How to celebrate Australian Father's Day 2021

Father's Day in Australia

Father’s Day in Australia is fast approaching, on 5th September 2021. Whether you’re celebrating your Aussie Dad or another special male figure, it’s time to organise that perfect gift!

Did you know that with, you can send a thoughtful present effortlessly, so that you can celebrate with your loved ones from afar? We love bringing joy to gifting, all around the world.

Here, our intern, Bethany Davies explores the story of why Australian Father’s Day happens to be held on a different day, and gives her top gift suggestions for dads.

Why is Father's Day in Australia in September

To clarify, the third Sunday of June is the day most-commonly celebrated as Father’s Day around the world, including here in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The origin of this particular day allegedly dates back to 1908 in West Virginia, following the initial success of Mother’s Day. Fast forward to 1972 where the date was officially written into a law as a national holiday by then President Richard Nixon.

The date is different still for Spain and Italy, who celebrate in March, while Germany do so on Ascension Day and Russia in February. Last but not least, it’s Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea who all celebrate on the first Sunday in September. “Why is that?”, I hear you ask – well, nobody is entirely sure, but it has been suggested that it was inspired by other Father’s Day events and pencilled in for September so that it could be celebrated in the same year.



How to celebrate International Father’s Day from afar

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to pause and say thanks for the day-to-day thing’s dads do for us. It celebrates the diversity of what it means to be a father and gives dads, stepdads, grandfathers and father figures alike an excuse to kick back and relax! Even if you’re not on the same continent, it’s still important to mark the day in a special way. If you can’t be there to see your dad on International Father’s Day, because they are living abroad or you are yourself, there are still plenty of ways that you can celebrate with him.

Video calls are something that we are all accustomed to by now; Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc. Show your dad just how special he is by taking the time to video call him and catch up on life, see what he thought of his present/s and generally allow a little time to have a chinwag with your old man.



Looking for gifts posted from Australia to the UK?

Gift ideas for UK Dads

Fathers are usually attracted to anything involving beer and cheese! Through the love of good food, you can connect with your father this year, despite being on the other side of the world. From the Craft Beer and Cheese Hamper, to our Cheese Lover's Hamper, there are plenty of options for Aussie dads living in the UK. Take a look at our Father's Day selection.

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