Just Because: Who To Nominate, And Our Favourite Entries So Far

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This year we’re looking for Joy Champions to light up the life of someone close to them – after all, we have all had a few of the most difficult years in our generation.

But don’t worry, we at hampers.com are here to support your joy-bringing endeavours, and we actively encourage you to frequently take a moment to consider the people that make you smile on a daily basis. After all, we can all at times fixate on the negative engagements we have in our lives – let’s try and bring a smile back to our faces, as well as those around us. 

We’d love for as many of you as possible to enter our Just Because celebration, as it could give you the opportunity to brighten the day of someone who deserves it.

It’s these random acts of kindness that can bring some of the most wonderful, wholesome experiences between people – and bring you both closer in the process. At hampers.com, we’re so unbelievably proud that we have the power to help make that happen!


But who should I nominate?

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Someone that makes you happy

Sometimes we find ourselves growing complacent about the wonderful people we have around us – those that frequently put a smile on our faces. We’re encouraging you to do so more often, even if it leads you to just dropping them a kind message, or giving them a call ever so slightly more often.

This could be someone that:

  1. Always tells the best jokes!
  2. Made you your favourite breakfast in bed last weekend
  3. Has the best (worst) dance moves, and you wanted to let them know it makes you smile

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Someone that supports their community

Other deserving recipients could be someone whom has looked after the people around them admirably. After all, we’ve come through a few years in which community has become increasingly key.

This could be someone that:

  1. Set up a messaging group for your road to help others
  2. Does the gardening in your village as a hobby
  3. Dropped a food parcel off for one of your grandparents

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Supporting someone going through a tough time

Someone going through a difficult time

Sometimes the best occasion for random acts of kindness is to those that truly are in a time of need. Now, this doesn’t mean that they do not also fit into one of the other categories too, but we feel it’s a lovely thought to think of someone whom needs a pick-me-up.

This could be someone that:

  1. Has lost a relative. We have heard stories of gifts being sent to a grandparent without their partner on Valentine’s Day, which were truly heart-warming.
  2. May be struggling with work, or perhaps working too hard

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Someone who has just hit a key achievement

You may instead want to consider someone who has just achieved a feat! After all, it’s a fabulous feeling to revel in someone else’s successes, and to show them that you’re proud of all they’re doing.

This could be someone that:

  1. Just got a promotion, or a new job
  2. Passed an important exam, or graduated from University
  3. Raised an amount of money for charity, small or large

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Or any other reason that’s important to you!

After all, there are no rules with kindness – if you feel it, then it’s truly a lovely surprise for any recipient. Here are a couple of final ideas from us at hampers.com.

  1. Someone you’ve not seen in a while, but are thinking of
  2. Someone who helped you become a better person, perhaps a trainer, teacher or former colleague
  3. Anyone else that helps you out – your dog walker, gardener, daughter’s teacher etc.

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Our Favourite Entries So Far

We have been blown away by the volume of beautiful nominations we've received so far - we have heard almost 2,000 nominations in the first two weeks! Here are a few of our winning entries so far: 


"Joyce is 93 and puts me to shame every day with her attitude and enthusiasm for just about everything! Her energy knows no bounds and she always has a special smile on her face."

David, West Sussex to

Joyce, West Sussex

"Mum it's been over 2 years since I had a hug from you and I miss them so much. I love you and miss you every day."

Fiona, New York, USA to

Patricia, Midlothian, Scotland


"Nick has been an absolute star all through lockdown. He has no car and during the first lockdown when we could not use public transport, he walked several miles to buy 20 litres of compost for me. Gardening was my salvation and joy! That was just one example, he always did the shopping for me!"

Hing, London to

Nick, London


"My Mum turns 80 on the 31st January. I live in Canada and due to COVID I haven't been able to see her for nearly 3 years. She is my rock and best friend and has helped me through so many tough times. She has been isolating since the onset of COVID and I know that it has taken its toll. Please help me to put a smile back on her face and let her know how much she means to me."

Tracy, Alberta, Canada to

Linda, Dorset, UK



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How To Enter

After all, there are so many reasons you might like to enter our Just Because campaign; we’re surrounded by wonderful people that truly enrich our lives. If you’d like to send a smile to somebody you know, why not send them one of our gorgeous gift hampers?

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