The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Christmas Hamper

With so many Christmas gifts to buy and an accompanying large to-do list, how can you ensure you choose the perfect Christmas hamper for the right people?

As the gifting experts, here at, we have put together the ultimate guide for you.

It involves a simple 5 step checklist that you can use to help you with choosing a variety of Christmas hampers to perfectly match your chosen gift recipient.



5 Step Checklist to Choosing the Perfect Christmas Hamper



Step 1 – Identify your budget for your Xmas food and drink hampers

Christmas is the 'most wonderful time of the year', but it can also be expensive. Therefore, setting a budget is a good place to start. You may assign a certain amount you want to spend on each person on your list, you may have an overall total you are aiming at,  or you may have a range you are happy with.

Identifying a budget makes it easier to search for Christmas hampers online, as many sites will allow you to filter or sort by price.  

Ultimate Guide Top Tip: Don’t forget to check for the cost of delivery, if it is additional, as this could add significantly to the final costs.


Step 2 – Note down the hamper recipient’s 'Christmas' personality

Take a moment to write down some words that immediately pop into your head when you think of the person you are choosing a Christmas hamper for.

Think about how you would describe them. What do they enjoy eating and drinking?

Giving yourself some space from the stress of Christmas shopping and “gift buying” and thinking more generally about the person you are choosing the Christmas hamper for, can make choosing the perfect gift much easier.

Putting them first in your mind can often inspire memories of them and what they love to enjoy, especially around the festivities. It takes the pressure of 'choosing' for a moment.

Consider also do they love Christmas. Or are they are bit of a Scrooge?! 

That's OK... you can choose a Christmas hamper based around very traditional Christmas fayre or something more modern and with a twist. Something new and different to try.

Finally, consider what they like to eat and drink, then also what you know they don’t like. Note these down to start to get a sense of pairings and an ideal selection.



Step 3 – Consider what sentiment you want to convey with their Christmas hamper

You want to choose a Christmas hamper that is 'appropriate'.

What is your relationship with the person you are choosing the perfect Christmas hamper for?

This may also dictate the sentiment you wish to convey with the gift (and the amount you spend)

Deciding on sentiment can help you choose the right hamper to convey how much you care for them, love them, respect them, or something else entirely, such as how hard they work.

You may want to encourage them to relax, to indulge, to feel pampered or to party!

You can start to think about the perfect Christmas hamper that will truly convey these sentiments.


Step 4 – Work out how much time you have before Christmas

Now you are feeling inspired by what your perfect Christmas hamper may look like, and excited by the feelings and delight it may incite, don't forget to consider logistics.

Christmas is such a busy time for the post and all delivery companies.

Some delivery times will increase significantly in December (costs too, so be aware). 

With a Christmas food and drink hamper, you also want to ensure the contents will keep well over the Christmas holidays. If there are 'fresh contents' then check you can arrange delivery at the perfect time for the gift recipient to enjoy these special items. 

With, we have named Christmas delivery date options and also offer free delivery over £50.

Check through your Christmas hamper selections with these practical elements in mind.


Step 5 – Choose a selection that is truly going to delight and surprise

By step 5 of this ultimate guide, you should have a good sense of the cost, type and sense of the Christmas hamper you would like to buy. But now is the time for the really fun bit ...getting to know the array of delightful products available to you and their complementary selections.

Firstly, put yourself in your gift recipient’s shoes...or Christmas slippers!

Depending on how well you know them, try to imagine them on Christmas morning. What is going to bring the biggest smile and a gush of delight when they find the specially selected hamper under the tree?

What will bring back the best Christmas memories?

What will show them you care about why they like and enjoy eating and drinking?

Which Christmas selection aligns with their values and precious sentiments?

What is going to give them the broadest smile as they lift the lid?

We all have foods that bring back happy memories of previous Christmases. It's wonderful to have the traditional foods that we savour at this special time of year. It's part of so many family traditions to save special drinks or nibbles, "just for Christmas". 

Remember you can search by 'content' for their favourites, or be inspired by our specially-curated ranges, including Christmas hampers for him; Christmas hampers for her, plus Christmas hampers for grandparents.

This year offer them a basket, gift box or lidded hamper, full of delicious sweet and savoury treats, alongside their favourite tipple. Make it a Christmas hamper they will never forget.

Now, it's time to browse the full Christmas hamper selection and bring together all of what you have considered above and choose the perfect Christmas hamper.




Choosing the perfect Christmas hamper

We hope our 5-step checklist helps give you a practical guide to choosing the perfect Christmas hamper.

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