How to make the perfect Pimm's this summer

Bottle of Pimms, Pimms in a jug and glasses of Pimms

When you think of summer you think of Pimm's, right? A huge jug of Pimm's and lemonade is the best accompaniment to any summer picnic or summer party. But, what makes the perfect Pimm's? What extras are required?

We have done some serious(!) testing here at and here are our step-by-step suggestions for making the perfect Pimm's this summer.


Step 1 - The Pimm's No. 1

The first thing you need is an authentic bottle of Pimm's No.1

Bottle of Pimms on a table in garden with a drink a glass of Pimm's punch next to it

What is Pimm's?

Pimm's is a gin-based liqueur and 'spirit drink', with quinine and a secret spice blend giving Pimm's its unique flavour.

It was originally developed as a 'tonic' to aid digestion, in the 19th century.

James Pimm was a fishmonger and bar owner and he developed his digestif for those who ate the oysters, that he also sold.

He served his drink in a tankard that he called a "No. 1 Cup" – which is why you see this on the bottle's label to this day.

In 1880, The Pimm's company was bought by Horatio Davies, an eventual Lord Mayor of London. Davies 'rebranded' Pimm's making it the drink of the upper middle classes. Its popularity leads to it being found across the Empire to inspire memories of a summer's day back in Britain.

Pimm's remains popular to this day. You will see it at many of our key summer events, including the Chelsea Flower Show and Wimbledon, as well as formal Summer Garden Parties and many a university graduation celebration.


Step 2 - The Mixer: Lemonade

The traditional mixer for Pimm's is lemonade - normal or diet works well depending on how sweet you like your cocktails or punch. We highly recommend Franklin & Son's original lemonade made with sparkling Staffordshire spring water and South American lemon juice.

The usual ratio is around 1:3 - so 1 part Pimm's to 3 parts lemonade.

We think this classic combination is best. 

However, you can be adventurous and also try ginger ale, ginger beer or bitter lemon, instead of lemonade.


Close up of Franklin & Sons Original Lemonade in the  British Pimm's Summer Hamper


Step 3 - The Fruit: Strawberries, Cucumber and Mint

With the base drink complete, it's time to add a bit of colour and extra flavour to your perfect Pimm's.

We recommend strawberries (cut in halves), cucumber and a sprig of mint. Don't be sparse - a good handful of each in a jug.

You can also add apple chunks.

If you are feeling adventurous (and especially if using a bitter lemon mixer instead), you may want to try a more citrus variety with orange slices, as well as lemon or lime.

Mix gently, but well, before serving.


Step 4 - The ice

The final essential ingredient for the perfect Pimm's this summer is the ice.

Pimm's is a refreshing drink. It's not overwhelming, but fresh and light to drink on a warm day. So, make sure you add plenty of ice and, ideally, keep the drink cool so that the ice doesn't melt too quickly and dilute the Pimms or let the lemonade go flat.

The reusable ice cubes are great to use if you have them.


close up of Pimm's bottle and glass, in the British Pimm's Summer Hamper


Step 5 - ...the sunshine?

Pimm's is perfect in the sunshine. Unfortunately, with the traditional British weather, we can't guarantee a sunny day when you are next serving your Pimms.

However, it tastes so great we would argue it is sunshine in a glass anyway!


When to serve your perfect Pimm's?

Crowded under a gazebo in the garden, with a riverside picnic or at your favourite summer sporting fixtures, Pimm's is a great addition to any party, gathering, event or picnic.

With this in mind, we have created our brand new British Pimm's Picnic Hamper. This gorgeous gift box features a whole bottle of Pimm's No. 1, alongside two bottles of Franklin & Sons finest  Original Lemonade. There are also sweet treats galore, including chocolate, cookies and popcorn. This perfect summertime picnic gift.


British Pimm's Summer Hamper with contents on display
"It must be Pimm's O'Clock!"

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