Our top Christmas food and drink gift ideas

No matter how much you love someone, choosing the right Christmas gift for them can be difficult. With so many different things to pick from it can be easy to get lost.

At hampers.com, we are the experts in gifting, and we want to offer you a helping hand to make choosing that special gift as easy as possible for you. So, if you are still stuck for Christmas gift ideas then don’t worry, as we have you covered.

In order to make this as simple as possible, we have broken down our best gift ideas into six different categories, including the best gift ideas for cheese lovers as well as the best Christmas presents for vegans.




The best gift ideas for cheese lovers

Christmas is a great time of year for us all, but for those that love cheese it is arguably even more special: cheese and crackers for every meal, limited edition Christmas cheese and generally an overload of food. But what are the best Christmas gifts for cheese lovers?

The Cheese Lovers Hamper

We have a beautiful selection of Christmas cheese hampers for him and for her, so let’s kick off with The Cheese Lovers Hamper (£39); with three different types of award-winning Snowdonia cheddar, you get a fantastic blend of flavours, with an extra mature and beechwood smoked cheddar complimented by a mature cheddar blended with port and brandy. On top of that the selection includes cheese-infused crackers, pepper wafers and caramelised onion relish.


The Classic Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper

The great thing about cheese is that it blends beautifully with such a huge array of food and drink, and few better than red wine. That’s why the Classic Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper (£52) makes a great Christmas gift for cheese lovers, that also like a glass of red in the evening and want something a little different from traditional pate. A bottle of Finca Amalia Rioja is expertly matched with delicious Snowdonia cheese – one mature and one extra mature – a a jar of pork rillette, packed full of flavour and perfect accompanied by crackers and wafers.


Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper with contents on display and a glass of wine, with willow basket

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The Luxury Christmas Cracker

For a gift that is perfect not only for cheese lovers but for anyone that loves Christmas, the Luxury Christmas Cracker Hamper (£95) is packed full of treats and great surprises. Rather than a joke and a paper hat, this cracker contains a full-bodied bottle of red wine, matched expertly with a strong-flavoured extra mature cheddar, along with a delicious selection of Christmas goodies, including Xmas pudding, traditional mince pies and fruit cake, to name but a few.


The Luxury Christmas Cracker hamper and its contents on display

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For a broader selection of the best Xmas wine hampers, check out the best gifts for wine drinkers this Christmas.

The best gift ideas for a gin lover

It’s be-GIN-ing to look a lot like Christmas. Sorry, we couldn’t resist, but with the UK emerging as a nation of gin lovers, there’s a chance that one of more of these Christmas gin hampers will appeal to a loved one.

The Luxury Gin Hamper

For a classic festive gift for gin lovers, look no further than the The Luxury Gin Hamper (£65), which contains a beautifully aromatic bottle of Berkshire botanical dry gin, combined with Franklin and Sons tonic water to make a perfectly balanced G&T. As if anyone would need anything other than these hero items, the hamper also contains a selection of delicious treats, including gourmet popcorn, Love Cocoa chocolate and clotted cream fudge.


The Luxury Gin Hamper with contents on display and two glasses on gin and tonic with gift basket

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The Flagingo Pink Gin Hamper

Gin comes in all different shapes and sizes, all of which we’ve covered in our helpful handbook, but there are fewer more exciting, delicious and aesthetically pleasing than the one found in the Flagingo Pink Gin Hamper (£59). For something a bit quirky and different to your standard gin, the hamper contains a colourful Flagingo pink gin, boasting flavours of the Caribbean, such as mango, pineapple and passion fruit. The gift set comes with a bottle of tonic water so that your loved one can make a beautifully colourful G&T, with some cola cube sweets, a chocolate bar and delicios truffles, to round off the set.


The Flagingo pink gin hamper with contents on display, a G&T in a glass and with its wicker basket

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The Gin and Treats Hamper

We know that everyone has their different tastes and preferences; we know that some people prefer drinking gin and tonic in a Copa balloon with junipers and ice, some prefer it in a tumbler, and others still simply enjoy it more in a can. At Christmas, what better time to have a couple of 'gin in a tin' in the fridge!

We suggest the elegant and unassuming Gin & Treats Hamper (£32), which stars two cans of raspberry-infused gin and tonic, combined with a number of delicious sweet treats, including hand-baked biscuits, chocolates and sweets.


The Gin and Treats Hamper with contents on display and signature gift box

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The best gift ideas for a chocolate lover

We all have at least one chocaholic in our lives and, if you don’t, then it’s probably you. With so much to choose from, what are the best gifts for chocolate lovers? Well, Christmas chocolate hampers are the answer.


The Festive Hot Chocolate Hamper

Snuggling up on the sofa with a luxury hot chocolate has to be one of the best Christmas indulgences! Explore our Festive Hot Chocolate Hamper (£39), perfect for a chocoholic. There's special drinking chocolate, as well as Christmas pudding dark chocolate and a salted caramel chocolate bar. The assortment of chocolates in a box, is also complemented by more festive sweet treats, including a box of luxury mince pies and ginger thins.

Festive Hot Chocolate Hamper with contents on display

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The Gourmet Chocolate Lovers Hamper

While the chocolate bouquet contains an enviable selection of iconic chocolate bars, the Gourmet Chocolate Lovers Hamper (£42) is full of mouth-watering treats filled with chocolate. A deliciously rich chocolate cake is complemented by melt-in-the-mouth chocolate drops and light and crispy chocolate wafers, fudge, popcorn and, of course, assorted chocolates. Did we mention that this hamper may contain chocolate?


The Gourmet Chocolate Lovers Hamper with contents on display and signature gift box

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The Luxury Champagne and Christmas Chocolate Hamper

If you’re really looking to push the boat out to treat your chocolate-loving friend, then this next hamper could be the one for you, particularly if they are partial to bottle of fizz. Yes, the Luxury Champagne & Christmas Chocolate Hamper (£99) combines two of life’s most wonderful treasures – Bollinger Champagne and Holdsworth chocolates – packaged neatly in a lovely gift box.


Luxury Champagne and Christmas chocolates hamper with contents on display

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The best gift ideas for vegans

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for the vegan in your life can be particularly difficult; although some things are obviously not suitable for vegans, other items – such as certain handbags, shoes and even wine – are not as obvious. Luckily, we have a great selection of vegan Christmas gift hampers, containing all the goodies without any animal produce. Perfect for those who preferred a plant-based diet.

The Malbec and Treats Hamper

Let’s start with the Malbec and Treats Hamper (£59), which stars a bottle of Royal Road vegan red wine, alongside a number of delicious snacks – both sweet and savoury – from oatmeal and raisin cookies and gourmet popcorn, to chilli nuts and vegan truffles.


The Vegan Hamper with Wine with contents on display

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The Mulled Wine and Festive Treats

Being a vegan means taking extra care when purchasing or eating food produce, which means that buying food and drink Christmas gifts for loved ones can be a bit of a minefield. However, you needn’t worry about that with our Mulled Wine and Festive Treats Hamper (£45), which features a hearty bottle of Jacob Marley’s vegan mulled wine, alongside a delicious array of festive vegan treats, including gourmet salted caramel popcorn, handmade fudge and, of course, vegan mince pies.


Vegan Christmas mulled wine hamper with contents on display

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The Red Wine Festive Indulgence Hamper

If the vegan in your life prefers a Spanish red with their festive treats, then The Red Wine Festive Indulgence Hamper (£62) is the one for them, featuring Christmas pudding dark chocolate (vegan, of course) that pair perfectly too. Plus, there is a jar of the delicious spiced bean crush to go with the wheat crackers and delicious Christmas chutney.


The Red Wine Festive Indulgence Hamper with its vegan contents on display

The best gift ideas for Champagne and Prosecco lovers

Is there anything more quintessential for a celebration than a glass (or bottle) of either champagne or prosecco? If there is, we haven’t come across it, which is why they make for the perfect Christmas gifts – after all, Christmas is the celebration of the year. Check out our full range of Champagne and Prosecco hampers and gift sets.

The Luxury Traditional Christmas Hamper

If you could package the perfect festive champagne gift set, then you might just get The Luxury Traditional Christmas Hamper (£145). Full of festive joy and a bottle of Christmas Autreau Champagne, this selection includes traditional treats aplenty, with mince pies, Xmas pudding and a pannettone... just the tip of the festive iceberg.


The Christmas Prosecco Cocktail

Gift a unique cocktail experience to the Prosecco lover in your like. The Christmas Prosecco Cocktail Gift Set (£52) pairs the award-winning Aelder Elixir - a sensational wild elderberry liqueur, handcrafted in Scotland - with a bottle of of our exclusive Letizia Prosecco, for a cocktail that's even better than a traditional Kir Royale.

Learn more about our Unique Christmas Cocktail >>>


The Luxury Food and Wine Basket

This next hamper is ideal not only for lovers of Champagne and Prosecco, but also for those that like the finer things in life.

The Luxury Food & Wine Basket (£120) combines a bottle of our finest exclusive Prosecco with a delicious, full-bodied Gauchezco red wine (learn more about this phenomenal vineyard), complemented by a luxury selection of sweet and savoury treats, including award-winning extra mature cheddar, hand-cooked crisps, chocolate biscuits and shortbread.


Luxury Food and Wine Basket with contents on display

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If your loved one is more into their stout than their Sauvignon, check out our selection of the best Christmas gifts for beer lovers.

The best non-alcoholic Christmas gift ideas

Last but not least comes our suggestions for the best non-alcoholic Christmas gifts. We know that not everyone drinks or enjoys alcohol, which is why we have a selection of amazing alcohol-free Christmas presents for him or for her.

The Luxury Alcohol Free Hamper

The Luxury Alcohol Free Hamper (£95) is a festive feast from top to bottom, with a delicately scented elderflower presse combined expertly with a selection of delicious savoury and sweet treats, from breadsticks to wafers, to award-winning cheese and assorted chocolates.


luxury alcohol free hamper with contents on display

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A Luxury Joy of Christmas Hamper

The Luxury Joy of Christmas Hamper (£60) is similarly stacked with a range of delicious festive food and drink, with a non-alcoholic bottle of Bramble presse oozing winter berries and hedgerow delights. Combined with this comes the likes of a decorated chocolate cake, ginger things, coffee and jam, among other luxury treats.

The Luxury Joy of Christmas Hamper with alcohol free contents on display

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The Festive Favourites Hamper

For a fantastic mix of non-alcoholic, Christmas-related treats, look no further than the Festive Favourites (£49) hamper, which includes a delightful selection of traditional snacks, with luxury mince pies as well as a gingerbread and caramel spread, all packaged in a hand-designed Christmas sack...just like Santa's!


The Festive Favourites Hamper with contents on display and a gold and cream gift bag

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More last-minute food and drink Christmas gift ideas

Whether you are here looking to buy unusual Christmas gifts or more traditional Xmas gift ideas, we hope that you have been able to find something for that special person.

If not, you can check out our full selection of Christmas hampers, where there is plenty more to choose from.

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