Reasons to say thank you


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When you take the time to reflect on the support, love and kindness you receive, your happy hormones increase. With luck, we have many reasons to say thank you in our lives.

There is often still something to appreciate, even when we are going through the toughest of times…and often it’s the people…those in your life who make an effort and who go out of their way to support you. It is they that make the biggest difference.

However, so often we forget amid our busy lives to thank all of those who are helping us, even in small here's a little nudge.

"Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone" – Gertrude Stein



Say thanks – for support, for help, for assistance

Who has helped you this past year? When we stop and think of all the support, help and assistance we have received in recent months, it can make us feel special. Whether it's been at home or work, why not treat that special person who has dedicated time to help you with a little something special?

Show gratitude – to parents, to friends, to neighbours

It’s often easy to forget those who help us most but in a combination of little ways. A mum who nips over and makes you a cup of tea. A neighbour who pops the bins out when you forget. The friend who takes you out for coffee and just listens… These are incredibly important people – take a moment to be grateful for all those little things which seem insignificant at the time, but if they just stopped we would notice.

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Show appreciation – for teachers, for carers, for colleagues

Being a teacher is not easy. Working in the health care and social care sectors is not easy. Facing the cost of living crisis no matter your role is also not easy at the moment.

We all know of individuals who have overcome exceptional circumstances to continue to work, as well as to care for others.

Your colleagues may have juggled caring responsibilities, or covered for those ill or struggling with their mental health. 

You may also have a personal connection to an individual who has truly gone out of their way for you or shown a level of care for you, your child or your family which deserves recognition.

You could treat them to something special today – something that not only says thank you, but "take some time for you". We have a gorgeous new pamper hamper, Relax and Unwind, containing not only delicious chocolates and treats but a gorgeous candle and clay face mask too.


Show you care – to grandparents, to your partner, to your children

Have you ever thought of sending a little gift just to show you care?

It may not be that they have specifically offered you help or done something directly…but maybe you just feel so grateful to have this person or people in your life.

For example, have your grandparents been a constant throughout your life?

Maybe your adoring partner, does so much for you each day, in a range of small ways, but in our busy lives, we forget to recognise all they do.

Perhaps, your children (and even their children!), who bring you joy and laughter deserve a little treat just for being them.

Treating them to a delightful box of treats will bring smiles all around…and there’s no better feeling than that. Right?

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Show you have noticed – your employees, your volunteers, your community members

Unfortunately, in our busy lives, many instances of putting in extra effort can go unnoticed.

Do you know someone in your community or in your business who has gone the extra mile?

Is there someone in your life who has put themselves before others on more than one occasion?

hey likely volunteer or take on extra because they want to. They do it because they know it will make a difference and help others. They don’t do it for the extra praise…but isn’t it nice just to show them it has been noticed and that all they have done is appreciated?

Whomever that person is, why not show them your appreciation and send a little thank you gift today?




Random acts of kindness - Sending a thank you gift ‘just because’

Why not thank someone for just being their lovely selves? A random act of kindness will always bring a smile. It'll be worth it.

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. We don’t help and support others to get something in return, but showing appreciation is always welcome and it makes us feel good too. It's a win-win!

We love gifting and never need a big reason to show a little gratitude. So, take a minute - who could you thank today?


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