The Perfect Valentine's Weekend In The City

Valentine's Day Copy Over a Cityscape


City break or city dwellers? We have the perfect list of Valentine's ideas to make your weekend extra special in 2023.

For those couples who live in the city – do you make the most of all that’s right on your doorstep to enjoy together?

For those couples visiting a new place – how can you pack in plenty whilst enjoying some romantic time together?

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Have an extra special Valentine's breakfast or brunch

Let’s not start off too energetic! If you’re heading into the big smoke… or a new town or city… then start the day with a delicious breakfast in bed. There’s no rush…!

Take a little extra time to savour breakfast rather than rush it for once. All you have to do is warm some pastries, boil the kettle, make a special coffee and pour a glass of fizz each, perhaps mixed with orange juice for a Bucks Fizz, or peach juice for a very special Valentine' Bellini – breakfast or brunch is sorted. 


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It's also the perfect time to discuss some plans for the rest of the day… or better still... the rest of the weekend. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. 



Shopping trip with a difference

Do you love a bit of retail therapy?

Treat each other to some new clothes on your city trip, perhaps even a whole outfit? Take turns choosing items of clothing for each other to try. Pick out something a bit out of their ordinary fashion choices. Have some fun! You never know, you might love something you would never usually go for.

If interior design is more your style – head to your favourite homewares shop together and make a fantasy shopping list. What would you and your partner have in your dream home together? What would you and your spouse choose if money was no object?

Another idea is to pop in to a book store, browse and explore, before picking out something you know the other will enjoy. Make sure you’ve got a lovely bottle of wine ready to enjoy whilst you get lost in each other’s Valentine’s book gifts.


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Make picnic plans

We all get hungry from trawling round the shops or doing a bit of sightseeing, so why not pack a little selection of treats with you?

Do you have a park or common nearby? If the weather is kind, why not take a picnic?

Grab your favourite basket and blanket first, wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh February air. Don't forget a thermos of your favourite coffee.

If the rain has arrived, don’t let the weather ruin your plans! Why not stay at home and have an indoor picnic?

Push back the sofa, chuck the cushions on the floor and spread out the blanket on the carpet. Lay out your delicious picnic favourites – a full finger buffet.

Why not get something a little different – do you love sushi? Or have you tried rillette? It’s a course form of pate – utterly delicious on sourdough bread or crisp bread and crackers. Find rillette, cheese, crackers and more in our Wine, Cheese & Rillette Hamper - a perfect Valentine's Treat for Two.




Immerse yourselves away from your normal routines


Bring back some teenage memories and why not sneek in to the back row (or book digitally before hand… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it?!) for a little kiss and a cuddle whilst enjoying a recently released blockbuster.

If niche films are more your scene, find your find your local picture house or independent cinema. Many of them now offer table service, as well as having options for sofa-style and recliner seats.

You can both truly sit back and enjoy. Get lost in a great movie. For total escapism, we highly recommend a great comedy event laughing together is a great way to cement a relationship. Enjoy yourselves!

Round off the experience by heading to your favourite bar for a romantic drink afterwards and good natter about the film or what made you laugh the most.

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Be a tourist for the day

For a cultured Valentine’s day date idea, why not visit a local museum or gallery?

Is it just us or do we forget to enjoy exactly what’s on our door step? Do you have a local museum or gallery in your city? Take some time to wander around it this Valentine’s Day. Many of them are free entry or for a small donation, so it’s a great budget option – but there’s still plenty to inspire and enjoy.

They are great conversation starters for a Valentine’s date or early relationship. If you have lived in the city for a while, you might learn more about its history or local, talented artists and sculptors.

Why not take an open bus sightseeing tour? Even if you think you know the city well, we wonder if you’ll learn something you never knew. If your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend is unfamiliar to the area, it can be a great way to get to know a place – make them feel more at home. Have fun being a tour guide.



Plan for your romantic evening

If you’ve had a quieter afternoon together and plan to go out for the evening, make sure you leave some time to get ready. No need to rush.

You could even treat yourselves to a little pamper session – do a mini facial, have a little massage or follow a guided meditation together. (Simply ask your smart speaker). We have gorgeous pamper kits in our Pamper Hampers range.

Before heading out, take a moment to appreciate each other and your wonderful relationship. Perhaps, you’ve been through some tough times… or just the usual things… take two minutes just to pause and reflect, then open a very special bottle of Champagne or Prosecco and toast your relationship – all that you’ve achieved together.

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Try somewhere new to eat out together

Book a table at your favourite restaurant or a new gastropub that’s just opened. Or perhaps share your Valentine’s with some good friends?

You can invite them over for a dinner party – bring a course each to share out the cooking. Our Kitchen Heroes Gift Box can help get you two cooking together.

Or enjoy a romantic meal at home just the two of you and then organise for a video call with friends or family later. It can be really nice to include everyone, especially if someone is alone this year.




Home to snuggle on the sofa

No matter what your romantic evening plans entail, make some time to snuggle on the sofa, just the two of you.

With a hot drink or something a little stronger, end your Valentine's weekend in the city warm and cosy.

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You can also enjoy a board of cheese and biscuits or for the sweet tooth a delicious box of chocolates or some decadent truffles.

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Valentine’s in the city

Rediscover your hometown. See more of your own city. Or getway on a city break.

Experience lots of new and exciting things together as a couple this Valentine's Day 2023 and we hope you make some truly special memories with our fun, romantic Valentine's city-based ideas.

If you’re staying in the coutryside this Valentine's, make sure you read our Perfect Valentine’s Weekend in the Countryside blog. Full of more great ideas for the perfect weekend.


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