Producer Profile: Peter's Yard

Peter's Yard crackers on a table with cheese

Peter's Yard products originated from a baking tradition inspired by 16th century Sweden, when crispbread was baked at harvest time and preserved on a pole over fires to keep crisp during the long, dark winter months.

“We are continually working to minimise our environmental impact. As a small company this isn’t always easy, but we are committed to doing all we can to make a difference.”

- Peter's Yard




The Producer

Combining Swedish inspiration with UK-based skilled, craft bakers

Peter’s Yard crispbread (or knäckebröd, in Swedish) was inspired by Peter Ljungquist, his lovely home and his yard with a wooden gate on the edge of the beautiful Swedish countryside.

Peter had a long-held desire to turn away from commercial yeast and return to slower, more rewarding sourdough techniques. He wanted to revive traditional baking methods and recipes.

Following the vision of two English friends, Wendy Wilson Bett and Ian Tencor, who wanted to introduce a Swedish-inspired bakery to the UK, Peter’s Yard has grown in popularity and recognition. Leading from small imports from Sweden, production is now based in the UK.

With the help of John Lister, friend and owner of Shipton Mill, the whole Peter's Yard range is made in his artisan bakery, following the original Swedish recipe, by a team of skilled craft bakers, with a passion for sourdough and real bread.

At Peter’s Yard, they not only focus on their baking, but truly care about the planet too. They are looking at numerous avenues to increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact, including producing minimal food waste at the bakery (any waste that they do have is used as animal feed); eliminating the use of bubble wrap (using recycled paper wrap instead) and choosing 100% recycled board for their outer packaging – which makes every box even more inviting.


A range of Peter's Yard crackers in their boxes

The Products

Crispbreads and crackers that are worth the wait

With a pack of Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers never forget the care and effort that goes in to producing every one.

Everything in the bakery begins with their 45-year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours.

It is crafted in small batches, without shortcuts or artificial ingredients for award-winning flavour and crunch. The sourdough crackers are made using simple, but high quality ingredients, including locally sourced grains and flour. They are designed to complement a range of artisan cheeses.

In recognition of their unique, subtle flavour, Peter’s Yard products have won over 40 awards. They are regular winners at the Great Taste Awards, receiving 3 stars for their Fig & Spelt Sourdough Crackers in 2020.

Their Sea Salt Crispbread Bites have also been crowned the Best Savoury Snack at the Great British Food Awards.

Find both of these award-winning products and more in our hampers.


Close up of Peter's Yard sourdough crackers as part of a luxury hamper
Combining Swedish tradition with British craft and natural, quality ingredients

With exceptional care and effort put in to every cracker and crispbread from Peter's Yard, it's time to taste the difference it makes. 



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