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Here’s an amazing story to bring a little joy to your day…

Our Retention and Loyalty Manager, Jess recently interviewed a customer, who found her long-lost brother and celebrated with a hamper.

It is such a wonderful story and we are delighted to share it with you here.

Find the missing piece

Nicki was born in London and was adopted as a baby by wonderful parents. Then, 28 years ago, she moved to Australia in search of sunnier climes. She always knew she had a brother by her birth parents, but had no idea who he was. She tried several different routes to find him but every avenue ran cold. 

One day, Nicki’s daughter suggested she sign up for because Nicki always wanted to know where her red hair came from and who knows, she might even find her brother that way. 

Sadly, she didn’t find the brother she was looking for… but, she did discover a half-brother she didn’t even know about!

As luck would have it, her half-brother Clayton had also signed up to the site, so after years of trying to reconnect with a blood relative, she suddenly had the name and contact details of a brand-new brother.

Nicki was over the moon and reached out to him as soon as she could. This marked the beginning of a rekindled relationship - their first video call lasted three hours and could have gone on for longer. 

Nicki told us that she and her brother are amazingly similar, even without having ever met. They look alike, and both have very similar traits, including a strong attention to detail, which Nicki had always presumed had come from her years in the Air Force.

After this first call, Nicki knew his birthday was coming up, so she reached out to his daughter Yasmin and got his address. That’s where we, at, come in… 

Nicki told us:

“I’ve always gifted hampers…it’s special to have something delivered that you weren’t expecting and that you wouldn’t treat yourself to. It shows someone’s thinking of you!”

She bought Clayton our Birthday Celebration Hamper, which he and his daughter Yasmin thoroughly enjoyed together.

Nicki and Clayton have such a strong connection - “It’s like a piece was missing and I didn’t know it”.

They now have a Whatsapp group and even watch football together online. Excitingly, they have plans to meet up early next year. 

We love this story so much and perfectly captures how our hampers connect loved ones around the world. We are so proud that through gifting we are able to bring people together, no matter how great the distance between them. 


The Birthday Celebration Hamper with contents on display


When you want to convey your love and joy, very few things do that quite as well as our hampers, even if there are oceans between you!


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