New Create Your Own Hamper Feature

Want to create a personalised hamper for a special occasion or event? Hamper’s unique Create Your Own Hamper gives you the freedom to do just that – create your own hamper including as many items as you want from our huge selection of foods, drinks, alcohol, accessories and tasty treats.

The Perfect Personalised Hamper

Whether it’s a new baby, engagement, anniversary, thank you, birthday or a get well soon gift, a personalised hamper says it all. What better gift is there than a personalised hamper, full of their favourite goodies delivered directly to their door for free? However much you’re looking to spend, here at we provide everything you need to create a perfect personalised gift. From biscuits to preserves to beer to puddings, there really is a huge selection of luxurious items you can add to your hamper to make it truly unique and special for the recipient. You can add all the items you want and even choose the packaging of the hamper to create your own hamper as a truly personalised gift. And there’s no need to worry about choosing it all in one go – you can save your hamper and come back later to continue adding to it! You can easily see everything that is in your hamper so far and all the pricing information is clearly laid out so there’s no need to worry about going over budget.

Steps to Creating Your Own Hamper

In just 4 steps you can create the ideal gift for any occasion:
  1. Choose your packaging
  2. Add as many items as you want to your hamper
  3. When you’ve finished, add the hamper to your basket and save it if you wish
  4. Complete payment
Create Your Own Hamper Try our Create Your Own Hamper tool for yourself and create the perfect gift for a special event or person today! If you would like any more information please call our team on 01235 833732.
This blog was posted 6 years ago
By Clearwater Hampers