The Best Mother's Day Gift For A Mum-to-Be

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It’s funny being pregnant and an expectant parent around Mother’s Day.

The mum-to-be is on the precipice of the 'parenthood journey' and, next year, she will have all the joys of her first Mother’s Day… but what to do this year?

We’ve curated the best Mother’s Day gift for a mum-to-be. It’s a gift all about her. It’s a gift all about pampering and relaxing.

Our hamper gives you everything you need to show your wife, girlfriend or partner, and mother to your child, how special they are.

Here's a range of ideas to help you treat an expectant mum this Mother's Day...

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Pampering mum-to-be this Mother’s Day

Start with a pamper session

First up, it’s all about the pampering. Inform the soon-to-be busy mummy that this Mother’s Day she is to take some time to treat herself. Encourage her to find her favourite beauty products and indulge in a home spa experience. An express facial, a manicure or perhaps, just a foot rub.


Woman making a heart shape with her hands over her pregnant belly

Treat her to a warm bath with a delicious accompaniment

Run a nice, deep bath. Light some candles and leave mum to just ‘chill’ in the soothing warm water. Pour her a glass of something delicious too.

We know a glass of bubbles is off the menu for a little while longer, so it’s time to introduce something exquisite from our Mum-to-Be Pamper Hamper – Lyre’s alcohol-free Amalfi Spritz. It’s utterly delightful and perfect if she loves Aperol.

For more delicious non-alcoholic beverages and gifts, take a look at our Alcohol Free Hampers range


Offer mum-to-be a gentle massage

After the bath, encourage her to use her new bottle of Banks-Lyon Botanical bath and massage oil from the pregnancy range. You could offer your special mum-to-be a gentle massage to make her feel truly pampered.

The oil contains healing lavender oil blended with sweet orange. It will hydrate, moisturise and soften the skin, and, used regularly, it can help to prevent stretch marks too.



Helping pregnant mum to relax this Mother’s Day

Encourage an afternoon nap

After a pamper session and relaxing bath, it’s time for a snooze. Growing a tiny human is exhausting work.

Both in the first trimester and the third, mums-to-be often feel tired, but it’s hard to justify just stopping and taking some time out.

Remind mum-to-be that this Mother’s Day is all about her and what her body and the baby needs. So, encourage your otherwise active and busy partner to take a break.

Greet her with a delicious cup of tea and biscuits

After mum-to-be has taken her well-earned nap, why not greet her with a pot of tea and tray of biscuits to enjoy together either on the bed or snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa.

In our Mum-to-Be Pamper Hamper, she’ll find our specially-selected English Tea Shop's 'Calm' tea, with flavours of cinnamon, liquorice, lavender and organic peppermint, accompanied by a box full of gorgeous lemon and stem ginger biscuits from Ace Tea.

Did you know…? Ginger biscuits can be a great for settling nausea and feelings of morning sickness


Treating the expectant mummy this Mother’s Day

Finishing the day with some sweet treats

Now, it’s time to ask mum-to-be what she would like to do to round off the perfect Mother's Day for her.

Can you cook her favourite meal (with all pregnancy food guidelines taken in to account, of course!)? Does she fancy being taken out for dinner? Or would she love a takeaway on the sofa and her favourite movie? Tell her to give in to her cravings!

Whatever you plan on this very special Mother’s Day, finish this perfect day enjoying a collection of sweet treats together. In our Mum-To-Be Hamper, there's a sumptuous collection, including milk chocolates and jelly fruit sweets.



Mother’s Day for Mum-To-Be

We hope you love our selection of ideas to make the mum-to-be in your life feel extra special on this unique Mother’s Day.

We want you to love this pamper hamper as much as we have loved curating it. The products have all been chosen to be pregnancy suitable and friendly, plus the signature gift box is perfect for storing baby keepsakes.


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And whilst we know that next year’s Mother’s Day might not be quite as relaxing, it will be very, very special.


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