How to celebrate a milestone birthday

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A milestone birthday is always an important occasion, whether it's a 16th or 60th!

Turning from 39 to 40 or 49 to 50, for example, is a big deal. It's a new decade in your lifetime, and should be marked and celebrated.

If you have someone special in your life celebrating a milestone birthday soon, read on for some top tips on milestone birthdays and how to celebrate them in style.

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What is a ‘milestone’ birthday?

A milestone birthday means two things - a birthday where we can now do certain things and also a turning of the decade.

In our younger years, a milestone birthday is often related to a birthday where there is a certain legal or social significance, such as a very first birthday, then, turning 16 when you can apply for a passport, 17 when you can learn to drive and 18 when you are legally an 'adult'. These milestones mark being able to do things you weren’t able to before.

After 21, milestone birthdays relate more to the turning of the decades. Reaching a new ‘era’ in you life – the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. Legally, it may not make any difference, but for you as well as special friends and families, it is an occasion to celebrate and spoil the loved ones in your life as they reach a significant age.



Which birthdays are considered milestones?

As mentioned above 16,17, 18 and 21 are often considered milestone birthdays. After that, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays are significant.

Some people may celebrate 65th or 66th or 67th birthdays as milestone birthday, due to  this being associated with ‘official’ retirement ages.

Any birthday beyond 70 is extra special, and should one reach 100, then obvoiously this is a very significant milestone birthday with the prospect of a telegram from the new King.

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Should milestone birthdays be celebrated differently to other birthdays?

At, we definitely believe that milestone birthdays should be celebrated differently.

We are all about bringing joy and delight to a birthday - marking a significant birthday is all part of that.

A milestone birthday is often a great opportunity for reflection – looking back on all of the wonderful things that a person has achieved in their last 40, 50, or 60 years...or beyond.

For friends and family, it’s a wonderful opportunity to show that person just how much they mean  to you.

If you mum or dad is celebrating a milestone birthday, then it’s a great chance to pick a really special, memorable or keepsake gift to mark their 50th or 60th birthday, for example. You’ll want to choose something that really stands out from other birthdays.

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How should you celebrate a milestone birthday?

There are lots of ways to celebrate a milestone birthday.

If you are organising a surprise, our top tip is always to put the birthday girl or boy in the front of your mind when coming up with ideas:

– What would they love to do?

–  What would they want?

– Who would they want to see?

– How would they prefer to celebrate?

Remember everyone is different.

From birthday parties to surprise trips to significant gifts, think carefully about the person whose milestone birthday it is and what they have enjoyed in the past, as well as thinking carefully about hints or tips they may have unwittingly given you.

Have they mentioned a band they’d love to see?

Is there someone or somewhere they would love to see?

Do they have a bucket list or a list of dream locations to visit?

Do they enthuse about a certain food or drink they just can’t get enough of?

Use that information to plan a thoughtful celebration they will never forget.

What makes a good gift for a milestone birthday?

As mentioned, a milestone birthday is often a time for reflection – so keepsake items, like jewellery, paintings, personalised items and photos can be lovely ideas if you know the person well, but top of our list is always a special birthday hamper - chosen specifically to contain food, drinks and treats you know they will adore.

Even if you have just been invited to a milestone birthday party or gathering, and want to get a little gift to show your affection or appreciation, again a smaller hamper can also be a great gift.

Here's some ideas to inspire you...

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What should you write in the card for a milestone birthday?

When it comes to a birthday card for a milestone birthday, it’s really nice to make the effort to find a special card to mark the occasion, rather than a standard birthday card.

You can find cards specifically for ‘husband on your 40th birthday’; ‘mum on your 50th birthday’ or ‘nan on your 60th birthday’, for example, too.

In terms of what to write, of course, this depends very much on your relationship with the person whose milestone birthday you are celebrating. Would they expect something humorous and cheeky or something sentimental and special? Write what feels natural to you.

What you write in a milestone birthday card may also depend on whether you are seeing them in person to deliver the card at a party, meal, gathering or other celebration. Or, whether you will be posting the card, and hence the contents is your chance to convey special birthday wishes.

The older the individual is, the more a milestone birthday may feel a significant marker of ‘getting older’. If you know they are feeling a little down about their age, ensure that what you write puts a positive spin on breaking in to a new decade…for example ‘Fun/Feisty/Fantastic at 40’ or ‘Fabulous/Fearless/Fighting fit at 50’ or ‘Savvy/Stunning/Sensational at 60’

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Milestone birthday gifts ideas

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Whatever the special milestone birthday, we hope you can find a hamper that brings joy and adds to some very special memories on a momentous occasion.

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