Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

What are your plans for Sunday 16th June 2024? It’s Father’s Day - don't forget! 
How can you make your dad feel extra special this year?

Instead of the standard tie or sock gift, we are on a mission to inspire you to do something with your dad or the father of your children that makes lasting memories.

Take a read through some of our ideas to help you have a truly meaningful and memorable Father’s Day this year.



Father’s Day Activities for Foodies

At, it’s hard to hide our love for all things food and drink gifts.

We may specialise in Father’s Day gift hampers, but there are lots of lovely activities you can do with your dad, as well as a grandfather, father-in-law and the other important male figures in your life. Indulge their love of all things food and drink.


Try a new restaurant, pub or café, near Dad’s house

It’s lovely to be able to go out for a meal together.

Do a little research and see if you can find a new restaurant, pub or café, with a menu full of items you know Dad will love.

Perhaps, there’s a CAMRA-recommended pub nearby, where Dad can enjoy some delicious real ales that he’s not tried before.

Or if he prefers a vegan or gluten-free diet, can you explore some local cafés or restaurants that truly cater for those dietary requirements? Ensure there is no compromise on taste.

If it's time to show Dad how much he means to you, book a table at the best 5* restaurant nearby. Say a proper thank you this Father's Day with an exceptional dining experience

Get dressed up and savour every moment together.


Cook him a meal

Do you love to cook? Does Dad usually cook?  Whichever the scenario,  treat your father to a homemade meal.

Plan a menu, pair the wine perfectly, and spend some quality time together over a delicious dinner.

If your dad is a bit of a wine connoisseur then we have some lovely Father’s Day wine gifts, that will complement whatever you choose to create.

If Dad loves a curry, don't miss our new Father's Day Curry Night Hamper, which includes a special spice mix from Bang! Curry, delicious Naan Lager, Howdah Bombay Mix and, even, mango and chilli chutney.

Get everyone together and celebrate everything you love about your dads and granddads, this Father’s Day.





Father’s Day Activities for R&R

We often associate Mother’s Day with relaxation, but dads need to be encouraged to take a little R&R too. Many work extremely hard. Many spend lots of time commuting. Many are retired yet more busy than when they were working full-time!


Play a game

This Father’s Day, why not invite your dad to sit down and play a board game, card game or do a puzzle with you?

It’s amazing how forcing the workaholic, DIY-crazy or sport-mad dad to stop and have a little time off on a Sunday afternoon with you, can make such a difference to your relationship and your stress levels.

If you can’t be physically together, there are some great quizzes, online games and virtual escape rooms, you can do together via video call.


Watch a movie

This Father's Day, you could suggest you watch one of his all-time favourite movies.

Snuggle on the sofa for an evening. You could enjoy some sweet treats, wine and cheese or, perhaps, a warming Whiskey if that’s more his style.

For the beer connoisseur, take a look at our Top 5 Beer Hampers for Dad's Guide for inspiration for the perfect gift, this Father's Day.

Choose the perfect accompaniment to a lazy evening in binging a box set or watching a film together.


Book some self-care time for him

For busy dads, dads or the fathers of your children, why not encourage them to take a little time out for themselves, this Father's Day?

Whether it’s booking a massage or a spa treatment locally – give Dad a few hours to himself.

You could get him a new book or magazine, and instruct him to spend a little time in his favourite chair, reading and relaxing.

If Dad loves to garden, then why not encourage him to enjoy the 'fruits of his labours' with our Garden Tea Break Hamper? There is a delicious range of treats to enjoy, sat in his favourite outdoor spot. Plus, there is a packet of wildflower seeds to sow - a lovely activity to do with the children.


Garden Tea Break Hamper imagery


Father’s Day Activities for Fun and Laughs

If you have young children, then they will want to be part of making Father’s Day fun for Daddy. They’ll also enjoy involving your dad and dad-in-law in the celebrations.

Here are some ideas that hopefully will promote plenty of fun and laughter.


Dust off the old computer console

Do you have an old Nintendo Wii or PS4 lurking in the cupboard?

Bring out the big kid in your dad, husband or special man in your life this Father’s Day.

Introduce your teenagers to the dodgy graphics, but the fun games.

If it’s all about the more modern gaming options, there’s plenty that all the family can enjoy together.

From silly mini-games and kart racing on a Nintendo Switch that children, parents and grandparents will all enjoy to setting a stopwatch to see who in the family can be first to get the Wordle word on Sunday 16th June!


Reminisce over old photos

When putting together a Father’s Day gift basket or a selection of his favourites, why not pop in an old photo album, or print off some old photos, especially some nice ones that are currently just lurking in your phone?

We love the internet craze of recreating old photos from when you were younger.

Have you got a photo of you with your dad when you were a baby or toddler, sitting on his lap, in some "gorgeous" 70s or 80s classic fashions? Recreate it now you are all grown up!

Spending time just sharing memories alongside looking through old photo albums and slides, or watching videos can be a great way to uncover stories about your family history too.


Head to the park

When was the last time you headed to the park with ‘the old man’? Did you used to enjoy a kickabout with a football on a Sunday afternoon? Was his bowling always the best when the cricket set appeared? Was he a frisbee pro?

Whether it’s as a whole family or just the two of you, go and have some fun outside in the local park or recreation ground and play some games that you both love.

Enjoy the fresh air and a good laugh…who will be out of breath first???


Young man or dad throwing frisbee towards the camera



Daughter presenting gift to a her father

A Father’s Day to Remember

For 2024, organise a Father’s Day that is special and memorable.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive – it’s about quality time and activities you know your dad will love.

It’s about being together.

If you are looking for a more traditional Father’s Day gift box to accompany the above array of activities, do explore our Father’s Day Hampers Gift Range – all available in time for Father’s Day delivery, in the UK.

Order now to ensure delivery by Sunday 16th June.


Father's Day Gift Range


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