Re-imagining Valentine’s Day For Singles

Group of friends laughing together on Valentine's Day

At, we hate the idea that Valentine’s Day could cause sadness or upset. To us, Valentine’s is about celebrating love in all forms. It’s about different types of love and different types of relationships.

No one need to be alone or feel left out.

If you are single, how about using this time of year to spread the love this Valentine’s and to celebrate all the special people you have in your life.



5 suggestions to make the most of Valentine’s Day

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Make some time to see your close friends

Are there some good friends you haven't managed to see in ages? Is your best friend always busy? Make the time to see them this Valentine's - get a date and time booked asap.

Even if you are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean you have to exclusively spend time with your partner on Valentine's Day or over Valentine's weekend. Why not organise a bit of a reunion with some friends from school, university, an old workplace or sports group?

We all live such busy lives; wouldn’t it be nice to make the most of a Tuesday in February to get together and catch up? Check in on how everyone is doing. Get everyone round for a few drinks or dinner. Or, if you are spread across the UK, a group video call works well. 


Have you heard of Galentine’s? It’s celebrated on 13th February each year and marks a day to be grateful for the female friends in your life – single or not. A day to shower them with attention and show how much your bestie or dearest girl friends mean. How could you celebrate Galentine's and your best friends this year...perhaps a little gin hamper you know she'll love?


Spend time with family and loved ones

There are many couples who do not celebrate Valentine’s and, perhaps, your parents or grandparents may be one of them.

Perhaps you have an elderly grandparent who is widowed. Make the time to celebrate your relationship with them and tell them how special they, as well as how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

Pop round this Valentine’s Day with a cake or little gift. Spend some time together. Check in. We hear far too often about how lonely some of our older generation feel.

Consider also if there is an older person who lives alone in your street – why not reignite that lockdown spirit and pop by to see if they need anything or simply would like a bit of company, a nice chat, over a warm cup of tea?


Support those who may be struggling

There is no denying that Valentine’s Day can be very tough for those recently bereaved or going through a difficult break up, for example.

Why not make it your mission on Valentine’s Day 2023 to reach out to those who are struggling?

It can be really hard… not knowing what to say… not knowing how to fill the void… not knowing how to help. But often all anyone needs is to know there is support out there. Individuals who care. There is someone who notices them. There is some great advice from Mind on how to support a grieving person.

Read more about bereavement >>


Try something completely different

Do you have the same Valentine’s routine? Do you ignore the day itself on purpose?!

This year, how about changing the 14th February in to a ‘Love Yourself Day', by doing something really unique and different.

  • Book a holiday
  • Go to a spa
  • Get a massage or facial
  • Sign up to a challenge
  • Enrol on a course
  • Choose to help others
  • Volunteer

There are so many new and exciting experiences to try in life… if not now, when?


Carry out a random act of kindness

Have you heard of Random Acts of Kindness? It’s when you do something small and kind, sometimes completely unpremeditated that brings a lot of happiness to another, possibly a complete stranger.

This Valentine’s, we are challenging everyone to give it a go!

Challenge a friend or your children to play ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ bingo with you. Draw up a 4x4 grids of acts and see who can cross them all off first between the 12th – 18th February 2023 (Random Acts of Kindness Week, with Randome Act of Kindness Day on 17th February). 

We love the ready made set for kids, available on Etsy. However, we are sure you can make your own.

Some Random Acts of Kindness suggestions include:

• Asking a shop worker how they are
• Ordering a small gift for a friend, with a gift message saying “just because” or “thanks for being you”
• Telling a family member how much they appreciate them
• Buying something on a charity’s wish list
• Doing a chore or small job for a parent or relative

For more suggestions, take a read of our Random Acts of Kindness – 20 suggestions to try blog.

And don’t forget acts of kindness to yourself too, such as:

• Writing down 5 positive qualities about yourself and what you’ve learnt about yourself in the past year (keep somewhere safe to read regularly… and to read again next year)
• Composing a letter to your future self – pop it in an envelope and mark “To be read on 14th February 2024”
• Finishing work early on Tuesday 14th and treating yourself to an afternoon pamper session – check out our very own Relax and Unwind Hamper.
• Starting a wellness journal – make the 14th February the day you buy yourself a new one each year.


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Making Valentine's all about you

Self-love... self-belief... self-compassion. Helping others, as well as looking after yourself, sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentine's to us.

With everything that is going on the world, it feels right that Valentine's Day 2023 is all about re-imagining what love truly means and the depth and breadth of relationship all around us.

This blog was posted 2 years ago