The best gifts to treat your dad to this Father's Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, what may have been a typical activity for the day – going out for a meal, or simply giving them a hug – will likely not be possible. All aspects of society have had to adapt during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, and a remarkable wave of innovative acts of appreciation has become the new normal; countless birthdays, anniversaries and other events usually shared with loved ones, have been consumed by the lockdown, and we will no doubt see some unique Father’s Day gifts this month.

This time apart has collectively given us a greater appreciation for our loved ones, and it has never been more important to show our love and gratitude to those closest to us, whether that be through a phone call, video chat or gift through the post.

Whether or not you are lucky enough to be able to visit your dad this month – from a safe distance, of course – personalised and special Father’s Day gifts are one of the best ways to show that you love them, and that you are thinking of them.

But what exactly can you buy the member of the family that is notoriously the most difficult to buy for?

Don’t worry, here at we are experts in gift-giving (even for pesky fathers) and we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve shared our favourite selection of Father’s Day hampers:

For patriarchs with a refined palate, the Ploughman’s Beer Hamper will find them well, with a selection of strong flavours guaranteed to excite the taste buds of any that try it. A selection of three of Butcombe’s finest real ales are the crown jewels of this hamper: Butcombe Gold fuses a blend of Caramalt and Maris Otter malt to form an ale full of character, with distinct herbal and earthy notes defining the flavour; the Goram IPA is aptly named after a Bristolian giant as it is big on flavour - it perfectly mixes spicy hop aromas, stone fruit and citrus with bitter notes to create this behemoth of an ale; last but not least is the Butcombe Original Beer - distinctively bitter and refreshing in its dryness, it epitomises the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. These finest ales have been carefully paired with complimentary tastes that are strong and full of character, including Ploughman’s Pickle, Snowdonia cheese and other such treats. Specially selected for the dad in the family, of all our Father’s Day gift baskets this is one of the most on-brand.

Ploughman's Beer Hamper

Another perfect gift for dads with a penchant for real ale comes in the form of the aptly named Real Ale Hamper. The same mix of Butcombe Goram, Gold and Original can be found in this hamper, ensuring your dad gets a mixture of different flavours, and gets to sample the best that the Somerset brewer has to offer. For fathers more partial to the traditional bar snack, the three ales come paired with a hand-picked selection of delicious treats that will go perfectly with a tipple, including Mr Filbert’s Applewood Smoked Mixed Nuts, Savoursmiths Desert Salt & Vinegar Crisps, and rosemary and garlic olives that encapsulate the taste of Greece.

Real Ale Hamper

If real ales aren’t one to whet your father’s appetite, then perhaps craft beers are more likely to hit the spot; the Craft Beer Tray boasts three Freedom brewery beers that take your tastebuds on a world tour. The Helles beer is inspired by Munich; a pale lager that is softer than a Pilsner, whilst offering slightly sweet flavours. As well as this you get a proper, British drink in the shape of the Freedom lager - crisp and light, just as it should be. Finally, the Freedom Pilsner is the ideal matchup of European and American flavours, forming to create a slightly fruitier flavour, with tones of citrus and a bittersweet bite, this pils is bursting with flavour. You can’t truly enjoy a beer without a snack, which is why our Father’s Day hampers are lovingly created to find the perfect blend of flavours. To accompany the Freedom brews, Savoursmiths sumptuous Somerset Cheddar Shallot crisps compliment the lager in their powerful flavourings. Mouthwatering, perfectly salted pork scratchings from the Snaffling Pig Company are crisp, salty and a perfect partner to the Freedom beers, whilst olives and smoked mixed nuts will make your dad tempted to live off craft beer and snacks for life.

Craft Beer Tray

Deviating ever-so-slightly from the theme, and one that will resonate with fathers from the West Country and beyond, comes the Cider And Cheese Hamper, which does exactly what it says on the tin and more. This selection boasts a pair of Jack Ratt – a dry option that is full-bodied and unapologetically strong in its flavours, and a sparkling version that is refreshing as it is tasty, made with the finest ingredients from the home of cider. These can be enjoyed with accompanying Snowdonia Beechwood Cheese - naturally smoked - gourmet black pepper and seasalt crackers, Savoursmiths crisps and more! Likewise, you can instead purchase the Craft Beer & Cheese Hamper is craft beer is more your pops’ tipple of choice, that can be used to wash down Snowdonia cheese, Savoursmiths crisps and more.

Cider & Cheese Hamper

But “what if my dad doesn’t drink but loves cheese?!” we hear you cry. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with another selection from our Father’s Day hampers; the Alcohol Free Cheese Hamper. The alcohol substitute in the hamper comes in the delicious form of freshly squeezed British lemonade - a gently refreshing mix of fresh lemon, orange and pink grapefruit juice - whilst you will also find award-winning mature Welsh cheddar that will knock your socks off, and delicately smoked, yet creamy, Applewood cheese in the selection. Accompanying players include crackers, nuts, olives and more!

You can find a larger selection at Cheese Hampers & Gifts With Cheese.

Alcohol Free Cheese Hamper

We know that not everyone enjoys cheese and savoury snacks, but even the fussiest of dads will find it hard to spot something he doesn’t like in this next selection, containing more items than you can shake a stick at. The Bearing Gifts Hamper is our most popular food hamper for a very good reason, with treats spanning from indulgent sweet and salty Thomas Tucker popcorn to light, creamy, handmade Radfords Fudge, fresh from the West Country. Ravishing salted caramel honeycomb dips are light, crisp and heavenly, whilst hand baked, traditional lemon biscuits come in their own hessian bag. Intensely chocolatey cookies from Grandma Wilds can be enjoyed with traditional tea, and luxury pralines will set your taste buds tingling. This is not to mention flatbreads, coffee, crisps and loads more. If you – like most of us across the world – never know what to buy your dad, this is the perfect answer; a basket containing a spoil of special Father’s Day gifts. That distant noise you can hear is the rumbling bellies of millions of dads.

Bearing Gifts Hamper

Perhaps your dad has a sweet tooth, but turns his nose up to anything that isn’t chocolate? Fortunately, we have an array of chocolate-based hampers that even the great Willy Wonka wouldn't turn his nose up at. One such example is the Essential Chocolate Selection, which is fancy enough to deter any eager-eyed children but delicious enough to sate your old man’s appetite. The collection includes chocolate pastilles, the finest milk, white and dark chocolates as well as accompanying flavours in the form of marshmallows and popcorn.

Essential Chocolate Selection

This is just a mere selection of our top-recommended Father’s Day gift ideas; there are plenty other gift baskets on the hampers site, and countless other ways to show them that you care. Check out our full Father’s Day hampers range to find the perfect gift for your dad.

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