Producer Profile: Stroud Brewery

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Stroud Brewery is dedicated to making delicious organic beers, whilst also working hard to bring about positive change.

Learn more about this thriving enterprise, their ethical and organic beers, and how they make outstanding products, without damaging the planet.


"We believe the only way to be truly sustainable is to invest in responsible organic farming."

- Stroud Brewery




The Producer

Being the changing


Stroud Brewery was established in 2006. Initially, the brewery was a passion project for founder Greg Pilley. He is an adventurer, environmentalist and beer lover. His purpose was simply to make great tasting beers for the local community, whilst being the change he wanted to see in the business world.

Today, Stroud Brewery is a thriving enterprise and their tap room has become one of Stroud’s cherished local landmarks.

We love Stroud Brewery's core value, 'buen vivir' meaning to them that they bring ‘Happiness for all', and are "relentlessly optimistic that it is possible to run a fun and successful business without undermining  our integrity".

They make great tasting, ethical and organic beer, as well as creating welcoming, fun social spaces. Plus, they have really significant sustainability targets.


Owner of Stroud Brewery in front of sign with beer
"Don't panic - we're organic."

The Products

Developed with respect for the UK's beer heritage


With the beer category being so full, with so many brands, styles, flavours, trends and looks to choose from, you may wonder what make Stroud Brewery's beer a bit different?

The innovative team in the brewery have the utmost respect for our remarkable UK beer heritage and they are using this to build upon, rather than re-invent beer.

They are committed to substance over style and they describe their beer as "classic and 'then some' "! 

’Stroud Brewery makes classic beers with a characteristic balance towards body and sweetness, always underpinned by their malty signature style, then they add a complimentary and unique flourish.

They also take their environmental responsibilities seriously, with their ethos of making "outstanding organic beer without damaging the planet."

They believe the only way to be truly sustainable is to invest in responsible organic farming, that looks after our soils. The team also work hard to lower their carbon and water footprints and implement circular economy principles. You can explore their 2022 impact report for more information.


We are delighted to offer three River Cottage organic beers from Stroud Brewery in our new River Cottage HamperThe hamper is a a really special, organic seasonal feasting hamper to be enjoyed over the coming winter months. 


River Cottage Hamper with contents on display
 100% organic with sustainable packaging

It's time to try an organic beer with a signature malty style, alongside a complimentary and unique flourish of flavour - what are you going to try first from Stroud Brewery's selection?

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