How to celebrate your dad this International Father's Day

The origin of Father’s Day

Depending on where you are viewing this from, you may be a little bemused as to why you are reading a blog about Father’s Day so late in the year. Don’t panic – it isn’t June 2021 and you haven’t missed nine months of your life, for we are celebrating Father’s Day 2020 with our friends in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea which falls on September 6th. Wondering why this is on a different date? Let’s take a look…

To clarify, the third Sunday of June is the day most-commonly celebrated as Father’s Day around the world, including here in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The origin of this particular day allegedly dates back to 1908 in West Virginia, following the initial success of Mother’s Day. Fast forward to 1972 where the date was officially written into a law as a national holiday by then President Richard Nixon.

The date is different still for Spain and Italy, who celebrate on March 19th, while Germany do so on Ascension Day (May 13th) and Russia on February 23rd. Last but not least, it’s Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea who all celebrate on September 6th. “Why is that?”, I hear you ask – well, nobody is entirely sure, but a newspaper extract from 1936 in Newcastle hints at the first declaration of the day taking place on this date because of the popularity of Mother’s Day. Feel free to make your own assumption, but it has been suggested that it was inspired by other Father’s Day events and pencilled in for September so that it could be celebrated in the same year.


How to celebrate International Father’s Day from afar

If you can’t be there to see your dad on International Father’s Day, because they are living abroad or you are yourself, there are still plenty of ways that you can celebrate with him.

Video calls are something that we are all accustomed to by now; Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc. Show your dad just how special he is by taking the time to video call him and catch up on life, see what he thought of his present/s and generally allow a little time to have a chinwag with your old man.


Another avenue worth exploring is reaching out to your dad’s idol to see if they can send them a message. Whether it be a sports personality or musician, try reaching out to them on social media to see if they can send them a personalised message or video to really make their day. Many celebrities are signed up to apps, such as cameo, whereby you can pay a small fee to have a bespoke message sent to your loved ones.

If your dad is into his games consoles then a nice idea is to play online with him; you can set up a private party so that you can have a chat while playing his favourite game without being interrupted.

Finding the perfect International Father’s Day gift

Now, on to the crux of the matter for those of you looking to purchase Father’s Day gifts: what on earth do you gift the man in your life that gives you no inkling of what they want? Luckily gifting is our speciality, so whether you’re living down under and buying for your father living in the UK, or treating your dad who now lives in Australia, we’re here to guide you through the process and give you some ideas to run with.

What to buy for your father in the UK

Even if you’re on the other side of the world from your dad, you can still show him that you’re thinking of him on International Father’s Day with a gift, so let’s jump right in, starting with a staple gift: beer. As you mature, so do your taste buds, and it is likely that your father is of an age where he appreciates the taste of a quality craft beer (not that we’re calling your dad old or anything). A selection of beers on their own would make for a fine gift, but you might want to consider a gift set or hamper including staple snacks and nibbles. For example, we’ve got the Ploughman’s Beer Hamper that features a selection of Butcombe’s highest-quality real ales, with treats packed full of flavour, such as pickled onions, mature cheddar and ale crackers. For dads with a less adventurous palate, the Real Ale Hamper contains more traditional snacks, such as olives, mixed nuts and crisps.


If you find out that your father is more a lager lover than an ale adorer, and you’re looking for a craft beer Father’s Day Gift, then the Craft Beer Hamper will be more his speed, with three crisp Freedom lagers complemented with perfectly salted crackling, cheddar and shallot crisps and other savoury treats. Some other of the best gifts for beer lovers you might want to consider include buying your father his favourite pint glass, a vintage print, or perhaps even a home brewing kit – that is, if you’re brave enough to put up with the consequences. Another option for your dad living in the UK is to get him a tour of a local brewery: these are quite commonplace and involve a tour of either the brewery itself or pubs that stock its beers and yes, pints are included.

Sticking with the theme of alcohol, wine is always sure to go down a treat as a gift, particularly if your old man prefers to unwind with a glass of red than a pint. If your dad is as much a cheese fan as a wine fan then this timeless combination will be sure to have him beaming from ear to ear: our Wine & Cheese Hamper matches a Chateau Prieure Guillaume red with award-winning mature cheddar, while the Gourmet Cheese & Wine Selection features a bottle of Finca Amalia complemented with delicious treats, sweet and savoury, including Snowdonia cheese, gourmet popcorn and hand cooked crisps. For those with a more sophisticated palate, the Luxury Port & Cheese Hamper is full of flavour, and there are plenty more wine hampers where that comes from.


Naturally, not everyone drinks or likes alcohol, but what is something that all dads like? Food. And lots of it. Luckily, we have plenty of food hampers to choose from. For example, the Bearing Gifts Hamper is loaded with treats that even the hardest to buy for fathers would struggle to turn down: treats range from deliciously salted nuts, to honeycomb dips, biscuits, jam and even English tea – there is something for everyone, or rather, everything for someone.

Ideal for dads in the UK that consider themselves to be cultured and mature, the Seniors Choice Hamper is the one (just try not to insinuate that they are old)! This bespoke hamper features a wealth of sophisticated snacks, from brandy snaps and sherbet lemon sweets, to soup, cookies and of course, a selection of classic tea. Looking for the perfect gift this Father's Day? Check out our full range of Father’s Day hampers


What to buy for your father in the land down under

For those of you looking to treat your father living in either Australia or New Zealand, whether they have moved there for retirement or you have moved away, we’ve got you covered. Take, for example, the Double Red hamper, available exclusively in Australia, which expertly matches two bottles of red – Golden Ranges Shiraz and Terra Felix Vitae Merlot – with pure butter shortbread, cheese and a selection of delicious nuts. If you want to treat him to a selection of both white and red wine, then the Kind Regards hamper has got you covered, offering a selection of Golden Ranges Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc, paired with a delicious range of savoury snacks, including camembert, olives and ranch mix.

For our friends in New Zealand, the Time To Celebrate Hamper is perfect for the dads that love to relax with a glass of red, as this features a bottle of Deliverance Bay Pinot Noir, complemented by a selection of mouth-watering sweet treats, including Hershey’s chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and chocolate almonds. For those wanting to push the boat out even further, consider looking into tours around Australia and New Zealand’s finest vineyards, whereby you and your father will be able to see where wine is made and get to try it. Win win!


If you want to celebrate your dad this International Father’s Day in Australia and are stuck for options, then look no further than the Surprise Him hamper. It really covers all bases, with the selection ranging from quality face & body scrubs, through to gourmet chocolate coated liquorice, crackers and delicious chilli nut mix. Whether you’re in New Zealand searching for Father’s Day gifts, Australia or even further beyond, we’ve got you covered. However and wherever you are celebrating this year, you don’t have to be there in person to show your old man that he is loved and adored. In these particularly trying times, letting them know you care goes an awful long way.

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