Producer Profile: Devonshire Tea

Box of Devonshire Tea with branded tea pot and tea cups


Devonshire Tea is ethically sourced and then gently packed, in the UK, into specially designed stitched tea bags.

Learn more about this tea company’s thoughtful approach to supplying the perfect cuppa.


“Simple blends of classic teas from the around the world, lovingly created by a little company in the West of England.”

- Devonshire Tea




The Producer

Ethically sourced and locally made tea

Devonshire Tea describe themselves as offering "simple blends of classic teas", that are "lovingly created by a little company in the West of England".  It's so simple yet really draws you to them as a company.

They may be 'little', yet they still work hard to source all of their tea leaves from ethical estates worldwide, which protect tea workers and their environment.

The tea is then packed right here in the UK, down in Devon...into packaging which is also recyclable.

The tea bags themselves are thoughtfully designed too. They are both are plastic-free and home-compostable. The bags don’t contain glue or staples, instead the bags are stitched.

The Devonshire Tea team believe this type of tea bag is far better for the delicate tea inside, as well as for the environment.

Devonshire Tea teapot, cups and milk jug with a box of Breakfast Tea bags

The Products

Delicate tea in ‘hand stitched’ tea bags

Devonshire Tea offers a Classic Breakfast, an Earl Grey (winner of a Food Drink Devon Gold Producer’s Award 2022) and a Blend Selection, of individually wrapped tea bags.

These high-grade classic blends are created to offer real depth of flavour.

The Classic Breakfast tea, found in our Cream Tea Hamper for One (with or without Prosecco), is truly delicious, perfectly balanced and its full flavour means it is ideal to enjoy with sweet or savoury treats. 


Devonshire Tea box of tea with cup in the background
"Wonderful blends to brighten every day"

Ethically sourced and locally made, the tea bags are compostable and the packaging recyclable too. Plus, the tea itself is perfectly balanced and full of flavour…what’s not to like about Devonshire Tea?

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