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Back in February we were inspired as it's traditionally seen as the season of love. After all, it is the month in which Valentine’s Day takes place, as well as the ever-growing Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here at hampers.com, we wanted to channel this love, and help the public fill those around them with joy too.

We are delighted that Just Because has been extended, so you now have the chance to nominate someone deserving of a little pick me up every month of the year.

To us, love comes in all shapes and sizes – and we’re not specifically thinking about the romantic sort. We’re hoping to inspire you to truly take a moment to consider all the wonderful people around you, and to champion the joyous things they do for us on a daily basis – both large and small.



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Spread the joy, on us

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the people in your life that make you smile? Those that do the little things for you that you don’t always fully appreciate in the moment, but often find yourself thinking back upon how lovely it is? If not, we would love to recommend you take a moment to consider it!

Here at hampers.com we like to really focus on these little occasions, as it’s easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow of daily life. This year we’re championing these thoughts, and want to enable many of you to participate in our Just Because campaign, promoting random acts of kindness each and every month.

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Become a 'Joy Champion', and send someone a smile

All you need to do, is spare a moment to think about someone deserving of a random act of kindness, then let us know why you’re thinking of them. We’ll choose our favourite entries and send them a gorgeous hamper filled with joy to brighten even the rainiest day.

Now, we’re not expecting the world here! Although we would love to hear your wild and wonderful stories (please do submit these, if you have them), we’re equally thinking about those that support you in small ways every day of the week.

Does your partner make you your morning toast every day without fail? Did your favourite colleague cover your last shift at the final moment? Has your daughter just aced her Grade 4 piano recital? Is there someone you haven't been able to see in a long time?


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Need a hand thinking about someone to nominate? Check out our blog post, filled with suggestions for you.

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How To Enter

Each month we’re crowning our ‘Joy Champions’, to harness the power of a random acts of kindness. Simply fill out the form by clicking the link below, and we’ll choose our favourites to receive a free hamper, including your personal message.

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