What to write in a birthday card

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Although one of our hampers makes for the perfect birthday gift, no present would be the same without a birthday card. We all love receiving a birthday card, after all. In fact, it is almost rude not to give someone you know a birthday card on their special day. That said, many of the birthday cards available in high-street card shops don’t say exactly what we want them to say. So, here’s a few tips about what to write in a birthday card to really show someone you care about them. Include a poem in your card Whether you write your own poem or reference one from a poetry book, including a poem in your birthday card can add an extra surprise when the lucky recipient comes to open their gift. If you know a poet that the birthday girl or boy is a fan of, then why not include one of their poems in your card or if you fancy having a go at a poem yourself, why not make it personal? It doesn’t have to be well-crafted. It’s the thought that counts after all! Include a famous quote There are numerous quotes published online that reference famous public speakers and authors. Finding one and including it in a birthday card can undoubtedly add that extra special touch that will make a birthday even better! Write a personal message Why not share a special memory or tell them how fantastic they are? Personal messages work particularly well when giving a card to an individual from a group of people and will undoubtedly ensure the recipient is brimming with confidence.

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