The wonderful world of Monty Bojangles

At we love great chocolate. You'll find Monty Bojangles' range popping up in some of our favourite gifts, so we thought we'd get an insight into their wonderful world...

1. Who are Monty Bojangles?

Monty Bojangles is a London based UK confectionery brand famous for its curiously moreish award-winning cocoa dusted truffles. Their cocoa dusted truffles varieties have won 28 Great Taste Awards. Monty brand offers a range of uniquely delicious and exquisitely beautiful gift boxes, family sharing packs and snacking pouches for you and your friends and family to enjoy together (assuming you feel like sharing!). Monty Bojangles Banner

2. Describe your brand in 3 words

Unique, Curious, Fantastical

3. Monty Bojangles has exploded in popularity recently, what have been the keys to your growth?

Continued development of the range not just in our beautiful packaging formats but also in our flavour offering has meant we have been able to stay front of mind with consumers and have such gained a loyal following. We constantly introduce new customers to our brand through our exciting adventures in taste. As a brand we always strive to hit the WOW factor and create moments of escapism, or as we like to say ‘Monty Moments’. By being disruptive within the confectionery category our brand allows us to create works of Monty art that stand out from other boxed brands on shelf. Monty Bojangles Chocolates

4. What does the future look like for Monty Bojangles?

As ever we strive to grow and diversify as a brand. The future holds many exciting developments and opportunities for us, however part of the fun is the big reveal to see customers' reactions. So let's not let the cat fully out of the bag just yet. The newest development I can reveal to you, however, is our latest range of Flaked Truffles. This range consists of a creamy Milk Chocolate Flaked Truffle and a completely unique Ruby Chocolate flaked truffle combining the fruitiness of the Callebaut Ruby chocolate with a sweeter white chocolate flake. Both of which are made with a deliciously smooth center. Look out for these in 2020. Monty Bojangles - Flaked Truffle

Where can people buy your delicious chocolates?

Selected supermarket retailers, as well as many fine food outlets including! Monty Bojangles | New Products   Looking for the perfect gift for a chocolate lover? At, we have a huge range of chocolate hampers to meet any taste!
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