This Christmas enjoy the exquisite Autréau Champagne


Tradition. Modernity. Respect.

Three words that you may not think fit together, but they perfectly define the approach of the family-owned Autréau vineyard. We are delighted to include their Champagne in some of the most luxurious Champagne gift hampers, as well as our Christmas hamper range.

This Champagne is perfectly balanced, refreshing and a glowing gold in colour.

Made for generations to “celebrate the outstanding events of life”, impress your special guests or revel in style with this unique sparkling wine.

Let us tell you more about its history.



Champagne that combines tradition and technology

The land owned by the Autréau family has been used to grow wine grapes since 1670 and was one of the first to follow Dom Perignon's lead after his effervescent discovery. The current owner, Eric Autréau, is passionate about maintaining traditional methods and has the utmost respect for the land on which his father’s original brand was created and established. With Eric’s son now working within the family business too, the knowledge of the past continues to be shared, but with a fresh new approach. He is passionate about engaging the technological advances in viticulture and the creation of Champagne – including automatic hexagon bottle holders to rotate the bottles and computer-modelling of corkage. All elements of the process remain in-house, ensuring the family oversee every step from vineyard to bottle. There is no interference from laboratories or chemists.

With Autréau Champagne, you get the very best of traditional and modern methods.


Champagne with a sustainable future

The vineyards in Champillon overlook the city of Epernay, well-known as the capital of Champagne. There, they grow three grape varieties on five different terroirs to create the combinations of the nine different champagnes they offer. The Autréau family are committed to evolving – adapting to the environmental challenges and changing climate they see affecting the soil, weather, and temperature. With awareness comes responsibility, and with every sip of this refreshing beverage, you can feel reassured that Autréau is doing all it can to work sustainably, recognised through certification since 2017 of “High Environmental Value (level 3)”, as well as being recognised as maintaining “sustainable viticulture in Champagne”.


The ideal Christmas Champagne gift

Now you know it’s good for the planet – it’s time to purchase and enjoy the ultimate accompaniment to a celebration or special event, including Christmas (especially this year!).

Our Christmas Champagne gifts and Champagne gift boxes are the perfect gift for family and special friends. Furthermore, all of the spectacular selections below are available with free UK delivery.

Choose a classic Christmas gift combination

Champagne and Truffles Hamper Chocolates

Champagne & Truffles Hamper with contents on display
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Our Champagne and Truffles Hamper is the perfect Christmas gift. It is simple and stylish for those who appreciate luxury gifts and excellent quality. A bottle of Autréau Champagne is a wonderful way to celebrate the festive season, paired with a decadent box of Van Roy Truffles - assorted Belgian chocolate truffles with various fillings.

Who will you find the perfect match with this luxury Christmas hamper?


Choose a luxury Christmas Champagne Hamper

The Prestige Food and Wine Hamper


 Inside The Prestige Food and Wine Hamper, there is not only a bottle of Autréau Champagne but also a delicious Argentinian Malbec. This is a wonderful Christmas gift for the wine connoisseur. 

Once they can tear their attention away from these two very special beverages, there is also a wide selection of sweet and savoury treats. From hand-baked biscuits to melt-in-the-mouth fudge to a tub of uniquely flavoured oyster chilli and lemon crisps. There is so much to explore, share and enjoy in this delightful Christmas hamper.

This Champagne gift presented in a traditional wicker basket will make a fabulous statement under the Christmas tree. Who will be the lucky recipient?


A keepsake Christmas Champagne Gift

Grand Cru Champagne & Glasses Gift


Choose a Champagne gift that is perfect to preserve the memories of a very special Christmas 2023.

The Grand Cru Champagne and Glasses Gift is a beautiful keepsake Christmas gift. It features a bottle of Autréau's award-winning Champagne Brut Grand Cru. Pop the cork and taste the difference. 

There are also two beautiful Champagne glasses, presented in a luxury black gift box. To store and keep safe.




Raise a glass of something extra special this Christmas

We understand that a gift will be extra special when you know its history and its foundations.

We are experts in gifting because it’s not just about selecting quality products but knowing our producers, their stories and their passions.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about this spectacular Champagne, why not choose a bottle to self-gift and share it with someone special on the perfect festive occasion? We highly recommend it.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift hamper for the champagne lover in your life? 


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