Luxury and Sustainability: Ethical Choices in our Christmas Hampers

At all times of the year, but especially at Christmas, we ensure we pick festive products and seasonal ranges that truly align with our fundamental ethics and values. We choose to create luxury Christmas hampers and gifts which include products from producers very aware of their environmental impact and who do everything they can to work sustainably. Importantly, however, these choices do not mean any compromise on quality. Learn more about our suppliers and their commitment to giving your gift recipients great taste experiences, this Christmas, without adversely impacting the planet.

Luxury Christmas hampers thanks to our sustainable suppliers

In this blog, we wanted to showcase a few of our suppliers who share our fundamental beliefs and values. Their vision for their business resonates with ours.

Many of our luxury Christmas hampers include award-winning products, including multiple Great Taste Awards.

However, what makes a Christmas hamper that extra bit special are the stories of those who made the products. They are suppliers who work hard, especially here in the UK, to create great traditionally made, ethically sourced but also innovative foods for us all to enjoy at this special time of year.

Island Bakery

"We do our best for the environment, so you can enjoy our biscuits without feeling too guilty about it.” Joe & Dawn

Island Bakery is a family business run by Joe and Dawn. They made a very conscious choice to become an organic business.

Organic standards ensure that all the ingredients have been produced on land that is free from pesticides or artificial fertilisers. This is good for the ecosystems on and around the farms that have grown the wheat for the flour, or where the cows whose milk makes the butter have grazed. This means you can be assured that those cows will enjoy the highest standards of animal welfare. Every ingredient in Island Bakery biscuits is fully traceable back to the producer.

Island Bakery biscuits have no GMOs, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours and no palm oil. 

In addition, the factory building where the biscuits are prepared is powered entirely by local sources of renewable energy. Electricity for the building is generated both by a hydro-electric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory River, and a single wind turbine set on a hill above the bakery. Unique ovens are heated using local wood chips from Mull’s abundant timber plantations. This is not only environmentally sustainable, but the gentle heat gives the biscuits a slow, perfect bake. Plus, even the packaging includes  a paper tray to reduce plastic use

As you can tell it’s the combination of ethics and sustainable choice which make these biscuits so special.

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Choc Affair 

“a more sustainable future for chocolate lovers” - Linda Barrie

This ethical company has created a delicious range of handcrafted chocolates, using only natural ingredients including sustainably grown cocoa from Columbia, which is free from palm oil. They support charities and initiatives too including the Blueberry Academy and Changing Lives and  ICI cocoa initiative.

This family-run business believes in a sense of ownership of their locality and is proud to be based in York, a city with renowned heritage – where all of their chocolate is produced and hand packaged, as well as sold in their shop.

The delicious chocolate bars are wrapped in environmentally-friendly paper pouches that are 100% recyclable at the kerbside. Plus in 2021 Choc Affair was announced as the winner of the Socially Responsible Business of The Year.

Festive Afternoon Tea Luxury Christmas Hamper

The chocolate is utterly luxurious too - developed originally for the founder's daughter who had an intolerance to milk, but, of course, loved to enjoy chocolate and hot chocolate. Take a look at our Festive Afternoon Tea Hamper and you'll find a Choc Affair Christmas sensation - the festively flavoured Apple and Cinnamon chocolate bar.

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Fudge Kitchen 

For 40 years, Fudge Kitchen has been creating luxurious handmade fudge in small batches.

This luxury, artisan fudge retailer and bespoke producer is based in the UK. They offer 100% gluten-free and vegetarian sweet treats, with an expanding vegan range also available. The products are palm oil free and those containing chocolate come from certified sustainable sources. They are also proud to source their raw materials from local suppliers, wherever possible.

They are certified food waste-free and actively support their local community. Plus, 99% of our packaging is kerbside recyclable, and in some instances made from already recycled and compostable material.

Luxury Festive Flavours Gift Box with contents on display

With this handmade fudge, you will taste a difference. Their traditional recipe includes fresh whipping cream, which makes the fudge smooth, soft, creamy and delicious. Every mouthful delivers a unique, joyous, and genuine experience. Their boozy fudge trio is one of our absolute staples, here at Find a specially packaged selection in our Luxury Festive Flavours Giftbox - which has the advantage of being gluten-free too.

Peter’s Yard

“We are continually working to minimise our environmental impact. As a small company, this isn’t always easy, but we are committed to doing all we can to make a difference.” - Peter's Yard

At Peter’s Yard, they not only focus on their baking but truly care about the planet too. They are looking at numerous avenues to increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact. This includes producing minimal food waste at the bakery (any waste that they do have is used as animal feed). They are also eliminating the use of bubble wrap (using recycled paper wrap instead) and choosing 100% recycled board for their outer packaging. We think this just makes every box even more inviting, this Christmas.

Everything in the bakery begins with their 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours.

The crackers are crafted in small batches, without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch. They are made using simple, but high-quality ingredients, including locally sourced grains and flour. They are designed to complement a range of artisan cheeses. 

Luxury Family Sharing Christmas Hamper with contents on display

Take a look at our Luxury Family Sharing Christmas Hamper which includes Great Taste Award-winning original sourdough crackers from Peter's Yard. 

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Luxury and sustainability go hand in hand with a Christmas hamper from

This is just a very very small selection of our handpicked suppliers that feature in our large range of luxury Christmas hampers, and our year-round range for all varieties of special occasions. 

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