The History of the Hamper

Hampers have evolved over time to match the ever-changing trends of the period. Over the centuries, traditional hampers have comprised of food and drink items carried in a wicker basket to take on a day out, to a show or to enjoy tucking into on a warm summer's day as a picnic. In more recent times hampers have evolved into a complete gift and given as a present to thank you, happy birthday, Merry Christmas and for other special occasions. These food gifts are often referred to as gift hampers for this reason and may or may not include the traditional wicker basket. Instead, more commonly this food hamper includes a gift box, a gift bag, an open basket or is presented on a gift tray.

From the Middles Ages to Modern Day

One of the earliest recorded uses of hampers dates to the 11th century and William the Conqueror who is credited with bringing them to England. The word ‘hamper’ comes from the French ‘hanapier’ meaning ‘a case for goblets’. The tradition of giving hampers as gifts began much later, in the Victorian period. Wealthy families would put together a basket of food and drink and present it to their staff at Christmas. The enhancement of the railway system allowed for gifts to be sent over much longer distances, increasing the popularity of Christmas gift hampers.

old-train   As it became easier to import goods from countries all over the world, the contents of gift hampers improved and diversified. Although they were traditionally just for Christmas, their popularity meant they were used for other events, including as gifts for birthdays. During World War One, gift hampers were donated to the Red Cross to be sent to soldiers and prisoners of war overseas. Giving them a welcome care package and a taste of home on the front lines. What we would call a gift hamper in the UK is often referred to as a gift basket, rather than a hamper, in other countries. A hamper in the US is actually a clothes or laundry basket. The history of this was based around a gift in a basket which is given as a present to someone else, rather than for personal use that a traditional hamper would have been intended for. Today, the word ‘hamper’ encapsulates these terms, so in the UK, ‘gift basket’, ‘gift hamper’, and ‘hamper’ all mean the same thing. Modern gift hampers are given for a wide range of occasions and are delivered to destinations all over the world. You can receive modern day hampers from all over the world.
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