What To Put In a Mother's Day Hamper

So, Mother’s Day is around the corner and you’ve decided that a hamper is the perfect gift to thank her for everything that she does. The next question is the tough one, “what should I put in a hamper?”. At hamper.com, we’ve been making luxury hampers for over 40 years and over that time we’ve learned what makes the perfect hamper. Here, we’ll discuss what makes the perfect Mother’s Day hamper based on sales data over the last few years.

Make it personal

The best gifts aren’t the most expensive, but those that will mean the most to the recipient. Hampers should have a primary component that you build around. For instance, if she’s a gin fanatic, make a nice bottle of gin your centerpiece and then work around that. Start by choosing something she absolutely loves that will act as a foundation of your hamper.

Make it consistent

Once you’ve established the centerpiece of your hamper, now it’s time to build around it. The best hampers have a consistent theme throughout, not just a random assortment of food and drink. Following on from the previous example, if you’re building a hamper with gin as the centerpiece, try to fill the hamper with goodies that fit nicely with gin. Tonic would be a good start, along with sweets and chocolate.If you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s some things that we’ve found pair well together:There isn’t a minimum or maximum amount of products that should go in a hamper, however, in our experience you should include at least 5 different goodies or (depending on the size of the packaging you choose) they may begin to get lost in the space.

Packaging & presentation

The packaging and presentation of the hamper is arguably as important as the contents you decide to include inside. First impressions count, and the packaging will be the first thing she sees when you give her the hamper.When people think hamper, they often think wicker basket. Although a hamper doesn’t need to be presented in a wicker basket, they are the best type of packaging to deliver that ‘wow factor’ when you hand over the gift.
 Once, you’ve chosen your packaging, you’ll need your ‘filler’. At hamper.com we use woodwool to fill the hamper as we feel it gives a beautiful rustic and traditional feel when the recipient opens their gift. The primary objective of filler is to create a platform for the contents to sit on nicely.Protip: Buy more woodwool than you think, you really need to pack a lot in if you want the products to sit nicely at the top of the hamper. You don’t need to use woodwool, you can use paper, foam or anything that will support the contents of your hamper.

Outer and gift message

If you aren’t going to be with mum on Mother’s Day and you aren’t going to hand over the gift yourself, there are a couple of extra things you need to consider.Gift message - you need to let her know who the gift is from. Make sure you slip a nice card or message into the hamper to let her know it was you who sent it.
 Film and outer packaging - If you’re going to ship it through the courier network, you need to make sure that all that hard work is securely packed and ready for the roller-coaster that is the courier network. It’s always safe to wrap your hamper in a transparent film to keep it all together. Next, you’ll need an outer box to protect it all from damage.

Does this all sound like hard work?

If it sounds difficult to create a beautifully presented Mother’s Day hamper, for a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time, that’s because it is! At hamper.com, we’ve been creating Mother’s Day hampers and shipping them all over the world for over 40 years. You can choose from our range of pre-made bestselling hampers or create your own hamper using our online hamper builder. 
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By Nick