Producer Profile: Cotswold Fudge Company

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The Cotswold Fudge Co. makes the most delicious fudge in a traditional way. 

Learn more about this fudge company’s commitment to Fairtrade ingredients and the love and care that goes in to their handmade confectionary.  


“just the way your mother made it”

- Cotswold Fudge Co.





The Producer

Fairtrade and sustainable

Situated deep in the Cotswolds, traditional handmade fudge is being created “just the way your mother made it”.

All of the fudge is carefully handcrafted by the team and guided by founders, Jen and Sarah, who started the business in 2012. They are both award-winning fudge makers and, importantly, business owners who are committed to sustainable production.

Furthermore, everything the team produces is made with Fairtrade ingredients and carries the Fairtrade Mark. What does this mean? Well, it ensures the small scale farmers who produce the sugar, and other vital ingredients for the fudge, are also are able to build a sustainable business. In fact, the sugar and syrup used is from Tate and Lyle who support over 20,000 small scale farmers in 14 different groups in 4 countries. By buying from The Cotswold Fudge Co., you are helping them to make a positive contribution to communities in developing countries too


Photo of the team member at The Cotswold Fudge Co.
Fudge that is "lovingly boiled, beaten and blended..."

The Products

Traditional and handmade

The delicious, crumbly-style fudge is made without using any additives or preservatives.

The Cotswold Fudge Co. source only the freshest ingredients, including rich clotted cream and top their fudge with Fairtrade chocolate, amongst other topping choices.

To create the fudge,  the carefully-selected ingredients are boiled at incredibly high temperatures, stirring all the while, before pouring into large bowls to cool. 

Once the fudge has begun to crystallise, it is poured into trays, where toppings and flavours are added. Then, once it is cool enough, it is cut it into cubes, by hand. This means no two pieces are ever identical.

All of the confectionery is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free. Plus, the Cotswold Fudge Co. even have a new dairy free fudge, suitable for vegans.


Bag of the Cotswold Fudge Company's fudge in front of bunting
Melt in the mouth fudge, proudly made using old-fashioned recipes

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