Producer Profile: Savoursmiths

Picture of a man and a woman dressed formally with a delicious pile of Savoursmith crisps in front of them


Savoursmiths create luxury crisps that are changing the way we enjoy snacks at home and in hospitality.

“We came together to create something rather special – luxury crisps, cut from potatoes grown on our family farm in Cambridgeshire.”
- Mike and Collette, Savoursmiths




The Producer

One of the only family-owned and run British potato crisp companies

Savoursmiths’ co-founders, Mike and Collette, make the perfect partnership.

Mike was raised on a family farm in Cambridgeshire and has a natural love for English farming and the British countryside. Since 2016, he has taken the family business in a modern direction by co-founding the Savoursmiths’ brand, which uses the farm’s incredible potatoes, as well as luxurious international ingredients, thanks to Collette’s globetrotting career as a model.

Colette was born in the food and wine region of South Africa and has always been a passionate foodie. She has a degree in commerce and is also a qualified pilates instructor.

Together, they are successfully combining quality home-grown produce with big global flavours, in stylish recyclable packaging, for a totally new take on a traditional snack.

Savoursmiths is passionate about high quality ingredients, good farming and take an interest in the land far from home, through their support of the charity, Tusk.

Tusk partners with Africa’s leading and emerging conservationists to protect endangered species, reduce hu-man-wildlife conflict, find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats and combat the global demand for illegal wildlife products, through community support and education. All together, it really is a winning combination.


Owners Mike and Collette in a field with their homegrown potatoes and packets of Savoursmiths crisps



The Products

Unique flavour pairings to complement and enhance homegrown potatoes

Every crisp is cut from the family’s homegrown British potatoes, hand-picked and hand-cooked in small batches.

Savoursmiths' crisps are available in many different flavours, each one created with the most deliciously decadent ingredients from across the globe.

Obsessive about the best ingredients and farming methods, you can guarantee a healthier product of superb quality. The whole range uses all natural ingredients and flavourings and they are free from gluten and MSG. The potato skin is kept on to retain important nutrients.

In our hampers, you’ll find Savoursmiths’ Desert Salt and Vinegar Crisps, so named because the 100% pure, crystal white desert salt comes from an ancient and pristine source in the Kalahari Desert.

You’ll also find the exciting ‘cheese and port’ flavoured crisps – taste the mellow, smooth sweetness of the port as it cuts through rich Italian cheese.

A little closer to home, the Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Crisps unites melt-in-the-mouth Cheddar with the delicate sweetness of shallot onions, adding body as well as flavour.

If that isn’t enough to get you salivating over these luxurious snacks, nothing will!


Packets of Savoursmiths Somerset Cheddar and Shallot potatoes crisps with hampers gift box
Stylish packaging with exceptional tasting crisps inside

Try the exceptionally indulgent flavours Savoursmiths offer in their handcooked potato crisps.

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