Creative ways to say thank you

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Do you want to say thank you to a special person for something they have done or for how they have supported you in some way? At, we’ve been discussing the importance of saying ‘thank you’ and thinking about creative ways to show our thanks to those who have helped or assisted us.

Take a look at our 5 creative suggestions for ways to show your thanks.



1. Create a special thank you video

Sometimes it can be really hard to say exactly what you want to say….to get the words out...especially, in front of a very special person, someone who you are really grateful for.

Why not take a little time to prepare and put together your words of thanks? Give some thought to exactly what you want to say.

Record it on video.

You can then send it directly to the person who deserves the thanks. Or, if appropriate, you can share it on social media and tag the person, to ensure they see it – a lovely public gesture.

If you have the technical skills, you can record a short message of thanks (or a collection of messages if there are a group of you wanting to show your gratitude) and put it together with other short video clips or images, featuring the special individual and/or the activities they have been involved with that you want to thank them for.

Share this video with them and just wait to see the reaction.

The thank you video itself becomes a really special gift that the person being thanked can watch again and again.

2. Make your own thank you card

Sending a thank you card is often a very appropriate gesture. However, how can you make it a little bit extra special? Get creative!

Make your own card. You can either do this completely from scratch or order a card-making kit.

If craft is not really your thing, there are many personalisation options on many online card ordering sites. You can upload photos and write your own words for the front cover and for what goes inside.

Take the time to compose your message carefully to truly show the person you are thanking what they mean to you for what they have done.

3. Create a botanically-based thank you gift

Flowers are a very traditional thank you gift. Buying a bunch from your local supermarket or florist may be all you want to do. However, what can you do when you want to give it a little more of a personal touch?

If you have your own garden, full of flowers and florals, then why not select and cut a few of them for a very personalised bunch. Get some special paper and string to wrap them, or select a vase to present them in.

If you don't have access to ready grown flowers, why not grow your own?

Purchase some seeds, choose a pot and grow your very own plant. You can hand it over when it is a little ‘sapling’ or wait until it is a more established plant. The act of nurturing something for someone else as a thank you makes for a really powerful gesture, as well as a creative thank you gift.

Check out the wildflower seeds from our chosen supplier Sally JK Designs, and as found in our Garden Tea Break Hamper

Image of wildflower seeds as part of the Garden Tea Break Hamper

4. Arrange a surprise gathering

It’s always lovely to get people together. You don’t have to throw a huge thank you party …unless you want to!

It can be just you and the person you wish to thank. Or, you could invite a carefully selected group of people along to say thank you to that all important person. People who also want to say thank you or care for that individual very much.

 Meet for a coffee in a local café or a drink in the local pub.

Go for lunch at a special restaurant.

Take them out for a surprise thank you dinner …or go all out with an evening of treats.

How about discovering a new local wine bar or tap room? Or organising a special thank you event?

One of our new beer suppliers, Tap Social, has a variety of venues and community spaces if you are local to Oxfordshire.

5. Choose a different doorstep delivery

We are all fed up with only ever receiving bills, junk mail or household essentials from Amazon, in the post!

Say thank you more creatively with a doorstep delivery that is going to truly surprise and delight.

What can you have delivered that they really won’t expect? There are so many options across gifts and subscriptions. Think about what will be a true surprise.

At it’s all about gifting amazing food and drink experiences.

Take a look at our selection of hampers, which include cooking hampers  and cocktail gifts. There are even sweet treats to be discovered, that they have likely never tried – like gourmet flavoured popcorn, for example!


Say thank you creatively

‘Thank you’ might be just two simple words…but when shown what they really mean to you in light of what another has done, they are so much more than words.

Get creative with your thank you and make someone’s day.


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