, you can hold a pilot's licence for an aeroplane or helicopter. The sky really is the limit!

For the classy, modern 21-year-old, check out our congratulations hampers and gifts – also perfect for graduation.

The decades – 30th, 40th 50th and 60th birthdays

After 5 years of milestone birthdays in quick succession, it’s now time to settle back into insignificant birthdays until the next turn of the decade.

With each one, it’s the new one of the old one…you know, 40 is the new 30, etc. – so essentially you get younger whilst getting older! Make sure you mark that special someone's 40th, with a hand-selected 40th birthday hamper, that certainly makes them feel 30 again!

In truth, there is no significant difference between 49 and 50, but who cares when there is an excellent excuse for a great party and to celebrate that someone special. We have a wonderful range of 50th birthday hamper ideas that will truly surprise and delight.

A significant birthday, such as a 60th birthday, is also the perfect opportunity for great food and drink gifts, so make sure you explore our range of 60th birthday hamper ideas, perfect for mum and her maturing tastes, dad and his love of all things sweet, or that special someone who deserves to be spoilt.


65th to 70th birthdays and retirement

With the retirement age creeping up in the UK, the once widely celebrated 65th as the official retirement age could now fall any time between 65 and 70, in a few years’ time.

Whatever the exact age, don’t let this significant birthday milestone just pass by. After years of work and commitment, it’s time to relax and enjoy more time with the family and friends, or even getaway on exotic, long-awaited holidays. Take two weeks, may be three…even six…there’s no tie of work and annual leave allowance to hold you back now!

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80th, 90th and the ultimate milestone birthday of the 100th

As one reaches the ‘vintage’ years, a birthday celebration is important every year.

What an exceptional time to be alive – perhaps seeing grandchildren and, even, great grandchildren growing up. Reflecting on all that has happened in a lifetime…all that has changed…and still getting to grips with a smart phone!

Whether they have become set in their ways or still seeking new adventures, choose a birthday gift from with treats they’ve never tried, as well as old favourites that taste as good as ever.

Explore our range of Champagne hampers and our traditional food hampers.

For those who reach 100, we have true admiration. The number of people reaching 100 is increasing, yet the Queen (and the Centenarian Team – yes, there’s an actual dedicated team of people!) still ensures every citizen in Her Majesty’s Realms (in countries where the Queen is Head of State) and the UK Overseas Territories receive a special message when they reach their 100th birthday.

You also receive another message on your 105th too, and every year following. Isn’t that such a wonderful tradition?

Whilst we can’t quite equal a message from the Queen, we think our luxury hampers are a close second – perfect for a family celebration.


Milestone birthday gifts for all

We believe in making every occasion memorable and if we can add a touch of extra joy to the ‘big birthdays’ then even better.

Explore our range of birthday hampers and we are sure you'll find something they’ll love to mark that special milestone. All with free UK delivery when you spend over £50.


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