Wedding Anniversary Milestone Gift Ideas

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No matter how many years you are celebrating, it is always important to find something extra special on your wedding anniversary or for a special couple who you feel close to, when it is their anniversary.

We’ve taken some inspiration from traditional wedding anniversary gifts, as well as some more activity-based suggestions, to help you celebrate this special day, especially if it's a significant milestone wedding anniversary this year.



Using traditional wedding anniversary gifts for inspiration

As you may know, there is a tradition to choose a gift based on the exact number of years you have been married, which is associated with a certain metal or material.

There is a both a ‘traditional’ anniversary gift list and also a ‘modern’ anniversary gift list. For example, the traditional anniversary gift for four years of marriage is silk and linen, whereas the modern anniversary gift for four years is electrical appliances! We are not sure that has quite the same romantic ring to it!

Though it may seem older, according to, anniversary gifts by year didn't really gain popularity until the Victorian era.

The ideas is that each gift gradually increases in value to reflect the amount of investment into the marriage. Hence, by the time you get to 50 years you are looking at a gift of gold.

It may be a little old fashioned, but using the traditional suggestions can be great inspiration, especially if you think a little ‘outside the box’ – see our suggestions below.


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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional anniversary gift for a first wedding anniversary is paper.

Whilst some lovely stationary, a magazine subscription or a book may well be delightfully received, there are lots of other ‘paper-related gifts’ that are perfect to celebrate 12 months of marriage – no doubt the time has flown by.

Tickets are a great paper gift – this could include tickets to see their favourite band, show or musical, as well as tickets for a train or a plane to whisk them away for a mini-break.

Our hampers gift boxes are also made of paper (well, technically cardboard, we guess), but often filled with recyclable shredded paper, as well as containing products packaged also in ‘hard’ paper (ok, again, cardboard). Hopefully, you get where we are going with this!

Some of our favourite gift boxed items which will be perfect first wedding anniversary gift include: our Premier Cru Champagne and Glasses Gift Box, our Spiced Rum and Chocolate Gift Box, and finally, our Malbec and Treats Hamper.    

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The next big milestone is 5 years of marriage. The traditional gift for a fifth anniversy is wood.

Again, there are lots of lovely wooden gifts that you could invest in together, such as a piece of furniture.

There are also smaller wooden gifts like hand-turned fruit bowls, handmade sculptures and personalised chopping boards.

For the eco-conscious and those who care about the environment (just like us), why not gift a tree.

You could actually purchase a physical tree to plant in the garden or you can purchase online a number of trees to be planted on your behalf, often used to offset carbon usage. A perfect gift for a couple focussed on the environment, sustainability and nature.

It’s also worth a mention that many of our hampers are also wooden containers – including our gorgeous wicker baskets and willow trays – all from sustainable sources. 

What we love best about these, is that whilst the content will be absolutely adored by the happy couple, the baskets and tray themselves can also be used again and again, and make an extra keepsake gift too.


How to repurpose our baskets and trays

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional gift for 10 years is aluminium or tin – apart from cards or a small gift emblazoned with the terrible pun of ‘Happy Tin Years’ or whatever, we appreciate this metal is a bit harder to take inspiration from.

However, start thinking about what it stands for – it stands for durability and strength.

If you are looking for a tenth wedding anniversary gift for your spouse, then why not reflect on everything you have been through in the last decade, you could spend some time writing a special letter about your married life together.

A metal memory box can also be a lovely surprise gift – really put some thought into keeping safe some special items, both from recent times, as well as from your wedding day, for example.

Forgive us for shoe-horning this in a little, but did you know that our cream tea and afternoon tea hampers often include a traditional tin of tea. See our Luxury Cream Tea Hamper, as an example.

Thinking about afternoon tea treat is the perfect 10th anniversary gift – delivered to their door or taken to the nearest luxury hotel – either way it’s going to be a great surprise for the happy couple.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Twenty-five years of marriage is marked traditionally with a silver gift. Traditional silver wedding gift ideas may include picture frames, cufflinks, trinket boxes and jewellery.

It’s such a wonderful achievement – 25 years really does show long-term commitment.

One of the best way to celebrate this important wedding anniversary milestone has to be the bringing together of family and friends who have been part of your (or their) married life.

From a picnic, to a party, to a big family meal, it is a time for celebration.

If you have grown up children, it is a lovely time to share wedding day memories, photographs and videos.

Perhaps you can all return to the location of the marriage, honeymoon or even a first house. Take a small tour and a true trip down memory lane. 


50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional gift for 50 years of marriage, is of course, gold. Once again, jewellery is great option.

As a couple, you may wish to renew your vows. As part of the preparation you can have your rings polished and cleaned. For those with white gold wedding or engagement rings, you can have them rhodium plated to bring back the shiny, platinum look.

If the happy couple are celebrating 50 years, then it means they got married in 1970s – that sounds like the perfect theme for a surprise party to us!

You could go for a more hippy style outside celebration. We have some gorgeous picnic hampers that would make lovely gifts, as well as wicker chiller carriers, which keep the wine or fizz cool on a warm day and make a lovely keepsake anniversary gifts too.

  Just mentioning…have you noticed all of our gift boxes are embossed with our signature ‘h’ …in gold?


And lastly…90th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

We appreciate you may be thinking 90th?! But, did you know that the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 90 years is granite.

So, we had to finish off with mentioning our Whisky, Glasses & Whisky Stones Gift – which feature granite cubes. Just in case, the occasion rises – people are living longer, after all!

whisky, glasses & whisky stones gift with contents on display




Choosing the perfect wedding anniversary gift to mark a milestone

Whether it is your own 1st wedding anniversary or your shopping for the perfect gift for your siblings’ 5th, parents’ 25th or grandparents’ 50th, we hope our suggestions have inspired you!

Whatever the number of years of marriage, don’t forget we have our very own range of carefully curated anniversary hampers too. Go and explore all we can offer.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Hampers

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