Mother's Day Around the World

Treat your mum to a special Mother's Day in 2021.


Mother’s Day is on Sunday 10th March in the UK this year - so, it’s time to start thinking about not only a special gift but how to make the day itself memorable and significant this year.

We have taken inspiration from around the globe to bring you a range of suggestions to help you celebrate your mum, your wife or your grandmother...and to have a bit of fun together!

However, first, let's start with a frequently asked question about Mother's Day...




Why does the date of Mother's Day change each year?

In the UK and Ireland, Mother's Day changes each year because it originates from the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday, which takes place on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Lent is a0 days which leads up to Easter.

Traditionally, it was a time when people who had moved away could return to worship at their 'mother church' and spend time with their family.

Therefore, because the date of Easter moves each year, so does the date of Mother's Day.

Many other countries, including the US and Australia, celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May, which has been adopted more broadly as International Mother's Day.

International Mother's Day originated in America and is attributed to a woman called Anna Jarvis, who held a small memorial service for her mother on 12 May 1907. The idea caught on and, in 1914, the US president, Woodrow Wilson, made it a national holiday.

In 2023, International Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 12th May. 


The history of Mother's Day



Mother's Day ideas from around the world

Making Mother's Day extra special

Here at, we are always trying to think of innovative ways to make any occasion more fun and memorable. Mother's Day is no exception. 

So, we’ve turned to the rest of the world to give us some inspiration and here’s what we found…


Mother's Day in Japan - get creative


Whilst, white carnations are a traditional gift in Japan - and a symbol of love – the Japanese also have a wonderful tradition of entering sketches or illustrations into an exhibition for Mother’s Day! Isn't that a wonderful artistic activity for Mother's Day?

Inspired by this, we suggest a fun portrait competition on Mother's Day, involving all of the family.

Get Mum in a comfortable spot with her favourite drink and a few nibbles. We even have the perfect accompaniment in our Mother's Day Sweet Treats for Her Hamper. She can enjoy an array of delicious treats, chocolate and a warm cuppa.

Then, ask mum to sit still, and relax (she’ll love that bit!) ...and everyone can have a go at creating the perfect portrait - pencil, paints, collage - be as creative as you can!

We know she’ll just love seeing what you and the children create. It's an extra gift to cherish, making this a special and memorable Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Rosé & Candle Hamper from



Mother’s Day in Ethiopia - creating a feast together


The Antrosht festival, dedicated to the celebration of mothers in Ethiopia, is marked by a decadent feast where daughters traditionally bring vegetables and cheese, while the sons supply the meat.

If you decide against a meal out for Mum this Mother’s Day, why not arrange with your siblings to bring together an array of different foods for her to try (and maybe for Dad too, if he’s been good!)?

Be inventive!

Treat mum to a collection of foods which are different and that she has never tried before. You could choose a delicious range of sweet treats, whilst your siblings provide some savoury delights, and perhaps some exotic beverages too.

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic collection of different foods from small, independent suppliers, who mum may not have heard of or tried before.

If you don’t have time to create your banquet, have a quick look at a wide range of food and drink hampers for a little help with creating a very special Mother's Day feast.


Mother’s Day in Mexico - warm up your vocal cords


Singing to your beloved mum is a widespread tradition in Mexico on their ‘Dia de Las Madres’. Often, children join mariachi bands and go to each of their own houses to sing special songs about how much their mum and the significant women in their lives mean to them.

So, come on - what about a family sing-along this Mother’s Day? It could be lots of fun for the whole family - mums, aunties, sisters and nans alike.

Take turns to perform. You don’t have to be the next Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, just pick a song with lyrics that say all of the right things about your lovely mum., go find the karaoke machine you got for Christmas!


Mother’s Day in France - make a medal


In France, a day of celebration for mums was first declared by Napoleon, who wanted to reward mothers of large families.

A Mother's Day celebration was then revived, following World War I, as a way to show gratitude to mothers for helping to rebuild the population after many lives were lost. Actual medals were awarded. This tradition is reflected today when French children make medals to give to their mums, to thank them for everything they do.

What do you think? Can you make your mum (or the mum of your children) a medal?

Get out some glue, ribbon, coloured paper and a card...and off you go! You’re never too old for a bit of craft - and it’s easy to post too. It also makes a great family activity.


Mother’s Day in Sweden - time for a trip

In Sweden, children sell small plastic flowers as gifts to not only mark Mother’s Day but to raise money to send mothers with young children on a small trip. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true? Even a nice day out will be so appreciated.

For all of those mums working hard, getting little sleep or doing it alone - we adore this idea! They 100% deserve it!

You could create a small IOU note or your own ‘gift voucher’ promising a relaxing trip to mum’s favourite place or book a surprise visit immediately.


Mother’s Day in Serbia - tie her up

A bit of a controversial one to finish...and very much tongue in cheek..but we had to share this tradition from did make us chuckle.

On the morning of Mother’s Day, children creep into mum’s bedroom and tie her up! She then has to promise to supply treats and gifts to her children, before she can be released! Not sure this will catch on across the rest of the world...but it wouldn’t certainly make Mother’s Day 2024 more memorable!

Don’t worry too much about the Serbian mums. Mother’s Day there is part of a series of events in December celebrating the family, with Father’s Day, and Children’s Day too...when they are also tied up (loosely!) until they agree to behave and help around the house. So, mum can get her own back!

We can’t help but wonder how many children are ever released?!




Mother’s Day gifts, activities and plans - inspiration from around the world


Whatever your plans, we hope you have a good time celebrating Mother’s Day. Make sure to show your mum, the mother of your children, your nan or gran, just how special they are. 

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