How to plan the perfect picnic

Meadow, daisies, oak tree, blue sky and sunshine - perfect picnic spot

A picnic is the perfect way to get family and friends together.

Enjoy some fresh air, make the most of a sunny day and indulge in some delicious food and drink – experiment with something different and new.

Take a look for our recommendations of how to plan the perfect picnic, particular with fun and sustainability in mind.



The seating


First things first, you want to be comfortable! Remember to take your favourite picnic blanket (or two) to cover the ground. You may want to pop in a collapsible chair for added comfort, especially if you don’t need to walk far to the perfect picnic spot.

If you know there may be a picnic bench you can use, why not also put in a tablecloth…pure class!

Finally, whatever the weather, don’t forget an extra layer and perhaps a waterproof – we all know the British weather likes to keep us on our toes, especially when it comes to alfresco dining.


The basket

We love a wicker basket here at – an insulated one which keeps our drink of choice cool is even better. Check these out if you haven’t seen them already: English Sparkling Wine & Wicker Chiller Carrier and Prosecco Duo & Wicker Chiller Carrier - utterly gorgeous designs and delicious contents.

As well as your dedicated fizz carrier, consider having two other vessels for carrying everything you need for your picnic. Have one – ideally a cool box or insulated carrier – for all those items that need to stay cold.


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Remember this includes not only fresh food from your fridge, but any drinks that taste better cold. Plus, consider food that is likely to melt, such as chocolate. Leave space for your ice blocks too, and don't forgot to pop them in the freezer at least 24 hours before your picnic.

Then, you can keep your gorgeous wicker basket or, a larger picnic bag or collapsible box, ready for your plates, cutlery, glasses and any food which is either warm or does not need to be kept cool. You may also need to pop in a sharp knife and chopping board, depending on what you need to prepare 'al fresco'.

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The food and drink


There are lots of wonderful picnic recipes to choose from – succulent quiches, exotic salads and triangle sandwiches always go down well. 

We love to focus on the added extras too! The best picnics last all afternoon and, even in to the night, so nibbles are the perfect addition.

Our hampers are packed with delicious savoury treats, including popcorn, wafers, crisps, nuts, olives and more – all from fantastic independent supplier.

Also, why not be adventurous with something extra special to drink – fancy a new cocktail, like a Watermelon Daiquiri, ready mixed and ready to drink? …or Belvoir Elderflower Presse to really quench the thirst on a hot day?

Do you have an insulated metal water bottle or flask? Put a few ice cubes inside and they shouldn’t melt for at least 12 hours – perfect for popping in the glass of your favourite beverage.



The planet


Here at, we are passionate about protecting our planet and choosing sustainable options when possible. No post about picnics would therefore be complete without mentioning ways to reduce single-use plastic, alongside some eco-friendly suggestions.


Our top 5 tips for a planet-friendly picnic:


1. Choose reusable dinnerware


Avoid disposable plates, cutlery and cups for your next picnic. There are great value, reusable plastic sets available, as well as those made from bamboo. Most of them are also dishwasher safe – so pop them in your basket, bag or box and let the dishwasher do the hard work when you get home.


2. Use boxes and beeswax wraps


Instead of wrapping items in cling film or foil, consider beeswax wraps and other reusable alternatives. They not only look lovely, coming in a range of designs, but are also much easier for ‘re-wrapping’ any leftovers. If you have ever tried to untangle cling film, you’ll know what we are getting at!

Similarly, use boxes (old takeaway boxes, traditional lunchboxes and Tupperware-styles work best) to transport items of food. They will not only stop any more delicate items getting squashed, but are perfect for taking home leftovers. You can even pop dirty cutlery and smaller plates in an empty one, at the end of the picnic.


3. Reduce food waste


Reduce your food waste by putting any items which need to stay cool back in to your insulated bag or cool box, as soon as you are finished. A good ice block should keep the food cool enough until you get home, and you can return the foods to the fridge, ready to enjoy another time.

Pop in a couple of pegs or food clips too before your leave. These are ideal for re-sealing packets of crisps and other bags of nibbles and to keep them fresh for a few more days.


4. Take a tea towel and some serviettes


Instead of throw-away napkins or wet wipes, include a tea towel and a few serviettes for wiping fingers (and little dirty faces!). They are great for quickly mopping up spillages too. Let's be honest, we have all put our drink down on the uneven blanket only for it to topple over, haven’t we?

Plus, the towel comes in handy after a riverside paddle to cool off on a hot day.


5. Remember your own bin bag


Do remember to pick up any litter after your picnic. There may not always be a bin nearby, so take a dedicated reusable carrier bag so that you can gather up any rubbish and deposit your litter when you get home. You might want to take two, making it easier to separate any recyclable items.

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Spend some quality time together this summer


We really hope you can enjoy some quality time with friends and family this summer – have a picnic, indulge in some delicious treats, relax in the sunshine, play games and laugh the dog steals a sandwich.

Have fun in the sun with

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