Father's Day Hampers Gift Guide


Treat your dad to a special Father's Day in 2021 with hampers.com


Father’s Day is fast approaching on Sunday 18th June, this year.

As ever, we have been busy curating a special selection of hampers and gifts to make sure we have the perfect ‘fit’ for your dad, stepdad, father-in-law, grandad and grandpa.

Below, you will find the complete gift guide to hampers.com’s range of hampers, ideal for whatever your dad’s favourite tipple, nibbles or past time may be!


Father's Day Hampers for the Beer Lover


For the Craft Beer Connoisseur

If your dad (or any man in your life!) likes his beer, then we are really excited to introduce to you our Father's Day Craft Beer Hamper.

It contains three of Tap Social's absolute best beers, from light and refreshing, through to mildly bitter. Your dad will also find a mouth-watering selection of pub-style snacks - the perfect treat for Father's Day.



For dad's and grandad's who love their beer with some delicious and complementary cheese, check out the Father's Day Beer and Cheese Hamper. This more premium Father's Day gift includes not only craft beer but also award-cheese, crackers, onion relish and crisps too. It's a ploughman's pub lunch in a box.


The Perfect Real Ale Gifts

If your father likes something a little more traditional, why not expand his beer-tasting sophistication with our Real Ale and Cheese Hamper For Dad,  containing three favourites from the Loose Cannon Brewery. These ales are brewed locally to us, down the road in Abingdon on Thames, Oxfordshire. There's also a selection of nuts, crisps and olives to enjoy.

Or consider the Ploughman’s Beer Hamper with the same Butcombe beers, but with the trimmings for the perfect ploughman’s lunch, including a truckle of punchy mature cheddar from the Snowdonia Cheese company and a jar of Tracklements Perfect Ploughman's Pickle. All you need to provide is the doorstep of fresh bread.


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Father's Day Hampers for the Rum Lover

Get Dad Ready for the Rum Revolution

Ensure your dad, or the father to your children has the best rum to go along side his preferred mixer or cola or ginger ale, with our Father's Day rum-inspired hampers.

Take a look at our Spiced Rum and Chocolate Hamper.

The hamper features Kraken Rum, a black spiced rum, with a rich blend of secret spices from the Caribbean. It has aromas of toffee, all spice, cloves, ginger, vanilla and peppercorns. We have also selected the mouth-watering Franklin & Son’s cola and ginger ale to offer two different mixers, for two different drinking experiences.

Then, what to enjoy whilst your dad imagines himself in the Caribbean? Well, not only can he choose from our exclusive Choc Affair dark chocolate bar, but also our trio of fudge.

A Box of Rum Treats For Your Dad

For a Father's Day gift, packed full of sweet treats, and perfect for a picnic or an extra special afternoon snack on Sunday 19th June, take a closer look our Rum & Treats Hamper. It features two tins of ready-mixed rum and cola, as well as chocolate, peanuts and popcorn. Indulge his sweet tooth on his special day!


Rum & Treat Hamper with contents on display
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As well as rum, we have a whole range of gin, cocktails, and whisky Father's Day hampers, if your dad prefers a different spirit. Make sure to take a look and find his favourite.

Father’s Day Hampers for Wine Lovers 

A Red Wine Gift to Savour

We say “Chateau Grandefont Bordeaux”, we bet your wine connoisseur father will say “Yes please!”.

As fellow wine lovers here at hampers.com, we have selected only the best for our Wine, Truffle Cheese & Duck Rillette Gift. This is one of our premium Father’s Day hampers this year, and the contents is absolutely outstanding – a selection a true foodie will be proud to receive.

Alongside the full bodied red, we have a duck rillette, the indulgent alternative to pate, from the artisans, The Cornish Charcuterie. Enjoy the rillette with Peter’s Yard crackers and Tracklements fig relish. The hamper also includes a truckle of Black Bomber Cheddar and an exclusive Truffle Trove Cheddar, both from The Snowdonia Cheese Company. Plus, there's s a jar of olives too.

Dads, step-dads, fathers-in-law and grandads alike will feel truly spoilt with this Father's Day gift selection.


For a pork rillette and a Argentinian red, see also our Father's Day Luxury Wine, Cheese and Rillette Hamper. It's an utter delight for the wine lover and foodie!


More thoughtful wine gifts for Father's Day

You may have the food and cooking covered this Father’s Day, so why not consider our Red Wine Duo Gift Boxor the White Wine and Rose Duo. These gorgeous gift boxes contain two bottles from our favourite vineyards around the world.

Or perhaps, it’s all about chocolate in your dad's house? If so, let him indulge his chocoholic tendencies with our Red Wine and Chocolates Gift Hamper or the Red Wine and Dark Chocolates Gift Box for those with penchant for the more bitter taste.


Father's Day Luxury Port & Cheese Hamper with contents on display
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Finally, have you seen our Father's Day Premium Port and Cheese Hamper? If fortified wine is a favourite in your home or your dad’s, then this is the perfect combination: port + mature cheddar + wafers + caramelised red onion relish = happy father’s day.

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Father’s Day Hampers for the Cheese Lover


At hampers.com, you won’t believe the amount of cheese-related discussions we have. Not only are we pretty much all turophiles (cheese fanatics!) but as our hampers are posted, we have to be super selective about what will reach your dad in the perfect condition each time. We love a conundrum and when we pick the best cheese…we pick the best cheese that travels…now that’s quite an accolade.

You can be confident that the finest mature cheddars have been chosen for their ‘mailing sustainability! 


Father's Day Cheese Lovers Hamper with contents on display
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The Cheese Lover's Hamper is a great place to start when you are looking for a Father's Day Cheese Gift Hamper. It's a great gift to post - with a feast to enjoy on arrival. There are an array of cheeses for dad to try, alongside a great selection of trimmings, including crackers and a caramelised onion marmalade.

Look our for our brand new Luxury White Wine and Cheese Hamperincluding a crisp Spanish white wine alongside lemon and coriander olives, hickory smoke almonds and a jar of quince fruit cheese chutney...and the cheddar cheese itself, of course.

We also have a wonderful Premium Whisky and Food Gift Basket, featuring not only the award-winning Black Bomber cheese, but also a whole fruit cake to enjoy.


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Father’s Day Hampers for sharing 

Make Father’s Day a time when you spend quality time together.

If a sharing hampers, sounds like the perfect idea this Father's Day - to accompany a specialget together at home or for some added treats at an al fresco get-together with all the family – we have a whole range luxury hampers, full to bursting with food and drink that everyone can enjoy.

Luxury Food and Wine Basket with contents on display
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The Luxry Food and Wine Basket is a wonderful gift - just wait to see the look of shock and surpise when your dad opens this box. This wicker basket is full to the brim with a fabulous range of food, plus there is a both a bottle of Argentinian red wine and a bottle of exclusive Italian Prosecco. Raise a toast to your dad this Father's Day. 

If your dad prefers not to drink (or your father is just rather particular about his choice of beverage), then see also our Luxury Alcohol Free Hamper . It features cheese, chocolate, crisps, popcorn, biscuits and more...plus, there is both hand roasted ground coffee and a refreshing bottle of sparkling Elderflower.

Explore more Father's Day gifts that the whole family gathering can enjoy.


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Our 2023 selection of Father’s Day hampers reflects everything we know and love about the men in our lives – whether you are celebrating your father, father-in-law, step-father, grandfather or the father of your children this year.

We hope you find the perfect hamper that will appeal to their individual tastes and personalities.

Don’t forget that with hampers.com, you can enjoy free UK delivery with any selection over £50, as well as having international delivery options to the UK available.

You can browse even specially-curated Father's Day Gifts in our large range available online now.

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