Indulge in Decadence: Our Top Luxury Christmas Hampers

Let's make Christmas extra special this year with added indulgence and decadence. Choose from our selection of luxury Christmas hampers.

We have chosen our top 5 Christmas food and drink hampers that offer a really broad selection of festive foods, luxurious beverages and beautifully high-class packaging.

These luxury Christmas hampers are ideal for sharing. They are perfect for family gatherings. Each one will ensure those last-minute catering requirements are not only taken care of but will impress too.

It's time for a bit of luxury and decadence this Christmas, with our very special selection of hampers over £100.


Choosing the right luxury hamper for you

We love Christmas. We love Christmas foods. However, we get it that a selection of mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas pudding might not be exactly what you are looking for. That's why all of our luxury Christmas hampers offer a really broad selection of high-quality food and drink. They feature both traditional festive treats, but also modern alternatives and even a special twist on the Christmas classics.

For each of our top 5 luxury Christmas hampers, we have also given a less festive alternative, in a similar price range.

We want you to choose to spend out on the perfect combination for you, your family or your special gift recipient. It's time to time to enjoy exploring.

A modern take on a luxury Christmas hamper

Luxury Bearing Gifts Christmas Hamper


What better place to start when you are looking for a luxury Christmas hamper than one that features a bottle of gorgeous red wine and an exclusive bottle of extra dry Italian Prosecco...?

Enjoy exploring all of the elements of our Luxury Bearing Gifts Christmas Hamper.

The rich Garnacha and Italian fizz are nestled amongst layers of Christmas classics. These include a rich Dundee cake and luxury mince pies. There is also handmade gingerbread milk chocolate, a mini traditional Panettone in a Santa Claus Box, and award-winning sweet chilli nuts.

For a less festive, but equally indulgent, luxury Christmas gift, for under £150, see also our Luxury Food and Wine Basket. It features a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle of red wine too. However, this delightful gift includes a bottle of Argentinian Malbec - a favourite among many. Plus, there are decadent sweet and savoury treats. These include vintage cheese, hand-baked biscuits and indulgent Belgian truffles.

Gift all of their festive favourites

The Traditional Christmas Hamper


The Traditional Christmas Hamper is perfect for those who adore Christmas and all of the traditional festive treats and trimmings.

There are luxury mince pies alongside not just any old Christmas pudding...but a Cole's Champagne Christmas Pudding, made with Marc de Champagne and Champagne, to ensure the finest taste and quality.

There is a pork rillette, Christmas chutney and award-winning Dorset salami too, to offer an extensive range of flavours to try.

It wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate. There is a whole host of chocolates in this hamper - from the apple and cinnamon-flavoured milk chocolate bar to three luxury chocolate domes by The Cambridge Confectionary Company.

Every product has been chosen with care - with an understanding of what a traditional Christmas is all about.

If French Champagne, rather than exquisite Italian Prosecco, is more their sparkling wine of choice, take a look at The Prestige Food and Wine Hamper. The bottle of Autréau-Roualet Champagne is something special - and perfect for Christmas.

Luxury Christmas hampers curated for sharing

Luxury Family Sharing Christmas Hamper

For many Christmas is about family. If you can't be with yours this Christmas, why not order something that will bring a smile to their face, despite your absence? Or better still, we hope everyone can be with those they love and hold dear order our Luxury Family Sharing Christmas Hamper to enjoy together. 

Watch the excitement of partners, parents, grandparents and children as they open the lid on this basket full of Christmas luxuries. There is wine, Port, craft beer and Prosecco to enjoy. Plus, there is a range of chocolate truffles, a cracker full of treats and even gourmet popcorn.  The kids will adore the gingerbread and caramel spread ...that's Boxing Day breakfast sorted. 

See also The Regency Hamper which not only offers a range of wines but also features some of our favourite tea and coffee. This luxury hamper includes a great selection of both savoury and sweet treats.

There is so much to discover and indulge in together with these luxurious hampers. Make extra special memories for Christmas 2023.

Make a statement under the Christmas tree

The Magnificent Christmas Hamper

When you label something 'magnificent' then it has to live up to its name ...and we think this luxury Christmas hamper does exactly that.

The Magnificent Christmas Hamper is utterly sensational. It is packed to bursting its wicker lid with traditional Christmas favourites, as well as exciting and new flavours to try. Perhaps, your gift recipient will find a brand-new favourite for 2024.

There is just too much to mention. So, take the time to explore each item. But for now, we have to draw your attention to both the bottle of luxurious Bollinger Champagne and the delicious Conkers Coffee Liqueur. 

Plus, there are wax-coated truckles of cheese from the award-winning Snowdonia Cheese Company and a gorgeous ceramic jar of stilton from The Fine Cheese Co. 

If we had you at 'Bollinger', then take a look at The Deluxe Hamper too. It oozes luxury with an array of delicious sweet treats and savoury snacks, with flavours that offer something a little different. These include fresh chilli jam, black truffle crisps and drink biscuits.

Go and scroll through the range of delicious items. Compare and contrast. And get ready to order the ultimate doorstep surprise for someone very special this Christmas.

Pure decadence and indulgence in a wicker basket

The Ultimate Christmas Hamper

We finally finish our decadent tour through these luxury Christmas hampers, with our Ultimate Christmas Hamper.

You need to see it to believe it. You need to experience the impact.

It's utterly divine - the ultimate in indulgence....the ultimate in decadence.

This is a luxury Christmas hamper that is sure to impress. From the bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne to the Balvenie Double wood 12-year whisky, only the finest beverages and wines have been chosen for this very special gift.

There are Christmas treats galore, with pudding and mince pies, as well as a traditional panforte, with figs and nuts, from Siena in Tuscany. The golden tinned Panettone will shimmer in the Christmas lights, only to be placed to one side to reveal layers of more decadent products, including a Marc de Champagne Truffles Cracker by Charbonnel et Walker.

Perhaps nothing can quite live up to the decadence of 'the ultimate', but The Grand Food & Wine Hamper offers a wonderful alternative, at half the price. You still get a world-famous Champagne, Laurent-Perrier, from the elite Grand Cru region, plus a whole bottle of Hendricks Gin. The food selection is also truly wonderful - with the finest cheese, crackers and quince. There are olives steeped in lemon-infused vodka and 64% Peruvian dark chocolate. Strong flavours leave lasting memories.

These hampers are the ultimate luxury and a showstopping celebration of wholehearted togetherness.

Enjoy together. Make memories together. Have a wonderful Christmas.


Are you ready to indulge in luxury Christmas hampers?

We are so excited by the luxury on offer in our Christmas range. These hampers will bring not only joy to gifting this holiday season but also utter amazement. The wide variety of products, many of which are made in the UK, sustainably and responsibly sourced, will really 'wow'.

Lift the lid on a selection of foods and drinks that can be shared and enjoyed together, across a range of special moments - from the first Christmas party in December, through to the New Year. 

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We hope you can afford a little luxury, this Christmas. You deserve it.

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