Top 6 Easter Chocolate Hampers

Flat lay of a range of Easter chocolate products including chocolate eggs

Easter means chocolate!

Traditionally, eggs are a symbol of life and renewal. From the 19th Century onwards, the eating of chocolate eggs, rather than simply hard boiling chicken eggs, became a delicious Easter tradition.

In our 2023 Easter Hamper Collection, we have some really gorgeous hand-packed selections, offering not only top quality, great tasting chocolate and chocolate eggs, but also sweet treats and biscuits too.

They all offer the makings of an Easter gift to truly surprise and delight.


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Did you know…?  The Guinness World Record for the largest decorated easter egg was broken in February 2023. The egg is 16.72 metres tall and 10.88 metres in diameter, and was created by Associação Visite Pomerode (Brazil) in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil. *



The Easter Egg Gift Box

The Easter Egg Gift Box with contents on display

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In The Easter Egg Gift Box, we have included a decadent, turquoise foil-wrapped Easter egg. This Monty Bojangles special, in its gorgeously decorated box, is making the Easter bunny jealous!

 As well as the large 'flutter scotch' chocolate Easter egg, there is also also a pouch of colourful miniature eggs, tied with a yellow ribbon - perfect for sharing… if the person you're gifting to feels inclined to do so…!

If they can’t get enough of all things chocolate related, the bar of smooth milk chocolate with pieces of mini eggs throughout - from The Cambridge Confectionary Company, offers true indulgence for any cocoa-lover and a perfect Easter treat. 

This gift is the perfect way to send a traditional Easter egg by post. Send to a loved one or child if you're far away, this Easter, or can't be together over the long weekend.



The Easter Family Sharing Hamper

Easter Treats Gift Basket with contents on display

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If you are looking for a fun and luxury chocolate gift, The Easter Family Sharing Hamper is definitely worth exploring. There is so much to discover.

Firstly, there is a cute pouch of delicious miniature chocolate eggs, covered in an assortment of pastel-coloured shells, plus a chocolate bar infused with mini egg pieces too.

Ideal for families, we have also included a delightful baking jar. Your Easter gift recipients will be able to easily make the most delicious, mouth-watering Easter egg cookies on Easter Sunday. They are truly amazing and so easy to bake! 

To complement the chocolates, there is a selection of further sweet treats, including lemon melt biscuits, popping candy and the wonderfully fruity, ‘meringue kisses’.

Plus, there’s a bottle Belvoir Elderflower Pressé offering a refreshing blend of hand-picked elderflowers, real pressed lemon juice and spring water. This will taste fabulous on a lovely Easter Sunday morning, whilst the kids hunt for their eggs!

The beautiful wicker basket can also be kept and used for storage and organising for years to come, or as part of a touch of Spring cleaning.





Easter Family Sharing Hamper with Prosecco

Easter Treats Basket with Prosecco and sweet treats on display

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For treats galore delivered direct to their door – choose something the whole family will adore.

Our Easter Family Sharing Hamper with Prosecco is utterly divine. It offers an array of treats, with plenty of chocolate to choose from. It’s an Easter weekend party in a box.

The wicker basket is carefully hand packed to the brim with a bag of miniature eggs, as well as a delicious milk chocolate bar and chocolate popping candy - the kids will love it!

Other sweet treats include biscuits and meringues, which are naturally flavoured with black cherry, lemon, raspberry and passionfruit.

To drink, there’s traditional English Breakfast tea, in a keepsake tin, but more importantly, for the adults, there is an amazing bottle of Prosecco.

Enjoy free UK delivery too - with orders over £40.

That’s an Easter delivery the Easter Bunny would be proud of.



Essential Chocolate Selection


When you want a little more than a chocolate treat this Easter, take a look at our Essential Chocolate Selection.

It's a great value, colourful mixture of chocolate delights.

You'll find a wide variety of the finest chocolates available in the UK. This includes Monty Bojangles' Cookie Moon truffles and a bar of Montezuma's Happiness milk chocolate bar, with the salty and sweet combination of crunchy hazelnuts and caramel.

Dig a little deeper and you'll find a mini milk chocolate bar covered in colourful chocolate beans (or they could be little eggs!), and also a golden box of assorted Belgian chocolates. 

This is not just an 'essential' selection... it's an 'essential' purchase.



Heavenly Chocolate Hamper


This Easter go all out with a chocolate hamper that may finally satisfy the biggest chocoholic in your life.

The Heavenly Chocolate Hamper offers five different chocolate treats, that any chocolate lover will be utterly shocked and thrilled by.

There is not just traditional bars and boxes of chocolate, but also rich chocolate biscuits, made with Belgian white and dark chocolate chips, as well as caramel and chocolate gourmet popcorn.

Is there anything more chocolately out there..? We think not... it really is a heavenly Easter present for those that love their chocolate.



Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Gift Box


We wanted to round off our Easter chocolate hamper selection with one of our all-year-round favourites - the Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Gift Box. It is the ideal Easter chocolate hamper for those that like their chocolate dark and their cocoa percentage a little higher.

This Easter gift box includes some of the finest dark chocolate, including a smooth and velvety single-origin 70% dark chocolate from Peru, made by Love Cocoa, as well as a Colombian-origin dark chocolate bar, with 60% cocoa solids. And finally, there are sophisticated dark chocolate buttons that pair perfectly with a glass of red. 

The bottle of Spanish red wine, a Las Carlinas Granacha, has been chosen specifically to be bold and flavoursome, especially when drunk together with the selection of dark chocolates available in this gift.

From Good Friday to Easter Monday, this dark chocolate array offers lots of choice for your gift recipient to really indulge in, throughout the Easter weekend.




Chocolate Hampers to make this a 'cracking' Easter

For the chocoholics, for the sustainability-conscious chocolate connisseurs and for those who adore dark chocolate options, there's something for everyone in our selection of chocolate hampers and gifts, this Easter. We are really conscious about where our cocoa and chocolate comes from, including sustainable sources and fair pay for farmers.

Delivered direct to their door across the UK wherever you are or wherever you need to send an Easter gift to, are here to help.

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