How To Arrange And Care For Dried Flowers

Have you recently been gifted a bouquet of dried flowers, have you just purchased some, or are you looking to send a dried bouquet to someone you love?

Here at, we are always looking into sustainable, long-lasting and great value options when it comes to sending loving hampers and gift boxes.


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Dried flowers are our top recommendation this year for a beautiful and more unique gift, that will last longer than a usual flower bouquet. They are perfect for a whole range of occassions, including Valentine's Day and Mother's Day,

In this blog, we explore everything you need to know about what dried flowers are and how to care for them.



How are dried flowers produced and preserved?

The flowers in our dried flowers bouquet are harvested using traditional hand harvesting techniques, which helps to protect the flowers from damage and reduced soil compaction from using heavy machinery.

Once gathered, the flowers are hung in bunches upside down, before being moved to racks for drying, which can take place within 24 hours.

Sometimes painting and dying can take place to enhance the flowers or offer alternative colours and textures. This is done using only water and vegetable-based colourants.

Flowers can also be preserved (rather than dried). Learn more about this technique from our partners at Atlas Flowers.


How long do dried flowers last?

Dried flowers, that are gently looked after, should last at least 2 years. Isn’t that fantastic in comparison to a traditional bunch which may only last 10 days?

It is important that your dried flower bouquet is looked after and protected from damage. Find some helpful dried flower care advice below.


What are the benefits of dried flowers?

There are so many benefits, other than simply being long-lasting, to gifting and receiving dried flowers.

The benefits of dried flowers include:

  • Low maintenance – once you’ve arranged your bouquet in your favourite vase, there is no need for water, nor the removal of dying flowers, or the clearing up of dropped of petals and leaves
  • Fantastic value for money – whilst fresh flowers are very beautiful, they are not very economical. A fresh bunch for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day is likely to cost you at least £25, but lasts only 10 days. A good quality dried flower bouquets might be a little more but lasts for two years. The pennies per day value is incredible.
  • Available for all seasons – dried flowers are available all year round. There’s no need to wait for a specific month or time of year to enjoy fresh flowers, without the big carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable option – the long-lasting element also returns a sustainable benefit. Dried flowers fit with a reduction to the 'throw away culture' many of us are wishing to move away from. Instead, they are perfect for choosing items of décor that last and can be enjoyed for longer.
  • Fashionable and vibrant – dried flowers are returning to popularity. They were huge in the 80s and we are seeing their re-emergence, in terms of interior design, in the 2020s. They are eye-catching and can make a dull looking room or space more vibrant in an instant.
  • A gift that keeps on giving – when you gift a bouquet of dried flowers, it’s a keepsake gift. It’s a gift that the recipient can stop and admire time and time again.


Close up of dried flower bouquet from hamper


How do I care for my dried flowers?

It is important that dried flowers are kept inside and protected from the elements. Unlike fresh flowers, they do not need any water. Water can make the flowers weak.

Keep them dry at all times.

Direct sunlight can also increase the speed at which the flowers fade, so place them in a more shaded location to preserve their colour for longer.

Whilst long-lasting, dried flowers are relatively fragile, so be gentle when touching or moving them. Keep them out of the way of being knocked to prevent any damage.

Try to avoid moving the flowers regularly, so find a nice ‘permanent’ position where they can be displayed and admired. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets too, as they are not edible.

A good air flow also helps their preservation, as a moist or damp atmosphere can be damaging. Check the vase you use for any moisture or any build up of humidity, as this can cause the stems to become soft. Keep everything nice and dry.

You can gently dust the flowers or wipe any leaves with a dry cloth – to maintain their vibrancy.


How can I store dried flowers?

If you no longer wish to display your flowers or are, perhaps, moving house or travelling and would like to take your bouquet with you, then dried flowers are easy enough to store.

Simply find a dry box, big enough to place them in (like the signature gift box). Be careful that the lid will not crush any of the flowers or leaves when closing the box.

Keep the box in a clean, dry atmosphere. You can also press the flowers and display in glass or box frames. They can make truly stunning pictures to admire.





Gift a dried flower bouquet

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary… or just because… a long-lasting gift is always a very special one.

We hope that every recipient of our dried flower bouquets enjoys them for as long as possible with our care tips.


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