Best Christmas gift ideas for employees and corporate clients

Group of colleagues, staff and clients toasting Champagne to celebrate Christmas in the office

Isn't great to get back to more traditional Christmas celebration, in the office, at work and at home. It's no doubt still been an eventful year, both in a personal and professional manner, but let's make Christmas extra special for 2022.

With the doom and gloom of rises in the cost of living and instability across the economy, it is only natural that employers, business owners and managers alike will be looking to treat those who have had a positive impact on their businesses with surprise Christmas gifts...a little thank you for helping to 'weather the current financial' storms.

As the experts in gift giving, we thought that we’d help you bring a little bit of Christmas joy to your staff, colleagues and partners with some of the best Christmas gift ideas out there.



Showing your appreciation to staff, employees and clients at Christmas

What better way to bring a little bit of the festive spirit that we usually expect at this time of year than with a thoughtful Christmas gift.

It’s a great way of making sure that people who impact your business in a positive way feel appreciated. This includes not only staff and employees, but also suppliers, producers and other important stakeholders.

Sending corporate gifts can be beneficial in building and preserving long-lasting relationships with existing clients, as well as helping to impress or win over potential new clients, during a time when even the smallest of financial contracts are being closely monitored by those in charge of money.

Sending thank you gifts to all those behind the scenes - from customers and suppliers to business partners and stakeholders - at Christmas, also serves to help reinforce ongoing gratitude and thanks during what may have been a difficult year.

Browse our Christmas Corporate Brochure  - it's brimming with Christmas present ideas.


Christmas Corporate Gift Guide





Here’s our suggestion of some of the best corporate gift ideas out there:

Corporate Christmas gifts for your employees and staff

Many employees and members of staff are still working more from home, balancing a mix between remote and office working or adjusting back to the commute. 

A corporate Christmas hamper is the perfect gift to show your team how much you appreciate this juggle or how they have adapted to the working arragngement changes that have happened throughout 2022.

Treat your staff to a gorgeous Christmas hamper that you can have delivered either to your work address or to individual home addresses. You can do a mass 'gift handout' or an online joint 'unboxing' via a team video call.

Our Festive Feast for Everyone (£42) is a truly thoughtful Christmas gift, full of delicious treats which are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.  There's Christmas classice, such as Christmas pudding and mince pies, as well as flavoursome favourites, including salted caramel chocolate and gourmet popcorn. From new office starters to loyal, near retirement members of staff, there's something special to discover for everyone.


Festive Feast for Everyone hamper with all of its vegan-friendly and gluten-free contents on display
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Another favourite that employees and staff will love to receive as a Christmas gift is The Festive Night In (£42). What better way to say 'take a break', this holiday season. It features a mouth-watering mix of mince pies, mulled wine, Christmas pudding and more. 


The Festive Night In Christmas Hamper with contents on display

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Our Festive Mulled Wine & Chocolates Hamper (£26) is a great option for those wanting to give a more festive-themed corporate gift to a truly special member of staff, featuring a fantastic bottle of Jacob Marley’s mulled wine and a box of Belgian's one of our very best Christmas chocolate hampers.


Festive Mulled Wine & Chocolates Hamper with contents on display

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If your team is smaller or you have senior members of staff you know well and and you're looking to thank not only them but the support of their partners, children and family, take a look at our new  the Let It Snow Christmas Hamper (£49). The signature gift box contains not only a delightful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wine and dry roasted peanuts, but also a bar of white chocolate and cute jar of gingerbread and caramel spread. 

It is a heartfelt gift to send, and one that can be enjoyed by their entire family. That is what Christmas is about after all, isn’t it?


Let it Snow Christmas Hamper with contents on display

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Corporate Christmas gifts to treat the whole team

Corporate food gift baskets always go down a treat; after all, who doesn’t like food?

For teams that are still working on-site, closely together or have a Christmas gathering planned, the Treat The Team Festive Collection (£105) is sure to tickle everyone’s taste buds, with something for everyone to enjoy tucking into, including gourmet popcorn, a mini panettone and festive treats aplenty. Perfect to enjoy together on Christmas eve or the last working day before the holidays.

If this year deserves a special celebration and a 'toast to the team', explore our Treat the Team Festive Hamper with Champagne (£175) or, if preferred, our Treat the Team Festive Hamper with Prosecco (£135)


treat the team festive selection hamper with contents on display

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Also, explore our The Luxury Christmas Cracker Hamper (£95) and the Magnificent Christmas Hamper (£499).


Corporate Christmas present ideas for your clients and customers

Wine is always a favourite ingredient of a corporate gift hamper and we have a fantastic, expansive range of Christmas wine hampers, as well as Champagne & Prosecco hampers.

The Classic Wine & Cheese Gift Box (£32) is perfect as a gift for an individual, as is The Christmas Cracker Hamper (£49), both featuring a mouth-watering bottle of red wine, with hand picked treats that complement the offering.


Classic Wine and Cheese gift with contents on display and a glass of red wine

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Say thanks to those that have influenced your business in a positive way on all levels, with a Christmas hamper. Show those who have supported you what it means.

You can't go wrong with our classy Champagne and Christmas Chocolates Gift Box (£59); in our signature cream box. It's a great way to 'toast' another successful year.  


 Champagne & Christmas Chocolates with poured flutes of fizz and the contents of this hamper on display

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When it comes to key stakeholders and investors in the business, it never hurts to spend a little more to show them just how grateful you and the business are for all that they’ve done and continue to do through these more difficult economic times.

From your workplace to theirs, a sign of recognition from Business to Business (B2B), why not have one of our hand-selected Grand Christmas Hamper (£299) delivered? It is the epitome of luxury Christmas corporate gifts, and will go a long way in helping you say ‘thank you’, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘here’s to 2023’.

At the centre of the hamper are bottles of Autréau-Roualet Champagne, Croft Port and both red and white wine. Accompanying that is a plethora of treats for all tastes, from award-winning cheese and crackers, through to a traditional Christmas pudding, mince pies, gourmet chocolates and much, much more.


The Grand Christmas Hamper with large wicker basket and food and drink items on display

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That’s just a snippet of what we have on offer though!

We also offer personalisation on both ready-made and tailor-made Christmas hampers, so be sure to check out our entire range of Corporate Christmas hampers to see what else we have and speak to one of our Gift Experts (Account Managers) to discuss your individual needs on orders above £2000.



The ins and outs of Corporate Christmas gifts

When should we be looking to place corporate Christmas gift orders?

The Christmas season starts early for us, September 1st to be exact, and we’re already seeing that corporate gift orders are up over 1,100% this festive season in comparison to last year. That might have something to do with the news that Britons are being encouraged to shop early this year in order to avoid disappointment – what with most people turning online for their gifts this year.

Ordering online and having festive business gifts delivered to employees, customers and stakeholders homes is going to be a key trend for the upcoming festive season in the current climate – not just with many continuing to work from home, but also because if there’s ever been a time to thank and reward, it’s definitely this year!

We always advise customers to plan their corporate Christmas gift options far in advance of the big day – not just this year.

We have a ‘business gifting tax guide’ too that’s well worth a read, explaining the ins and outs of gifting and how much you can spend on your staff, teams, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and more before additional costs are incurred.

How do I get in touch to discuss large orders of Christmas hampers?

Our corporate gift experts are available now to help you through every stage of your requirements. For larger orders, we are delighted to offer our account managed service. Call us on 01235 604 955 or find out more on our corporate hampers page, where you can make a direct enquiry.

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