What to do when a friend is moving house - Making long distance friendships work


It can be so hard when a good friend moves away or is moving house.

Whether it’s for a job, family or relationship reasons, whilst you hope their relocation will be a success, moving house and moving to a new place can make it harder to stay in touch. However, it is by no means impossible, especially in the digital world in which live. Plus, a move may mean extra special weekend visits and more extended trips, to ensure you still see enough of each other.

In the meantime, here are some simple but effective ways to stay in touch, wish them a happy house move and to make sure your pal is happy in their new pad. Do your best to show them how a bit of distance won’t come between you.

Make moving house a little easier for your friend - staying in touch

Figure out what you both expect

Before the move, whilst you’re no doubt helping with a bit of packing or at a ‘pre-move’ gathering, have a quick chat about what you both expect in terms of staying in touch. Talk about messaging each other and using social media, as well as remembering important upcoming occasions, and potential future visits.

If you know you’re a bit rubbish at replying to messages, even if your friend knows this too, remind them in advance that this is no reflection on your friendship…and promise to work on being better now you’re going to be living further apart.

Make the most of video calls

With our lockdown experience, we all know the power of a video call to bring us together when we are apart. Make lots of video calls when your friend first moves – get them to show you around their new home and the local area – it’ll make you feel closer to them and give you a real sense of where they are now living.

You can also arrange a whole evening of entertainment over video call – again think of all of those lockdown activities like quizzes, cooking, even a tasting! It’s a great way to include a bunch of friends from lots of locations too.

Why not order one of our cocktail and treats or craft beer hampers each? Then, arrange a simultaneous tasting one evening?

Share the big things …and the small things

If something big is happening in your life, don’t forget to share it with the friend who has moved away. Whilst they may not be able to be there for a celebration, letting them know the plans and that you’re thinking of them and missing them can mean the world – especially if the relocation is due to work or a new job.

Don’t forget to message them ‘just because’ some days too. Perhaps, you’ve spotted a funny GIF or meme you know they’ll love – why not send it to them? Perhaps, you’ve spotted an outfit they’d adore or tried a new recipe you think they’d find delicious too. Sharing the small things helps to maintain your relationship and keep lots in common, even across a distance.

Remember important dates

‘Out of sight…out of mind’ is not the best message to send to a good friend who has moved away, so make sure you have a note of important dates, such as a birthday or anniversary – especially important for those occasions you have celebrated together in the past.

Set reminders. Organise notifications. And make sure you have left plenty of time, if you plan to get something posted or delivered.

If you do forget, don’t worry, hampers.com can arrange next day delivery and we’ve even got some great excuses you can use. See our Belated Birthday Excuses blog.

Book a housewarming visit

Book a date to visit

If it’s possible, get a date in the diary to visit your friend’s new place, as soon as possible. Be there for the housewarming party if you can.

When you visit, see if you can pencil in another date before your leave. Even if it has to be months apart, knowing you have a date in the diary is really comforting to both of you…as well as meaning you can make more exciting plans for the next time you’ll be together.


two female friends hugging

Send a housewarming gift

You may hate the idea that your close friend is moving away…you are going to miss them loads…but if it is the right decision for them (or they just have no choice), then show them how much you support them and how much they mean to you with a special housewarming gift.

Surprise them by having something delivered shortly after they arrive at their new home. Choose something they can savour and enjoy. Show them you are thinking of them.

We have a great range of housewarming gift hampers and we offer not free UK wide delivery, when you spend over £50.


Housewarming gifts and staying connected

It can be hard when a friend moves way - for them and for you. Sending a housewarming gift to show your support, staying in touch regularly and going to visit as often as possible are all great ways to maintain a close friendship. Make sure you arrange for delivery of your housewarming gift, perfectly in time for their moving date. Explore our range of housewarming gifts today - and remember you can choose a named delivery date too.


New home and housewarming hampers


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